Assu Racing

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Apr 10, 2022
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Coming soon to an App Store near you! Assu Racing will bring racing and drifting to the masses, challenging drivers of all skill levels and making it easy for newcomers to join in on this new revolution. Compete against others online and rise through the ranks while mastering various skills – even if they’re not as familiar with them yet! Travel across three courses inspired by real-life locations from around the world- including Germany’s Nürburgring Circuit Nordschleife -allowing players to take their vehicles off roading or attempt high-risk jumps for those who dare. Don’t miss out on this game before it releases worldwide!

Absolute Racing

Absolute Racing
An accurate physics engine, giving me unfettered control over how my car responds to the environment. You’ll find out what it feels like when racing at speeds up to 300km/h (approx. 186mph) or just cruising through quiet side streets; feeling every bump and curb on the asphalt below your tires.


You can fulfill your dream of becoming a skilled driver by buying, tuning and customizing your own car. Become part of the thousands upon thousands of drivers all over the world that have made a decision to fight back against this epidemic!


  • Gear Ratios THAT MATTER
  • regulate the weight
  •  Reduce your torque and
    improve your HP
  • change camber

Absolute Racing

  • Absolute RacingNew exhaust, transmission and chassis
    set up the Redline RPM
  • with slippery and semi-slick tires
  • Get new wheels and colors

All of these mods will affect how your car handles or looks!

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