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Age of Z 1.2.18

Kill zombies, form alliances and lead human civilization back from the brink of doom in this zombie strategy GAME! The zombie apocalypse has thrown humanity into the dark ages. Now there is light in the darkness. SURVIVE by upgrading machines, explosives and huge Armies of brave soldiers.

Revitalizing civilization by bringing massacre of zombie troops, reconstructing the city, rescuing refugees, and bringing current global prosperity. Build alliances with commanders around the world, crush your opponents and DEVELOP by capturing the Capital so you can lead the current era of humanity.

Age of Z, because zombies can be a danger… but human scavengers and backstabbers are the real threat. LIFE Build huge arms of human grunts, killer machine guns and hi-tech laser cannons. Heroes win the day! Army lead soldier with unique characters, including a sexy international spy, a mad scientist, an honorable Sheriff, and more!

– Fight from various faces of death! Mutant Zombies, Zombie Bears, Death Mothers and other scary dead creatures await your challenge. REAL TOPOGRAPHY! March and strategically expand Up, Down, and lakes and mountains around a REAL 3D map you’ll need. The right way is the difference between life and death.

Age of Z URBAN – Clear the zombie troops. Save the city block by block, technology and weapon centers as well as hospitals, residences and farmlands are up to date! – Loot and Rescue Refugees Clean up to increase welfare and keep the city growing!- Watch the world change before your eyes!

Age of Z will unlock a higher level world, huge bonuses, and an updated Prosperity Stages for current gameplay! DEVELOP Fast, Crush, and DOMINATE! The alliance will manage hundreds of real-time battle maps that march and converge to users like you.

– BIG alliances with real world users around the world, by diplomacy or by knife and trickery. The zombie menace is just the beginning!- Furious grand clan wars for land, resources and technology.

Age of Z A single alliance can request capital and elect a President. What does it take, Commander? The battle for LIFE begins now! Connect with us on


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