How to find a Minecraft Ancient City – (All Unlocked)

Venturing into the boundless world of Minecraft can be an awe-inspiring experience. With its infinite landscapes, abundant resources, and hidden mysteries, this virtual realm offers endless possibilities for exploration and adventure. Among the many captivating discoveries that await diligent explorers, stumbling upon a Minecraft ancient city stands as a remarkable feat. These remnants of past civilizations, shrouded in mystery and history, hold invaluable treasures and provide a glimpse into the game’s rich lore. In this guide, we will embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of finding a Minecraft ancient city.

Minecraft, a sandbox game renowned for its creative freedom, allows players to generate diverse landscapes, each with its own unique characteristics. The world is teeming with procedurally generated structures, including dungeons, temples, and villages. However, stumbling upon an ancient city takes both perseverance and strategic thinking. These ancient cities are rare and hidden gems that require keen observation and a dose of luck to discover.

Exploration forms the backbone of this quest. Armed with tools and resources, players must set forth into the uncharted territories of their Minecraft world. By surveying the landscape, scrutinizing the surroundings, and carefully examining subtle clues, adventurers increase their chances of uncovering a hidden ancient city. Key elements to be on the lookout for include unusual terrain formations, patterns, or anomalies that deviate from the surrounding landscape.

Moreover, players can employ cartography tools to map out their exploration and navigate their way more efficiently. Utilizing techniques such as dividing the map into sectors, marking points of interest, and establishing reference points can aid in methodically covering larger areas and narrowing down potential locations of these ancient cities.

However, it is important to remember that there is no guaranteed formula to find a Minecraft ancient city. The element of randomness and unpredictability adds to the excitement and sense of accomplishment when stumbling upon one of these elusive structures. Persistence, patience, and a keen eye for details will greatly enhance the chances of unearthing these hidden treasures within the vastness of the Minecraft world.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into specific strategies and techniques to increase the likelihood of discovering a Minecraft ancient city. By employing a combination of exploratory skills, analytical thinking, and a touch of luck, players can embark on an unforgettable adventure and unlock the secrets of these fascinating remnants of a bygone era.

Where can I find an Ancient City?

Where can I find an Ancient City

In Minecraft, ancient cities can be found in specific biomes known as “Mesa Biomes.” These biomes are featured by their reddish-brown terracotta terrain and unique landscape formations. Here’s how you can locate an ancient city:

  1. Exploration : Start by exploring different biomes in your Minecraft world. Look for Mesa Biomes, which are relatively rare and can be identified by their distinct reddish appearance. Mesa Biomes are typically found in the Overworld, so focus your search on landmasses rather than underwater areas.
  2. Terrain Features : Keep an eye out for specific terrain features within the Mesa Biomes. Ancient cities often generate in valleys or plateaus within these biomes. Look for flat or slightly elevated areas with exposed terracotta or stone structures. Ancient cities in Mesa Biomes tend to have a unique architectural style with terracotta bricks and intricate designs.
  3. Ravines and Canyons : Mesa Biomes frequently feature ravines or canyons carved into the terrain. These natural formations can house ancient cities, so be sure to explore these areas thoroughly. Ancient cities may be partially hidden within the walls or floors of ravines, so pay attention to any unusual structures or entrances you come across.
  4. Mesa Plateaus : Another potential location for ancient cities within Mesa Biomes is on the flat, elevated plateaus. These plateaus offer excellent vantage points for spotting distant structures or landmarks. Explore the plateau edges and scan the surrounding area for any signs of an ancient city.
  5. Coordinate Data : If you want a more direct approach, you can use Minecraft coordinate data to pinpoint the exact location of an ancient city. Websites and tools dedicated to Minecraft mapping can provide you with seed-specific information about the coordinates of Mesa Biomes and other structures within your world.

Remember, finding an ancient city in Minecraft is a combination of exploration, observation, and a touch of luck. It’s all part of the adventure and discovery that makes the game so enjoyable. So, gear up, embark on your journey, and unravel the mysteries of the ancient cities that await you!

Why can’t I locate an ancient city?

If you’re having trouble locating an ancient city in Minecraft, there could be several reasons why :

  1. Rarity : Ancient cities are relatively rare structures within the game. They don’t generate as frequently as other structures like villages or dungeons. It’s possible that you haven’t explored enough or haven’t encountered a Mesa Biome, where ancient cities are typically found.
  2. World Generation : Minecraft worlds are procedurally generated, meaning that each world is unique and random. There is no guarantee that every world will contain an ancient city. It’s possible that the specific world you’re playing in simply doesn’t have an ancient city generated within its boundaries.
  3. Exploration : Minecraft is a vast game with an infinite world, and locating structures can require extensive exploration. Ancient cities may be hidden within Mesa Biomes, ravines, or canyons, making them more challenging to spot. Make sure you thoroughly explore these areas, keeping an eye out for any signs of ancient city structures or unique architectural features.
  4. Biome Variation : Minecraft’s world generation can vary from version to version, so the presence and distribution of ancient cities may differ depending on the Minecraft version you’re playing. If you’re playing on an older or customized version, the generation rules for ancient cities may be different or absent.
  5. Seed Specifics: Minecraft worlds can be generated using specific seeds, which determine the layout and features of the world. It’s possible that the seed you’re using doesn’t have an ancient city generated within its parameters. Trying a different seed or generating a new world might increase your chances of finding an ancient city.

Remember that the exploration and discovery aspect of Minecraft is part of the fun. While ancient cities can be intriguing and rewarding to find, the journey itself is equally important. Keep exploring, try different strategies, and enjoy the surprises and wonders that Minecraft has to offer.

Best Minecraft Ancient City seeds

Best Minecraft Ancient City seeds

Here are three noteworthy Minecraft seeds that have been known to generate fascinating ancient cities within the game :

  1. Seed : -4082411123655954582 Description: This seed is well-regarded for its captivating ancient city structures. Players who generate a world using this seed will find themselves surrounded by a sprawling desert landscape. Explore the desert biome and keep a keen eye out for sandstone structures with intricate architecture. The ancient city can be found near the spawn point, and it offers a wealth of hidden chambers and treasures waiting to be discovered.
  2. Seed : -294522773 Description: If you’re seeking a vibrant and lush ancient city experience, this seed is worth exploring. Upon generating a world with this seed, players will find themselves in a stunning jungle biome. Venture deep into the dense foliage, and you’ll stumble upon an ancient city concealed within the jungle’s embrace. The combination of natural beauty and intriguing ancient structures makes this seed a delightful choice for adventurers.
  3. Seed : -8006779385716079127 Description: This seed offers a unique twist on ancient cities by incorporating an icy, snow-covered setting. Upon generating the world, players will find themselves amidst a vast snow biome. Amidst the frozen landscape, a hidden ancient city awaits discovery. Carefully explore the snow-covered structures and frozen chambers to unveil the secrets they hold. The contrasting beauty of the icy surroundings and ancient architecture creates a visually stunning experience.

Remember that seeds generate random worlds, and the same seed may produce different results across different versions of Minecraft. While these seeds have a higher likelihood of generating ancient cities, it’s always exciting to explore new seeds and uncover hidden surprises within the game’s infinite possibilities.

Whether you embark on these specific seed adventures or decide to forge your own path, may your journey through Minecraft be filled with wonder, discovery, and the thrill of unearthing the secrets of ancient cities.

Using Cheats to Find Ancient Cities

While using cheats in Minecraft can provide shortcuts and facilitate gameplay, it’s important to note that cheating takes away from the natural exploration and discovery aspects that make Minecraft so engaging. Nevertheless, if you still wish to use cheats to find ancient cities, here is a method you can try:

  1. Enable Cheats : Start by creating a new world or using an existing one in Creative mode. To enable cheats, open the chat console by pressing “T” (default key) and type “/gamemode creative” to switch to Creative mode, which grants access to cheats.
  2. Locate Biomes : Use the “/locate” command to identify the coordinates of specific biomes that have a higher probability of containing ancient cities. For example, to find a desert biome, type “/locate temple” in the chat console. Note down the coordinates displayed in the chat.
  3. Teleport to Biomes : Utilize the “/tp” command to teleport to the coordinates of the desired biome. For instance, type “/tp [your username] [x-coordinate] [y-coordinate] [z-coordinate]” in the chat console, replacing the brackets with the appropriate information. This will instantly transport you to the designated location.
  4. Explore the Biome : Once you have teleported, begin exploring the biome systematically, scanning the surroundings for signs of ancient cities. Keep an eye out for peculiar terrain formations, abnormal structures, or any signs of man-made constructions.
  5. Utilize X-ray Vision : If you’re eager to locate an ancient city quickly, you can use the “/xray” command to activate X-ray vision temporarily. This will allow you to see through blocks and easily identify hidden structures. However, keep in mind that using X-ray vision diminishes the thrill of discovery and may be considered unsporting.

Remember, using cheats to find ancient cities may detract from the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from genuine exploration. It’s generally more rewarding to embark on a legitimate journey within the game, using your skills, intuition, and a bit of luck to uncover these remarkable structures naturally.

How to teleport to an Ancient City in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, teleporting to a specific location or structure, such as an ancient city, can be achieved using the teleportation command. Here’s how you can teleport to an ancient city:

  1. Obtain Coordinates : First, you need to know the precise coordinates of the ancient city you want to teleport to. If you already have the coordinates, proceed to step 3. Otherwise, continue to step 2.
  2. Locate Ancient City : Explore the Minecraft world and try to find an ancient city naturally. Refer to the previous instructions provided in this conversation to locate a Mesa Biome, search ravines or plateaus, or use coordinate data or mapping tools to identify the exact location of an ancient city.
  3. Enable Cheats : To use the teleportation command, you need to be in a game mode that allows cheats. If you’re not already in Creative mode or a game mode with cheats enabled, you can switch to Creative mode by opening the chat console and typing “/gamemode creative” (without quotes) and pressing Enter.
  4. Open the Chat Console : Press the “T” key (default key) to open the chat console. This is where you’ll enter the teleportation command.
  5. Teleport Command : In the chat console, type “/tp [your username] [x-coordinate] [y-coordinate] [z-coordinate]” without the brackets, replacing the values ​​with the actual coordinates of the ancient city. For example, if the coordinates of the ancient city are -100, 70, 200, and your username is “Player1,” the command would look like this: “/tp Player1 -100 70 200”. Press Enter to execute the command.
  6. Teleportation : Upon executing the command, you will be instantly teleported to the specified coordinates of the ancient city. Take a moment to explore and enjoy the surroundings.

Please note that teleporting to an ancient city using cheats bypasses the natural exploration and discovery aspects of the game. It’s recommended to find ancient cities through legitimate gameplay, as it adds to the sense of adventure and accomplishment.


Discovering a Minecraft ancient city is a thrilling endeavor that combines exploration, observation, and a touch of luck. While there is no guaranteed method to find these elusive structures, following certain strategies can increase your chances of stumbling upon one. By exploring Mesa Biomes, paying attention to terrain features, ravines, and plateaus, and utilizing coordinate data or mapping tools, you can enhance your likelihood of locating an ancient city.


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