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PetrolHead 3.5.0

There’s nothing quite like sitting behind the wheel of an impeccable car. With its high-quality graphics, realism, and performance, it feels so good to be in control of such a machine. Live out your racing dreams by testing your skills on asphalt or pushing yourself to go beyond what you thought was possible when it comes to drifting – just wait until you feel every corner with precision thanks to this incredible game! You can also immerse yourself in an even more thrilling experience if you play against other players from all over the world – because we know how much you love an adrenaline rush!

Complete missions and expand your garage every day. Test yourself with your skills in various modes! Push your limits in these challenging modes. Dominate the streets with different cars and show your skills to the whole world! Get ready to compete with master drivers from around the world on massive multiplayer maps! Customize your cars with more than 80 cars you love with high quality graphics. Use the workshop to discover the most suitable colors, decals, and improvements. Enjoy your dream auto show and more for the purpose of sentence orgy in this amazing game-world

Build the best cars and rule the streets among all the different combinations! A city has come to life, don’t get bored! You can take side quests and take your car to infinity on this huge map! Find and complete all the missions on this Map waiting for your research! While waiting for your mod queue, drive your car speechlessly. You don’t even need to stop having fun! Quests and badges complete quests, get achievements. Reward you with a badge based on combinations of your achievements.

Collect your master badge and show it off on your profile! Let everyone else know who they’re getting mad at! The visual graphics are so realistic with these street art stickers, you’ll feel just like you’re walking down the street. Enjoy high-quality graphics that look real, but without all those pesky distractions.

Sit back and relax in this open-world game where anything goes. Never worry about fuel or even damages because there won’t be any – unless you really want there to be some for whatever reason – but what’s the point of crashing when this game will let you do pretty much everything? It’s amazing how much time passes when playing this game that seems so simple yet still manages to satisfy all my needs within its mechanics design and physics engine made from Realistic Mechanics.

You can feel all the sensations of your car coming to life. As you race down the winding paths, speed up at every opportunity. These free and unlimited woven graphics will make it seem as though you are racing in real life! You’ll feel like a pro as you cross finish lines; ready for whatever obstacle is thrown at you next. Keep an eye out for special events and missions – because if there’s one thing we know about awesome cars like yours, it’s that they need some time on center stage.

You will be fans of this endless contest!************* Website: http://lethestudios.netInstagram: lethe.studiosTwitter: @ LetheStdReddit: r / LetheStudiosFacebook: @ lethestudiosDiscord: PetrolHead********** Privacy Policy: service: © 2020 Lethe Studios. All rights reserved.

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