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Day R Premium

Day R Premium – An interesting Android game in the style of minimalist design that tells about the intense battles one has to endure. Your character is faced with many difficulties and dangers. Try to keep yourself alive during this difficult time and face all odds that come your way. War is not something worth fighting for because it creates nothing but pain, sadness and sorrow.

Hunger, destruction, and death are unavoidable when we’re faced with oppression or violence. It all began in 1985 when a battle occurred between Russia and the United States. Monsters could be seen lurking around every street corner, seeking out another innocent soul to kill.

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How could I ever live up to being an ordinary person in such a world? What does one do? You’ll personally help me.

Day R Premium is unlike any other game out there. It creates an authentic sense of terror and unease thanks to its text-based format. A quick glance at the right side displays all my stats, including my character’s strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll see different meters displaying percentages of effects like hunger, blood loss, fatigue, thirst and the degree of radiation contamination. Hanging behind them will always be backpacking that are capable of carrying various items and food.

You can see the contents of the backpack on the screen from visible at a glance by clicking one particular button. You’ll need to take into account how heavy or light an item is when you’re transporting it. There are so many items I want, but they would just weigh me down and keep me from carrying my essentials with me, so I’m going to need to find something that won’t weigh me down too much.

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