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Alien Shooter 2

Now on Android, find out what happens in the second installment of a classic alien shooting game. Aliens have begun to appear near our military base and you must unravel the mystery behind their origins while fighting against the rest of humanity for its survival. Along with old friends General Baker and Nicholas- engineer, professor, and long-time companion – you’ll take up arms against creatures bent on destroying all life across the globe.

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Alien Shooter 2 but at long last, we can now enjoy this game in multiplayer mode. Upgrade your hero and weapons to compete against other players from around the globe! You will be able to customize your character based on how you want to play and try out new techniques for yourself.

There are so many great parts about this game that it would take hours to list them all. I can tell you a few things though – they have HUNDREDS of weapons ranging from pistols to rifles, to grenade launchers! They also have an amazing story line and the graphics make it feel real – the whole thing feels real! You can download or purchase an offline version if you want but either way, it is worth it; trust me when I say Sigma Team has got you covered.

It was tough fighting these monsters – they were everywhere! And when I beat one of them in battle, they turned out to be my friend.

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