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In the vast and blocky world of Minecraft, players are free to explore, build, and survive in a sandbox environment teeming with adventure and challenges. One of the key aspects that make this game so compelling is the concept of loyalty, a valuable enchantment that adds a unique dimension to the gameplay experience.

Loyalty is an enchantment that can be applied to the trident, a powerful and versatile weapon introduced in the aquatic-themed Minecraft update. When enchanted with loyalty, the trident becomes a remarkable tool, transforming the way players interact with this projectile-based weapon.

The primary and most fascinating feature of loyalty is its ability to return the trident to the player after it has been thrown. Traditionally, when a player hurls an object, it is gone forever, but loyalty changes that. With this enchantment, the trident becomes a loyal companion, returning to the player’s hand after hitting a target or solid surface, making it incredibly useful for long-range attacks or fishing in a pinch. This unique property turns the trident into a reusable weapon, reducing the need to craft or find multiple tridents, which can be challenging to obtain due to their rarity.

Moreover, loyalty adds a sense of empowerment and satisfaction to the game. Players who wield a loyalty-enchanted trident gain confidence in their ability to engage in combat or fend off hostile mobs with greater efficiency. The assurance that their weapon will always come back to them creates a bond of trust between the player and their trident, allowing for more strategic and daring gameplay.

Beyond combat, loyalty’s usefulness extends to utility purposes. Fishing becomes a breeze with this enchantment, as players can cast their trident into the water and watch it return with their catch. It opens up new possibilities for fish farming and provides an entertaining twist to the traditional fishing mechanic.

loyalty in Minecraft introduces a compelling and engaging mechanic that elevates the trident from a mere weapon to a loyal and versatile companion. Its ability to return to the player after being thrown adds convenience, strategy, and excitement to combat and utility scenarios. So, whether you’re embarking on a daring adventure or simply enjoying a peaceful fishing trip, loyalty enriches the Minecraft experience in ways that every player can appreciate.

How Many Levels Does Loyalty Have?

How Many Levels Does Loyalty Have?

Minecraft has three levels. Each level of the Loyalty enchantment increases the trident’s effectiveness and the distance it can travel before returning to the player’s hand. Here’s a breakdown of how each level affects the enchantment:

  1. Loyalty I: With Loyalty I, the trident gains the ability to return to the player’s hand after being thrown, making it a reusable projectile. It will return to the player as long as it hits a target or a solid block.

  2. Loyalty II: Loyalty II enhances the returning ability of the trident even further, allowing it to travel to greater distances while still returning to the player.
  3. Loyalty III: At Loyalty III, the trident reaches its maximum potential. It can travel even farther before returning to the player, making it an even more formidable weapon and an excellent choice for long-range combat and utility purposes.

To obtain the Loyalty enchantment, players can use an enchanting table, an anvil, or combine books with enchanted books obtained from fishing or other means. Keep in mind that enchantments are randomized, so it might take some effort and luck to get the Loyalty enchantment at the desired level for your trident. Additionally, the maximum level of enchantments and their mechanics might change with future updates to Minecraft, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest information if you’re playing a version beyond my knowledge cutoff date.

Will Loyalty Trident Return If You Go to Another Dimension?

Will Loyalty Trident Return If You Go to Another Dimension?

When you throw a Loyalty-enchanted trident in one dimension (e.g., the Overworld) and then travel to another dimension (e.g., the Nether or the End), the trident will not return to your hand. Instead, it will behave like a regular thrown trident and will stay wherever it lands.

It’s essential to be cautious when using Loyalty-enchanted tridents in different dimensions, as you might lose your valuable weapon if you’re not careful about its location after throwing it. To avoid losing your trident, either retrieve it before traveling to another dimension or use commands (if you have access to them) to teleport it back to you.

Keep in mind that Minecraft is continuously being updated, and new features or changes may have been introduced since my last update. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the latest patch notes or Minecraft community resources for any updates regarding the behavior of Loyalty-enchanted tridents in different dimensions.

Will Loyalty Trident Return if You Died?

If you throw a Loyalty-enchanted trident and then die before it returns to your hand, the trident will remain wherever it landed.

When a player dies in Minecraft, they drop all of their items on the ground, including any thrown tridents. These dropped items will be available for a limited time (usually around 5 minutes) before they despawn and disappear from the world. If you do not retrieve the Loyalty-enchanted trident within this time frame, it will be lost, and you will need to obtain or craft a new one.

It’s essential to exercise caution when using Loyalty-enchanted tridents and keep track of your trident’s location after throwing it to avoid losing it upon death. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re about to die and you’ve thrown your Loyalty-enchanted trident, try your best to retrieve it before meeting your fate, or use commands (if available) to teleport the trident back to you.

As always, please be aware that game mechanics and features in Minecraft may change with updates, so it’s a good idea to double-check for any changes in the behavior of Loyalty-enchanted tridents if you are playing a version beyond my knowledge cutoff date.

How does the Loyalty Work on Trident in Minecraft

Loyalty is an enchantment that can be applied to tridents in Minecraft. When a trident is enchanted with Loyalty, it gains a unique and useful ability related to returning to the player after being thrown.

Here’s how Loyalty works on tridents:

  1. Returning to the Player: The primary function of Loyalty is to make the trident return to the player after it is thrown. Once you throw a Loyalty-enchanted trident, it will travel through the air, and upon hitting a target (mobs, players, or certain blocks), or landing on a solid block (such as the ground or a wall), it will automatically fly back to your hand. This property effectively turns the trident into a reusable weapon, making it much more convenient than regular thrown items, which are usually lost upon use.
  2. Distance: The distance that the Loyalty-enchanted trident can travel before returning depends on the level of the enchantment. There are three levels of Loyalty: Loyalty I, Loyalty II, and Loyalty III. Each level increases the range at which the trident can be thrown while still returning to the player.
  • Loyalty I: The trident can return from a moderate distance.
  • Loyalty II: The trident can travel farther before returning.
  • Loyalty III: The trident reaches its maximum potential, allowing it to be thrown even greater distances before returning to the player.
  1. Compatibility: It’s important to note that Loyalty is mutually exclusive with the Riptide enchantment. If a trident has both Loyalty and Riptide, Riptide will take precedence, and Loyalty will not work.

Obtaining the Loyalty enchantment can be done through various means, such as enchanting tables, anvils, or combining books with enchanted books. Enchantment availability and mechanics can vary depending on the Minecraft version you are playing, so always check in-game resources or the Minecraft wiki for the most up-to-date information.

Overall, Loyalty adds a fascinating and practical mechanic to tridents, making them valuable tools for combat and utility purposes, such as retrieving distant objects or dealing with enemies from afar.

Items required for the enchantment

To enchant a trident with Loyalty in Minecraft, you will need the following items:

  1. Enchanting Table: The primary item required for enchanting is an Enchanting Table. You can craft an Enchanting Table using 4 Obsidian blocks, 2 Diamonds, and 1 Book. Place the Enchanting Table on the ground and interact with it to open the enchantment interface.
  2. Experience (XP): Enchanting requires experience points (XP). You can gain XP by various means in the game, such as mining ores, defeating mobs, smelting items, or trading with villagers.
  3. Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is the enchanting resource used to apply enchantments. You’ll need Lapis Lazuli to enchant the trident. Place Lapis Lazuli in the slot located below the three enchantment options in the enchanting table interface.
  4. Trident: Of course, you will need a trident to enchant with Loyalty. Tridents can be obtained by killing Drowned mobs, which have a chance to drop the weapon. Alternatively, you can fish for tridents in bodies of water, but this method has a much lower chance of success.

Once you have the Enchanting Table set up and the required XP and Lapis Lazuli, follow these steps to enchant a trident with Loyalty:

  1. Right-click (Java Edition) or press the respective interaction button (Bedrock Edition) on the Enchanting Table to open the enchantment interface.
  2. Place the trident in the left slot of the enchantment table interface.
  3. You will see three enchantment options on the right side of the interface. Hover over the options to see the enchantments that can be applied to the trident.
  4. If Loyalty is available as an enchantment option, select it by clicking (Java Edition) or tapping (Bedrock Edition) on the enchantment. If Loyalty is not available, you can enchant other items or enchant books to refresh the available enchantments.
  5. Once you select Loyalty, the XP cost and the number of Lapis Lazuli required will be displayed. Make sure you have enough XP and place the required amount of Lapis Lazuli in the slot.
  6. Finally, click on the enchant button (Java Edition) or tap on the enchantment option (Bedrock Edition) to enchant the trident with Loyalty.

Keep in mind that enchantments are somewhat random, and you may need to try enchanting multiple tridents to get the Loyalty enchantment at the desired level (I, II, or III).


In conclusion, Loyalty is an enchantment in Minecraft that can be applied to tridents, the powerful and versatile projectile-based weapons introduced in the aquatic-themed update. When a trident is enchanted with Loyalty, it gains a remarkable ability that sets it apart from regular thrown items: the ability to return to the player after being thrown.

Upon throwing a Loyalty-enchanted trident, it will travel through the air and hit its target or a solid block, after which it will automatically fly back to the player’s hand. This unique property transforms the trident into a loyal and reusable companion, significantly increasing its utility and convenience in combat and utility scenarios.

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