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Jun 10, 2022
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I am excited for the forthcoming release of Long Mobile’s newest game, an actual racing simulator that will finally give me a chance to feel what it is like to live life as a street racer. It will be running on the most advanced technology available in order to create immersive environments and realistic graphics; I know there isn’t anything else out there quite like this yet!

Long Mobile

Long Mobile

ANSTURM takes place in an open-world environment of 100 square kilometers where you race through real life cities, dodge other drivers while competing in tough races against renowned raccoon from all over the world. You can also design your own character and customize cars before entering any race. Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a racer that drives expensive cars? ANSTURM gives you that experience; start with a simple car and work up until you’re driving one of the fastest vehicles on the planet worth tens of millions {dollars}….

It’s time to hit the gas, go-getter! Get ready for a real racing experience on this secluded tropical island – one that includes tracks right out of your wildest dreams. In Hawaii there are cars and drivers who will push themselves beyond anything you could ever imagine. With an expansive environment filled with beautiful scenery waiting just outside your window; race through bright canyons or clear roads surrounded by dense forests teeming with wildlife until the finish line is within reach. You’ve finally found what you were looking for – the chance to prove yourself against some of the best drivers out there from all over the world – so don’t let it slip away. Explore every inch of this vast locale, find out how good you really are behind the wheel, and pave your way to victory lane today!

Long Mobile

Long Mobile


  • Outstanding graphics comparable to PC quality
  • the large expansive world of 100 square meters
  • Vehicles for visitors
  • Lebenserfahrener Rennsimulator
  • Easy to hold and comfortable to ride
  • Surging Mechanism
  • A sequence of running races
  • A wide variety of vehicles
  • The last time I checked, Hilfe was a unisex name in German.

and extra…

Show off your mastery behind the wheel of your fancy automobile and show them what you’re made of by shooting crazy footage with the newest camera mode. Share these clips using Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook under the hashtag.

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