Turkish Internet Cafes Overview: Where to Play the Newest Games?

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If there is an endless culture in our country for years, it is internet cafes. From seven to seventy,
everyone comes together and spends time in these cafes equipped with computers. In fact, a child who
grew up in Turkey in the 2000s has definitely stepped into internet cafes. These social spaces are used to
enable children or young people to meet in a warmer environment, whether they have computers at
home or not. However, by 2024, this culture has lost a lot of its influence. As a matter of fact, people
started to play their games online in their own homes. For example, the gaming experience has now
moved to a different level with online casinos such as Basari Bet .

Then let’s take a closer look at Turkish internet cafes, which were once popular entertainment centres. Without further ado, let’s enter the internet cafes together!

What is an Internet Cafe?

Internet cafes were once one of the most preferred social areas in Turkey. In fact, there is still a segment
that prefers it, although not as much as before. Although they used to be more popular, there are still
young people who prefer such cafes. These cozy environments with dozens of computers and small
kiosks are the preferred places for children to play games with their friends after school. It is even
possible to see people of all ages, big and small, playing games in these cafes.

The most preferred reason is not the lack of computers in the homes of game lovers, but the time spent
together. Nothing can replace this enjoyable and friendly environment where everyone can spend as
much time as they want on their own computer. Pricing works on an hourly system. You can rent the
computer of your choice for as many hours as you wish and play the games on the computer. Another
nice thing is that these computers have most popular and online games and the internet speed is very

The Effect of Internet Cafes on Socialization

Computer games have recently become the biggest entertainment of young people. Everyone who
wants to socialize and have a pleasant time finds themselves in the adventurous world of online or
single player games. We are talking about a young person who gathers his friends together and plays
games without realizing how the hours pass. At this point, it is important that the variety of games is high. Most games that multiple groups of friends play when they come together are multiplayer or
online games. Therefore, games that everyone plays are generally preferred.

There are many activities that young people can do for fun outside. But if there is a suitable activity that
they will not get bored after a while, it is none other than internet cafes. At first, they were areas where
only people who did not have a computer at home gathered. Over time, it is now possible to see
computers in most homes. This has reduced the popularity of internet cafes. In the past, while you could
not find a table to sit, now it is very rare to see such places in the old density. Young people constitute
the majority of internet cafes. It is indispensable to play a few games with their friends after school, to
get together with their friends on weekends and to do such activities.

Games you can find in Turkish Internet Cafes

You can find many online and single player games. These games are already installed on your computer
and you don’t need to install new games. However, if you want, you can ask for permission to download
games from your Steam account or other platforms. Let’s list the most popular games you can find in internet cafes for you:

● League of Legends
● Valorant
● CS2
● Dota 2
● Overwatch 2
● Knight Online
● Text 2
● Street Fighter
● Mortal Combat
● Grand Theft Auto Series
● Call of Duty Series
● Need For Speed ​​​​Series
● Rainbow Six siege

You can play all these games by logging into your own accounts. Some cafes even offer special offers for
some games. For example, most places support League of Legends. So you can find LoL-specific content
in these cafes. In some places, when you log in to your LoL accounts, you are given access to some skins
and champions for the time you play on that computer. If you are new to the game and don’t have
access to every champion, these cafes will give you a great chance.

Internet Cafes Today

Although the internet cafe system in Turkey is not in demand as much as before, there are still people
who still want to keep this old culture alive. There are many people who go to the cafes they know
whenever they find time and still want to keep this environment alive. This means that internet cafes
still occupy a big place in socialising. In fact, they have started to grow and develop in recent years. They
have a lot of new equipment and computers with higher internet speeds. This is an extraordinarily
effective way to attract customers.

Especially when multiple groups of friends come together and want to have a unique gaming
experience, the ideal environment for this is internet cafes. While you used to find dozens of internet
cafes in most neighbourhoods, this number has decreased day by day. Still, it is possible to see at least
one or two internet cafes in every neighbourhood.

However, when considered in the long term, we can say that internet cafes are losing blood. Data based
on past years show that the internet café sector may disappear in the coming years. Some businesses
have already foreseen this and have transformed their cafes into stationery or similar business areas.
Nevertheless, for the time being, it still continues to attract attention as the last part of the
neighborhood culture. Especially gaming internet cafes are in high demand in some neighbourhoods.

Internet Tournaments

In 2024, the use of internet cafes in Turkey continues to decline rapidly because everyone has a
computer at home. To prevent this, most business owners try to prevent this situation by organizing
events. For example, you are likely to see Riot Games contracted League of Legends tournaments or
CS2-related events. Indeed, the fact that these tournaments are award-winning helps to attract
customers at some point.

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