How to Make Candles in Minecraft – (God Mode, One Hit)

In the expansive and creative world of Minecraft, players are given the opportunity to craft and design various items that enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their virtual realms. One such item that has garnered attention for its visual charm and practicality is the candle. These pixelated sources of light not only add ambiance to caves, buildings, and outdoor spaces but also serve as markers for exploration and protection against lurking monsters. In this guide, we will delve into the art of candle-making within the Minecraft universe, providing step-by-step instructions on how to craft these charming sources of illumination.

Candles were introduced to Minecraft as part of a major update, bringing a new dimension to in-game lighting options. Their versatility, ease of creation, and decorative potential have made them a sought-after addition in the toolkit of both novice and experienced players. To embark on your candle-making journey, understanding the necessary resources and steps is crucial.

Creating candles involves a straightforward process that requires a combination of readily available ingredients. The primary component is the Honeycomb, which is obtained by harvesting honey from beehives. This resource serves as the foundation for crafting various candle types, each with its own unique color and design. Additionally, players will need a string made from crafting three Spider Silk, which can be obtained by defeating spiders or cobweb clusters found in mineshafts.

Once equipped with Honeycombs and Strings, the crafting table becomes your creative hub for turning these components into enchanting candles. With a careful arrangement of these materials, players can experiment with crafting differently colored candles to suit their architectural and aesthetic preferences.

Beyond their aesthetic allure, candles hold functional value in Minecraft. These light sources emit a gentle glow that wards off hostile mobs, making them excellent choices for illuminating underground lairs or remote outposts. Furthermore, their subtle radiance can guide explorers through the darkest corners of caves and forests, acting as a navigational aid during expeditions.

In conclusion, the art of candle-making in Minecraft brings both beauty and utility to the player’s world. With their charming designs and practical illumination properties, candles have swiftly become a favorite among players seeking to add a touch of warmth and elegance to their virtual creations. This guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to harness the creative potential of candles and brighten up your Minecraft adventures.

What is Candles in Minecraft?

What is Candles in Minecraft

Candles are a decorative and functional light source introduced in Minecraft as part of the Caves & Cliffs update. They are small, colorful sources of light that players can craft and place in their world to add ambiance and illumination to various environments. Candles come in a variety of colors and can be used for both aesthetic and practical purposes within the game.

To create candles, players need two main ingredients: honeycomb and string. Honeycomb is obtained by harvesting honey from beehives or bee nests, while string is crafted from spider silk dropped by spiders or found in cobweb clusters. By combining these resources in the crafting table, players can create candles of different colors and designs.

Candles can be placed on various surfaces, such as blocks, floors, and ceilings. They emit a soft glow and provide light similar to torches or lanterns, making them useful for illuminating indoor spaces, underground areas, and outdoor landscapes. They can also serve as a decorative element, adding charm and atmosphere to buildings, caves, and other structures.

One of the notable features of candles is their ability to be stacked on top of one another, allowing players to create taller candle arrangements with varying colors. Additionally, players can craft and place a Candle Cake, which consists of three candles on top of a cake base, serving as a unique centerpiece or lighting fixture.

Candles offer both practical and creative opportunities for players to enhance their gameplay experience. Whether it’s using them to light up dark spaces, mark pathways, or simply add a cozy ambiance to their creations, candles have quickly become a popular feature in Minecraft’s ever-expanding sandbox world.

Where to Find Candles in Minecraft?

Where to Find Candles in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you don’t actually find pre-existing candles in the game world like you would with other resources. Instead, you can craft candles using certain materials. Here’s how you can create candles:

Materials Needed:

  1. Honeycomb: Harvested from beehives or bee nests. Use shears to collect honeycombs from these structures.
  2. String: Crafted from spider silk dropped by spiders or found in cobweb clusters. To craft string, place three spider silks in a horizontal row within the crafting table.

Crafting Candles: Once you have honeycomb and string, you can use them to craft candles. The specific arrangement will determine the type of candle you create.

To craft a basic candle, follow these steps:

  1. Open the crafting table interface.
  2. Place the honeycomb in the center slot.
  3. Place the string directly below the honeycomb.
  4. The resulting crafted candle will appear in the output slot.

The type of candle you craft depends on the color of the honeycomb and the arrangement of the string. Different colors of honeycomb (such as red, green, blue, etc.) will produce candles of corresponding colors. You can experiment with different combinations to create a variety of candle colors.

Candles can also be stacked on top of each other, allowing you to create taller arrangements. You can stack up to four candles vertically.

Remember that as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, this information is accurate. However, if there have been updates or changes to Minecraft since then, I recommend checking the official Minecraft Wiki or the in-game crafting interface for the most up-to-date information on crafting candles.

Types of Candles in Minecraft

Here are some of the candle variations you can create:

  1. White Candle: Crafted using regular honeycomb and a string.
  2. Orange Candle: Crafted using orange honeycomb and a string.
  3. Magenta Candle: Crafted using magenta honeycomb and a string.
  4. Light Blue Candle: Crafted using light blue honeycomb and a string.
  5. Yellow Candle: Crafted using yellow honeycomb and a string.
  6. Lime Candle: Crafted using lime honeycomb and a string.
  7. Pink Candle: Crafted using pink honeycomb and a string.
  8. Gray Candle: Crafted using gray honeycomb and a string.
  9. Light Gray Candle: Crafted using light gray honeycomb and a string.
  10. Cyan Candle: Crafted using cyan honeycomb and a string.
  11. Purple Candle: Crafted using purple honeycomb and a string.
  12. Blue Candle: Crafted using blue honeycomb and a string.
  13. Brown Candle: Crafted using brown honeycomb and a string.
  14. Green Candle: Crafted using green honeycomb and a string.
  15. Red Candle: Crafted using red honeycomb and a string.
  16. Black Candle: Crafted using black honeycomb and a string.

Additionally, you can craft unique candle combinations by stacking different colored candles on top of each other, up to a maximum of four candles. This allows you to create decorative arrangements with varying colors and heights.

How to Use Candles in Minecraft

Using candles in Minecraft is simple and can add both aesthetics and functionality to your gameplay. Here’s how you can use candles in the game:

  1. Placement:
    • To place a candle, make sure you have crafted one or have obtained them through various means.
    • Choose the location where you want to place the candle. It can be on the ground, walls, or even ceilings.
    • Right-click (on PC) or interact with the designated button (on consoles) on the block where you want to place the candle.
  2. Decoration:
    • Candles can be used purely for decoration, adding charm and ambiance to your buildings, structures, and outdoor areas.
    • Experiment with different candle colors and arrangements to create visually appealing designs.
  3. Illumination:
    • Candles emit a soft, warm glow that provides light to the surrounding area.
    • Use candles to light up indoor spaces, underground caverns, pathways, gardens, and more.
    • They can be particularly useful in areas where other light sources might be less suitable or too bright.
  4. Marking Paths:
    • Because candles are relatively low on illumination, they can be used as subtle markers for paths and directions.
    • Place candles strategically to guide yourself or other players through dark areas, caves, or mazes.
  5. Defensive Use:
    • Candles emit light that helps keep hostile mobs (enemies) at bay.
    • By placing candles around your base, you can create a well-lit perimeter that discourages hostile mobs from spawning or approaching.
  6. Creating Arrangements:
    • Candles can be stacked on top of each other to create taller candle arrangements.
    • Stack candles of different colors to create interesting visual effects and patterns.
  7. Variety:
    • With a wide range of candle colors available, you can tailor your designs to fit specific themes and color schemes in your Minecraft world.

Remember that candles are a creative and versatile addition to your gameplay experience, offering both functional and decorative possibilities. However, keep in mind that Minecraft can be subject to updates and changes that might affect how candles work. For the latest and most accurate information, consult the official Minecraft Wiki or in-game resources.


In conclusion, the introduction of candles to the Minecraft universe has opened up exciting avenues for both creative expression and practical gameplay. Crafting candles involves a straightforward process that combines honeycomb and string, resulting in a charming assortment of light sources available in various colors and arrangements. These candles have quickly become a staple for players seeking to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of their virtual worlds.

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