Remini Mod APK – Download v3.7.314.202248013 Unlimited Pro Cards – (Add-Free)

Remini Mod Apk stands as a cutting-edge application powered by advanced artificial intelligence. Its primary function revolves around the transformation of aged and blurry images into vibrant, high-resolution photos. This app emerges as a paramount solution for elevating the visual quality of both images and videos. For individuals aspiring to augment their photographic content, the download of this application proves to be a prudent choice, fostering an enriched viewing experience.

Prior to embarking on the installation process, it’s imperative to navigate through your Mobile Settings and activate the option “Allow App Installs from Unknown Sources.”

Within this era, smartphones have become ubiquitous, with individuals utilizing their built-in cameras to encapsulate cherished memories. As a result, the demand for photography applications has surged, as people endeavor to immortalize moments with captivating and dazzling visuals.

Download Remini Mod APK

What is Remini Apk?

Bending Spoons, a pioneering software company, introduced the Remini Apk on July 21, 2019. This innovative application harnesses the power of AI technologies to elevate the visual quality of your images. Its remarkable capability lies in the conversion of low-quality images into high-resolution masterpieces. Through a process of enhancement and restoration, Remini breathes new life into pixelated, blurry, and aging photographs. The outcome is a stunning transformation, characterized by sharpness, clarity, and intricate facial detailing. What sets Remini apart is its automation; the application seamlessly undertakes the enhancement process on behalf of the user.

In our contemporary age, the prevalence of Remini Mod Apk is substantial, underscoring its widespread utility. It is therefore with maximum conviction that we advocate for the utilization of this tool for photo editing endeavors. The application extends a plethora of remarkable features, encompassing manual adjustments, contrast enhancement, lighting modifications, sharpening, blur removal, and overall image quality enhancement.

Remini Mod APK

Unlocking the potential of Remini Apk’s advanced version empowers users to swiftly and effectively refine and embellish their images, culminating in the creation of exceptional photographs. In today’s digital landscape, smartphones have become ubiquitous companions, serving as vessels for capturing cherished moments. As such, the adoption of diverse photography applications has surged, driven by the aspiration to immortalize scenes in a captivating and visually striking manner, further amplified by the integration of Remini Mod Apk within CapCut templates.

Remini Mod APK Download Information

APP Name Remini APK
Developer Bending Spoons
Category Photography, Photo Editing
File Size 16MB
Latest Version v3.7.314.202248013
Mod Features Premium Unlocked, Unlimited Pro Cards, No Ads
Play Store Link Google Play

Remini Mod APK Features

Unlimited Pro Cards

The introduction of Pro cards emerges as a significant enhancement within this application. These cards represent a form of credit that unlocks a plethora of invaluable features. They empower users to elevate their photo editing endeavors to a more advanced level, thanks to an array of sophisticated tools. This innovation empowers users to exercise selective editing, targeting specific areas within their photographs for refinement. As a result, elements like faces, eyes, and hair can be meticulously edited to attain a polished and professional appearance.

Moreover, the capabilities of Pro cards extend to the adjustment of crucial aspects like brightness, contrast, and saturation in images. This edition encompasses an extensive range of filters and effects, amplifying creative possibilities. A remarkable facet of this feature is its user-friendliness, catering to both novices and experienced editors without requiring a steep learning curve.

Collectively, Pro cards emerge as a superior avenue for users of all levels to elevate their photo editing prowess. The opportunity to secure unlimited Pro cards at a modest fee of $5 monthly ensures that users can continuously explore these advanced features, furthering their creative potential.

Remini Mod Apk Premium Full Unlocked

At times, the outcomes of our edited images might fall short of our expectations, compounded by the intrusion of unwanted advertisements. This situation often arises due to the limited toolset available in the free version of the application, accompanied by the presence of ads. For individuals deeply invested in the realm of professional photo editing, the optimal choice is to embrace the Remini Premium Apk in its fully unlocked iteration.

Furthermore, the Remini Premium unlocked version presents an array of benefits that transcend the confines of the free version accessible on the Play Store. It encompasses a host of additional features, advanced tools, and functionalities that remain beyond the reach of the free iteration. This premium variant remains unmarred by advertisements, ensuring an uninterrupted editing experience devoid of distractions. Moreover, the constraints that the free version imposes on photo editing are effortlessly circumvented in this premium version.

Users, through the Remini Premium Apk, are empowered to wield an arsenal of invaluable tools and advanced features. This includes the likes of automatic cropping, blur removal, wrinkle and blemish elimination, and the amplification of vibrancy in images. Through the seamless application of these tools, photographs are endowed with an enhanced aura of charm, allure, and professionalism.

No Ads

Upon downloading and installing this application, users may encounter a few advertisements. These advertisements serve a functional purpose, facilitating the photo editing process. When editing a single image, users might come across two advertisements: one before initiating the editing process and another subsequent to completing it. Once these ads have been viewed, the image editing process requires just a single click, swiftly culminating in the saving of the edited image.

For those desiring an ad-free experience while utilizing this application, an alternative avenue exists. By downloading the application from, users can indulge in seamless and uninterrupted usage devoid of advertisements, enhancing their overall interaction with the app.

What is a mod version, and what are its effects on the system?

Users often encounter limitations when using official versions of applications, as these versions typically offer only a subset of the available tools and features. Access to more advanced features or stages may require upgrading to a pro or premium version. Essentially, the official release presents a restricted set of functionalities.

In contrast, mod versions represent altered iterations of official applications, offering an array of additional features and capabilities to users. Developers modify the original application to create a new version known as a mod APK, which closely resembles the official release.

The distinguishing aspect of mod versions lies in their comprehensive feature set; they unlock all functionalities, enabling users to fully explore advanced tools. These versions are freely accessible and are designed to be safe for use. Concerns may arise regarding the safety of modded applications, but it’s worth noting that well-developed mod versions are indeed secure, alleviating any apprehensions users might have.

Thus, the mod version of an application empowers users by providing unrestricted access to its complete spectrum of features, enhancing the overall experience without compromising safety.

App Guidance

Upon installing the Remini Mod Apk, a series of permissions are necessitated for optimal functionality. Granting these permissions ensures the seamless operation of the application. Furthermore, users are presented with the option to either login or sign up utilizing their Gmail accounts, thereby enabling personalized access.

In the free mode, users are endowed with a predetermined allocation of credits. Specifically, this entails the ability to edit up to five pictures on a daily basis, without incurring any charges. Remarkably, this applies regardless of the original picture quality, signifying an inclusive approach to enhancing images.

User-Friendly Interface

Moreover, Remini boasts a remarkably user-friendly interface, designed to cater to users across various levels of familiarity. The application’s language is English, ensuring that users can seamlessly navigate and comprehend its functionalities.

The design ethos of Remini revolves around expediency and simplicity. The application is thoughtfully structured to facilitate swift and straightforward photo selection, followed by the application of enhancements. This streamlined process is achieved in just a few intuitive steps, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Upon completing the enhancement process, users are provided with the option to save the modified image and share it with others. This culmination of features emphasizes Remini’s commitment to offering not only enhanced image quality but also an effortless and seamless journey from selection to sharing.

Remini Tutorial

Feature of Remini Apk

Feature of Remini Apk

Certainly, let’s delve into the myriad features that this application encompasses:

Recover Blurred Images

When individuals seek to eliminate blurriness from their photographs, the Remini photo enhancer serves as a proficient solution. This tool aids in the restoration of images by eradicating blur, resulting in a visually appealing outcome. Operating this application is straightforward, as users can effortlessly transform their images into crisp, clear, and contemporary visuals with just a few uncomplicated steps.

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Enhance Images Resolution

When individuals aim to augment the resolution of their images, opting for the most recent version of Remini proves to be paramount. The process is straightforward: users can upload their image onto the Remini Apk platform and subsequently activate the “enhance” function.

Enhance Image Resolution

Remini Photo Restore operates by enhancing photographs through a series of techniques. This encompasses elevating the overall quality, introducing additional pixels to the image, refining sharpness, fine-tuning intricate details, augmenting facial features, improving environmental aspects, enriching colors, and employing a face beautification process. By harnessing these diverse tools, the outcome is a striking metamorphosis, wherein images are elevated to high-resolution, vibrant, and captivating visual creations.

Object Removal

Furthermore, Remini offers users the capability to alter image backgrounds, eliminate undesirable elements, and eradicate blemishes like scratches and watermarks from pictures. Its functionality extends to tasks such as removing power lines, erasing unsightly objects like trash cans, and even eliminating individuals from images. Undoubtedly, this feature stands as a pinnacle aspect of the application, providing users with an unparalleled tool for refining and perfecting their visual content.

Recover Old Images

Additionally, within this process, the user follows a simple procedure: upload their chosen photo onto Remini Apk and initiate the enhancement by selecting the “enhance” button. Subsequent to uploading the images, Remini embarks on a transformational journey.

Recover Old Images

The application enhances the photo by infusing additional pixels, meticulously reconstructing intricate details, refining sharpness, and minimizing unwanted noise. Through this meticulous sequence of steps, the once-static images are revitalized into vibrant, enchanting, and captivating visual narratives, radiating with charm and allure.

Color Correction

Undoubtedly, one of the standout attributes of this application is its exceptional color correction feature. This aspect holds paramount significance within the realm of photo editing. Remini emerges as a premier choice for seamlessly applying nuanced and harmonious color combinations to images. Its prowess lies in its remarkable capacity to identify and rectify color-related issues within both images and videos.

Undoubtedly, one of the standout attributes within this application is its exceptional color correction feature. This aspect holds paramount significance within the realm of photo editing. Remini emerges as a premier choice for seamlessly applying nuanced and harmonious color combinations to images. Its prowess lies in its remarkable capacity to identify and rectify color-related issues within both images and videos. Users who engage in photo editing through this application are privy to an experience marked by superior and dazzling color combinations. The resulting output showcases a meticulous calibration of colors, lending an aura of sophistication and brilliance to the images. The application's adeptness at color correction elevates the visual impact of the photographs, encapsulating the essence of precision and finesse in the world of image enhancement.

Users who engage in photo editing through this application are privy to an experience marked by superior and dazzling color combinations. The resulting output showcases a meticulous calibration of colors, lending an aura of sophistication and brilliance to the images. The application’s adeptness at color correction elevates the visual impact of the photographs, encapsulating the essence of precision and finesse in the world of image enhancement.

Automatic Cropping

Remini incorporates an automatic cropping feature that sets it apart; an attribute defined by its capability to intuitively crop, resize, and eliminate superfluous negative space from images and videos. This distinctive facet of the application caters to users seeking precise adjustments and resizing within specific frames. This feature facilitates effortless customization while upholding image quality.

For those who require meticulous framing and resizing, Remini’s automatic cropping serves as an invaluable tool. The application adeptly trims images to match desired dimensions, ensuring a seamless fit. An essential aspect of this function is its maintenance of image quality, ensuring that no visual integrity is compromised during the cropping process.

Super Quick Processing

Individuals who engage in editing their low-quality, blurry, or aged images find themselves availing an array of distinct editing tools. Remini steps in to transform these photographs through a suite of enhancement processes, encompassing the elimination of blurriness, enhancement of overall quality, sharpening, and augmentation of pixel count. This transformative process unfolds within mere seconds, exemplifying exceptional speed in image enhancement procedures.

Preview Change

Within this application, users are afforded the valuable feature of previewing images subsequent to enhancement. As users engage in the process of editing their images, Remini offers them the convenience of previewing the modified image prior to finalizing and saving it.

This functionality empowers users to assess the precise visual alterations that have been applied to their photographs, enabling them to gauge the outcome before committing to the final version. This added layer of review ensures that users can fine-tune their edits and ensure the desired results before proceeding.

How to Edit Your Photos with Remini?

To initiate photo editing on the Remini apk, adhere to the instructions provided below:

  1. Download and Installation:
    • Begin by downloading the Remini application and installing it on your device.
  2. Application Launch:
    • Open the installed application on your device.
  3. Permission Acquisition:
    • The application will prompt you for certain permissions. Grant the necessary permissions to enable proper functionality.
  4. Permission Approval:
    • Once permissions are granted, the application will operate optimally.
  5. Image Upload:
    • Choose the image you intend to edit and upload it within the application.
  6. Enhancement Process:
    • After the image upload, locate and click the “enhance” button.
  7. AI-Driven Enhancement:
    • The application’s AI algorithms will seamlessly enhance your uploaded photo, automatically improving its visual quality.
  8. Advanced Editing:
    • For further refinements, explore the option to apply face beautifiers, enhance colors, and utilize background color filters.
  9. Save Your Edited Image:
    • Once satisfied with the edits, proceed to save the enhanced image.
  10. Social Sharing:
    • If desired, share your edited images across various social networks to showcase your creative endeavors.

AI Avatars

The phenomenon of AI avatars has gained immense popularity, captivating the contemporary landscape with its capacity to craft exquisite and striking avatars based on your own likeness. This avant-garde feature leverages machine learning algorithms to meticulously dissect and analyze your photo, scrutinizing aspects like size, shape, and hair color.

The transformative process unfolds as your photo metamorphoses into a captivating avatar. The desire to share these novel avatars across social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook has led to the proliferation of various applications available on the Google Play Store, each vying to create AI avatars from your images.

Amid this panorama, Remini emerges as a paragon of picture-grade artificial intelligence, orchestrating the transition of ordinary photos into high-quality, sharply-defined creations. In a captivating convergence, Remini’s Mod Apk even empowers users to fashion AI avatars of themselves, blurring the line between technological innovation and personal expression.

Within the realms of this Mod Apk, an exclusive tab is dedicated to the creation of avatars. Installation mandates the grant of necessary permissions to facilitate proper functionality. The creation process is outlined as follows:

  1. Application Launch and Avatar Tab:
    • Open the application and locate the dedicated “AI Avatars” tab.
  2. Photo Selection:
    • Initiate the process by clicking the upload button.
  3. Photo Source:
    • Choose either the photo library or opt to take photos with the camera.
  4. Multiple Selfies:
    • Select a range of eight(8) to twelve(12) selfies.
  5. Upload and Wait:
    • Await the completion of the photo upload.
  6. Gender Specification:
    • Designate your gender.
  7. Generation of AI Avatars:
    • Click “Generate AI Avatars” to initiate the avatar creation process.

Upon completion of these steps, you may encounter a payment option, offering a range of pricing choices to consider.

Through these streamlined steps, users can effectively craft AI avatars, and in doing so, immerse themselves in the realm of technologically infused self-expression.

How to Install Remini Mod Apk?

Installing the Remini Mod Apk involves a few simple steps. Please note that downloading and installing modded applications from sources other than official app stores carries certain risks, so proceed with caution and ensure you’re downloading from a reputable source.

Here’s a general guide on how to install the Remini Mod Apk:

1. Click on the download button shown on the screen.

Click on the download button shown on the screen.

After downloading, click on the install button.

After downloading, click on the install button.

Allow unknown sources from the setting.

Allow unknown sources from the setting.

After installing, open the app, allow some permissions, and enjoy it.

After installing, open the app, allow some permissions, and enjoy it.

Advantages of Remini APK

The Remini Pro Mod Apk Full Unlocked offers a plethora of advantages that cater to various aspects of image editing and enhancement:

  1. Image Enhancement: It excels in restoring old, blurry, and low-quality images, transforming them into visually appealing and sharp creations.
  2. Comprehensive Features: The application presents an extensive range of features for editing and refining images, ensuring versatility in the editing process.
  3. Android Compatibility: As an Android app, it seamlessly integrates with Android devices, enabling users to enjoy its benefits across a wide range of phones.
  4. Customized Editing: It empowers users to personalize image edits according to their preferences and creative vision.
  5. Affordable Pro Version: The pro version is notably economical in comparison to the costly pro versions of other editing applications.
  6. Cross-Platform Availability: Beyond Android, the Remini Photo Editor is accessible on iOS and Mac platforms, enhancing its reach.
  7. High-Quality Images: It offers an appealing option for individuals seeking to achieve top-notch image quality without investing in expensive mobile devices.
  8. Increased Resolution: The application’s capability to augment image resolution stands out as a particularly remarkable feature.
  9. Ads-Free Version: The premium unlocked version ensures an uninterrupted editing experience by eliminating ads.
  10. User-Friendly: The application’s user interface is designed to accommodate users of varying levels of expertise, making it accessible to all.
  11. Ease of Use: It doesn’t require prior experience or technical know-how, allowing users to engage with the application effortlessly.
  12. PC Compatibility: Users can also utilize this application on a PC, expanding its usage to different devices.

Disadvantages of Remini APK

While the Remini Pro Mod Apk Full Unlocked offers numerous advantages, it’s important to acknowledge certain potential disadvantages as well:

  1. Varied Results: Occasionally, the results of image enhancement might not align with users’ initial expectations, resulting in outcomes that differ from what was anticipated.
  2. Unwanted Ads in Free Version: The use of the free version comes with the drawback of encountering unwanted advertisements during the app’s usage, potentially leading to a less seamless and uninterrupted editing experience.

Benefits of Remini Mod APK

The Remini Mod APK offers a multitude of benefits that cater to users seeking an exceptional image enhancement experience. This modified version of the Remini app extends beyond the capabilities of the official release, providing users with enhanced features, flexibility, and control over their photo editing endeavors. From reviving old memories to transforming mundane snapshots into captivating visuals, Remini Mod APK serves as a powerful tool for users of all skill levels. Let’s delve into the myriad advantages that this modded version brings to the table.

1. Advanced Editing Tools

Remini Mod APK surpasses the official version by offering an array of advanced editing tools that empower users to customize their photos with greater precision. These tools enable detailed adjustments to contrast, brightness, sharpness, color balance, and more, resulting in stunning visual transformations.

2. Unlocked Premium Features

The modded version provides users with access to premium features that are typically locked in the official release. This includes advanced filters, color correction tools, background removal, and more. Users can leverage these features to elevate their editing capabilities and craft visually engaging images.

3. Enhanced Resolution and Clarity

The cornerstone of Remini’s success lies in its ability to enhance image resolution and clarity. The modded version amplifies this capability, allowing users to breathe new life into old, blurry, and low-resolution images. Through AI algorithms and machine learning, users can witness their photos undergoing a remarkable transformation, turning them into sharp, vibrant masterpieces.

4. AI Avatars and Creative Expression

The modded Remini app introduces the exciting world of AI avatars, enabling users to reimagine their photos as captivating avatars. This feature fuels creative expression, allowing users to experiment with unique representations of themselves and share them across social media platforms.

5. Ad-Free Experience

One of the most notable advantages of the modded version is the elimination of unwanted advertisements. This ensures an uninterrupted and immersive editing experience, enabling users to focus solely on enhancing their images without distractions.

6. Flexible Payment Options

While the official version might offer subscription-based payment models, the modded version often presents more flexible payment options. Users can potentially access premium features without committing to recurring subscriptions, making it a cost-effective choice for occasional users.

7. Tailored Enhancements

Remini Mod APK grants users the power to tailor enhancements according to their preferences. This level of customization empowers users to highlight specific details, correct imperfections, and create personalized edits that align with their creative vision.

8. Compatibility and Accessibility

The modded version of Remini APK extends its compatibility to a wider range of devices and operating systems. This means that users can enjoy the benefits of this enhanced editing tool across various platforms, including Android and iOS devices.

9. Time Efficiency

With the modded version’s expedited processing and added features, users can efficiently edit images without compromising on quality. This time efficiency proves invaluable for individuals seeking rapid yet high-quality enhancements.

10. Elevating Professionalism

For professional photographers or those invested in creating polished visuals, Remini Mod APK becomes an indispensable tool. It equips users with the means to elevate the professionalism of their work, delivering images that exude quality and artistry.

In a digital age where visual content plays a pivotal role, Remini Mod APK emerges as a game-changing solution for enhancing images beyond their original scope. With unlocked features, AI avatars, enhanced resolution, and a seamless editing experience, users can unlock their creative potential and craft visuals that leave a lasting impact. The modded version stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of image enhancement, empowering users to take their photography to new heights.

System Requirements for Remini Mod APK

Android system   4.1 and up
RAM                            Minimum 2 GB or above
Processor                   Octa-core with minimum 2 GHz speed
Storage required         16 MB

Installation Method from Google PlayStore

Go to the Google Play Store.

Go to the Google Play Store.

Search the Remini app and click on the install button.

Search the Remini app and click on the install button.

After installing, open it.

After installing, open it.

After opening the application, allow some permission, and enjoy the application.

After opening the application

Remini Old Version

The Remini Old Version app has gained significant popularity as a photo-enhancing tool, catering to users seeking to breathe new life into their aged, blurry, and low-resolution images. Though available through app stores, this app garnered particular attention from individuals keen on revitalizing cherished memories by improving the visual quality of their vintage photos. The application’s scope extends beyond specific age demographics, rendering it suitable for individuals of all ages, each benefiting from the enhancement of image quality and infusion of vibrant color combinations.

Remini Old Version

A standout aspect of the Remini Old Version lies in its utilization of AI-powered picture processing technology. Driven by advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, the app undertakes the task of enhancing the resolution, clarity, and overall quality of old photographs. The outcome of this transformation is a reinvigoration of images, brimming with newfound detail and vibrancy. The application’s user-centric interface further contributes to its appeal, simplifying the process of uploading photos and applying enhancement filters. Consequently, users can experience rapid and impressive results.

While considering downloading an older version of the Remini app, exercising caution is paramount. It’s advisable to conduct thorough research to identify safe and trustworthy sources, such as If possible, reaching out to app developers for a link to an older version can also provide a secure route. By ensuring the authenticity of the source, users can confidently access the old version and indulge in the application’s image-enhancing capabilities.

Important Note to Download Old Version

Indeed, opting for an older version of an app like Remini Old Version comes with both advantages and drawbacks. While it might grant access to features or experiences that users are fond of, there are potential downsides that must be considered.

Advantages of Using an Old Version:

  • Limited Editing Options:
    • Older versions might offer a restricted set of editing tools and features, limiting the scope of enhancements that can be applied to images.
  • Unavailability and Support:
    • Older versions may only be available on the play store for a limited duration before they are deprecated. Additionally, support for these versions might be discontinued over time, leaving users without updates and bug fixes.
  • Quality Limitations:
    • Due to the limited features in older versions, the extent to which image quality can be improved might be suboptimal compared to the latest version.
  • Privacy Concerns:
    • Older versions might lack the security measures and updates that the latest versions offer. This could potentially lead to privacy vulnerabilities, particularly if sensitive data or personal images are involved.
  • Compatibility Issues:
    • As technology advances, older versions of apps might become incompatible with newer devices, operating systems, or hardware configurations.
  • Inadequate Performance:
    • Over time, as app developers optimize and refine their applications, older versions may exhibit decreased performance, resulting in slower editing processes or potential glitches.
  • Missing Features:
    • Newer versions tend to introduce enhanced features, improved user interfaces, and more streamlined experiences. Using an older version means missing out on these advancements.

Drawbacks of Using an Old Version:

  • Lack of Updates: Older versions might miss out on critical updates, bug fixes, and security patches that are present in newer releases.
  • Limited Functionality: Newer versions often introduce new and improved features that enhance the user experience.
  • Security Risks: Using an outdated version can expose users to potential security vulnerabilities that have been addressed in later versions.
  • Compatibility Issues: As technology evolves, an older version might not be compatible with newer devices or operating systems.

Ratings and Reviews

The Remini application boasts an impressive track record in terms of user reviews and ratings, signifying its widespread appeal and effectiveness. With over 938,000 downloads and a commendable average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, the application has managed to garner a substantial user base that finds value in its features and functionalities. Furthermore, the fact that more than 95,990 individuals have taken the time to leave reviews underscores the active engagement of users and their willingness to share their experiences.

Such positive feedback and high ratings often reflect the app’s ability to meet the expectations of users, enhance their photo-editing endeavors, and provide a satisfying user experience. These statistics collectively reinforce the notion that Remini has succeeded in resonating with a broad audience, positioning itself as a preferred choice within the realm of image enhancement applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the official version of Remini is available on the Google Play Store. However, be cautious when downloading modded versions from third-party sources.

Depending on the version, Remini might offer batch-processing features, allowing users to enhance multiple images simultaneously.

Refund policies for Remini subscriptions may vary. Generally, charges are non-refundable, but it’s recommended to review their terms or contact their support for accurate information.

Some versions of Remini might provide the option to revert to the original image if you’re not satisfied with the enhancements.

The terms of use for Remini might specify whether it can be used for commercial purposes. Always check the app’s policies.

Yes, Remini is available for iOS and Mac platforms, allowing users to enhance their images on various Apple devices.

Yes, Remini can be used to enhance scanned images, provided the scanned quality is suitable for improvement.

Yes, we also provide a mod apk without any ads. So download the remini mod Apk from

With time apps are updated and add more features, so we provide the latest version on our website. You can download the latest version if you need more features in apps.

Yes, users can get the premium and many other features for free in the mod version. We provide the mod and ads free version on our website, which is completely secure.

Yes, Remini usually offers customer support to address user queries, issues, and technical problems.

Modded versions might offer additional features but could lack official support, updates, and security. It’s crucial to weigh the advantages against the potential drawbacks.

No, it’s not work offline.

No, it works on the full image.

To cancel a Remini subscription, open the app, access settings, find the “Cancel Subscription” option, and follow the prompts. Make sure to follow the correct steps and consult Remini’s official support if needed.

Open the app, upload the image, click the “enhance” button, and let the AI algorithms work their magic. You can also explore additional features like color correction and background removal.

The algorithm of AI(artificial intelligence) is automatic, so it changes the images & videos with automated processes and fixes them digitally.

Remini uses AI algorithms and advanced image processing techniques to enhance the quality of old, blurry, or low-resolution images, making them sharper and more vibrant.

In a free way, you watch the ads before and after editing. It also depends on your internet speed.

Regularly updating your Remini app ensures that you have access to the latest features, improvements, and security patches.

Go to the home screen of Remini, Click on my account, then click on subscription and cancel the plan.

Go to the home screen of Remini, Click on my account, then click on subscription and cancel the plan; a new page will open, and select your choice.

Go to the home screen of Remini, Click on my account, then click on general and sign out. Your account will log out.

Go to the home screen of Remini, and click on login/sign in. Provide the detail that he wants.

To proceed with the cancellation and potential refund process for your Remini professional membership, adhere to the instructions provided below:

Membership Refund Policy:

Be aware that all charges related to your Remini professional membership are generally non-refundable. This applies even if you decide to cancel your membership prematurely.

Charges During Free Trial:

Note that any payments made during the time between the conclusion of your free trial and the initiation of the cancellation process are non-refundable.

Canceling a Free Trial:

If you are currently enjoying a free trial of the Remini professional membership and opt not to proceed with a paid subscription, make sure to initiate the cancellation at least 24 hours before the trial period concludes. This will prevent any automatic charges associated with a paid membership.

To successfully unsubscribe from a Remini subscription, adhere to the instructions outlined below:

Google Account Log-in:

Ensure that you are currently logged in with the Google account that was used to make the subscription purchase.

Access the Remini App:

Open the Remini application on your device.

Access Settings:

Within the Remini app, locate the settings button. This is usually positioned in the top-right corner of the app screen.

Navigate to Cancel Subscription:

Scroll down within the settings menu until you locate the “Cancel Subscription” option.

Initiate Cancellation:

Tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option to proceed with the cancellation process.

You can use the free version without paying, but you face some ads while using this application.

Yes, Remini’s AI technology is designed to enhance facial features and details in photos effectively.

Yes, according to our team experience, this is fully accurate.

Yes, this is fully private; your data is safe.

AI (Artificial intelligence) is a term that is used to improve photography. It automatically edits your images & videos. Several apps are available on the internet which are using AI technology.

Remini Mod Apk is a modified version of the Remini app that offers additional features and capabilities, often unlocked or without ads.

AI avatars in Remini use AI-powered algorithms to transform your photo into a stylized avatar, offering a creative and fun way to represent yourself.


Remini, a picture-grade artificial intelligence application, has garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional image enhancement capabilities. The app addresses the need to revitalize old, blurry, and low-quality images by utilizing advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques. Its ability to transform such images into high-quality, sharp, and vibrant creations has resonated with a diverse user base.

Despite the availability of both official and modded versions, it’s essential to exercise caution and make informed choices. While modded versions might offer additional features, they can come with security risks and lack official support and updates. Opting for the official version from reputable sources ensures a secure and consistent user experience.

Remini’s popularity is evident from its impressive reviews and ratings, boasting over 938,000 downloads and an average rating of 4.1/5 stars. This feedback underscores the app’s effectiveness in fulfilling user expectations, its ease of use, and its ability to deliver visually striking enhancements.

However, prospective users should bear in mind certain limitations and considerations. The older versions of Remini might offer limited editing options and lack the latest features and security updates. Cancellation and refund policies for subscriptions also merit attention, and users should understand terms related to free trials and payment methods.