How to Make a Portal in Minecraft – (Vip Unlocked)

In the vast world of Minecraft, portals serve as gateways to other dimensions, offering players exciting adventures and new challenges to overcome. Whether you’re a novice player or a seasoned expert, learning how to make a portal in Minecraft is an essential skill that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Creating a portal allows you to access two primary dimensions: the Nether and the End. The Nether is a treacherous, fiery realm filled with dangerous mobs and valuable resources, while the End is the ultimate destination where the formidable Ender Dragon awaits. By mastering the art of portal construction, you can explore these dimensions and experience the game in a whole new light.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to construct and activate portals in Minecraft. You’ll learn the necessary resources you’ll need, the correct placement of blocks, and how to ignite the portal to embark on your dimensional journeys. Additionally, we’ll share tips and tricks to enhance your portal building skills and make the process smoother.

Understanding Portals in Minecraft

Portals in Minecraft are fascinating structures that allow players to travel between different dimensions within the game. These dimensions offer unique environments, challenges, and rewards, making portal creation an essential skill for any Minecraft player.

The two primary dimensions accessible through portals are the Nether and the End. The Nether is a dangerous and inhospitable realm filled with lava lakes, treacherous terrain, and hostile mobs. It is known for its valuable resources, such as Nether quartz, glowstone, and Nether fortresses. On the other hand, the End is a mysterious and otherworldly dimension that serves as the home of the formidable Ender Dragon, the game’s final boss.

To access these dimensions, players must construct and activate portals using specific resources. The Nether portal requires obsidian, a durable and dark purple block, while the End portal relies on activating a stronghold’s End Portal using Ender Eyes.

Portals are constructed by arranging blocks in specific patterns and sizes. For example, the Nether portal requires a rectangular frame made of obsidian, with dimensions of at least four blocks wide and five blocks tall. The corners can be left open, but the frame must be complete for the portal to function correctly.

Once constructed, portals need to be activated to transport players to the desired dimension. This is typically done by igniting the portal using flint and steel, creating a swirling vortex of purple particles. Stepping through the activated portal will then transport the player to the corresponding dimension.

Gathering the Necessary Resources

  1. Obsidian: Obsidian is the primary material used to construct portals. It is a dark, durable block that can be obtained by mining it with a diamond or netherite pickaxe. To mine obsidian, you’ll need to find a natural source, such as lava pools or generated structures like Nether fortresses. Each portal requires a minimum of ten obsidian blocks.

  2. Diamond Pickaxe: To mine obsidian, you’ll need a diamond pickaxe or a netherite pickaxe, as they are the only tools capable of breaking obsidian blocks. If you don’t have a diamond pickaxe yet, you’ll need to mine diamonds and craft one using sticks and diamonds.

  3. Flint and Steel: Flint and steel are necessary to activate the portal once it’s constructed. Flint is obtained by breaking gravel blocks, and steel is crafted by combining an iron ingot and flint. Once you have both materials, you can craft flint and steel by placing them in the crafting table.

  4. Ender Pearls (for End Portals): If you plan to create an End portal to access the End dimension, you’ll need ender pearls. Ender pearls are dropped by Endermen when defeated or can be found in stronghold chests. These pearls are used to craft Eye of Enders, which are necessary to locate and activate the End portal.

Ensure that you have a sufficient quantity of these resources before attempting to build your portal. Exploring caves, mining, and trading with villagers are effective ways to acquire the required materials.

Constructing the Nether Portal

Now that you have gathered the necessary resources, it’s time to construct your Nether portal. Follow these step-by-step instructions to build a functioning portal:

  1. Choose a Location: Select a suitable location for your Nether portal. It can be built anywhere in the Overworld, but it’s often convenient to construct it near your base for easy access.

  2. Gather Obsidian: Ensure you have at least ten obsidian blocks. If you don’t have enough, mine more using a diamond or netherite pickaxe. Remember that obsidian blocks can be found near lava lakes or in generated structures like Nether fortresses.

  3. Plan the Portal Size: Decide on the dimensions of your Nether portal. It should be a rectangular frame, at least four blocks wide and five blocks tall. You can leave the corners of the frame open.

  4. Construct the Frame: Begin building the portal frame by placing the obsidian blocks in the desired shape and size. Use your pickaxe to break and collect any blocks mistakenly placed.

  5. Verify Frame Integrity: Double-check that the portal frame is complete and has the correct dimensions. Missing or incorrect blocks can prevent the portal from functioning correctly.

  6. Activate the Portal: To activate the Nether portal, you need flint and steel. Hold the flint and steel in your hand and right-click on the inside of the portal frame. This action will ignite the portal, creating a swirling vortex of purple particles.

  7. Enter the Portal: Once the portal is activated, step through it to enter the Nether. You’ll be transported to the dangerous and challenging Nether dimension.

You have successfully constructed and activated your Nether portal. Now you’re ready to explore the treacherous landscapes, gather valuable resources, and encounter unique mobs in the Nether.

Remember, portals provide a two-way connection, so when you’re ready to return to the Overworld, simply step back into the Nether portal. Keep in mind that the portal’s exit point in the Overworld may not be in the same location as the entrance, so be prepared for a potentially different destination.

Activating the Nether Portal

Now that you have successfully constructed your Nether portal, it’s time to activate it and venture into the dangerous realm of the Nether. Follow these steps to activate your portal:

  1. Obtain Flint and Steel: Ensure you have a flint and steel in your inventory. If you don’t have one, craft it by placing an iron ingot in the center of the crafting table grid and flint above it. This will create a flint and steel item.

  2. Position Yourself: Stand in front of the Nether portal, facing the opening.
  3. Ignite the Portal: With the flint and steel selected in your hotbar, right-click on any block within the portal frame. This action will create a spark, igniting the portal.

  4. Observe Activation: As the portal ignites, you will notice a swirling vortex of purple particles emanating from the portal blocks. This visual cue confirms that the portal is successfully activated.

  5. Step into the Portal: Once the portal is active, step forward into the swirling purple gateway. You will be instantly transported to the Nether dimension.

 You have now activated your Nether portal and entered the perilous realm of the Nether. Be prepared for the hostile environment, dangerous mobs, and valuable resources that await you.

Remember, the Nether can be a challenging place, so ensure you have adequate supplies and gear before entering. It’s also wise to mark the location of your Nether portal in the Overworld to easily find your way back.

To return to the Overworld from the Nether, simply step into the portal in the Nether. It will transport you back to the corresponding portal in the Overworld, allowing you to continue your Minecraft adventure.

With your portal activated, explore the Nether’s unique terrain, gather rare resources like Nether quartz and glowstone, and uncover the secrets that lie within this treacherous dimension. May your travels be fruitful and your journey in Minecraft be filled with thrilling experiences!

Exploring the End Dimension

After conquering the Nether, it’s time to set your sights on the End dimension, home to the mighty Ender Dragon. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to explore the End dimension in Minecraft:

  1. Obtain Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder: Before accessing the End, you’ll need to gather Ender Pearls dropped by Endermen and Blaze Powder from Blazes in the Nether. Combine an Ender Pearl with Blaze Powder to create an Eye of Ender.

  2. Locate a Stronghold: Eyes of Ender can be used to locate strongholds in the Overworld. Throw an Eye of Ender into the air, and it will lead you towards the nearest stronghold. Follow the trajectory and throw additional Eyes of Ender until you reach the stronghold.

  3. Activate the End Portal: Strongholds contain an End Portal, usually found in a room known as the End Portal Room. Place Eyes of Ender into each of the End Portal Frame blocks until all are filled. This will activate the portal.

  4. Prepare for Battle: Before entering the End, make sure you’re equipped with essential items. Bring weapons, armor, plenty of food, blocks for building, and a bow and arrows for ranged attacks. Also, consider brewing potions for added protection.

  5. Enter the End: Once the End Portal is activated, step into it to be transported to the End dimension. Be prepared for a challenging and dangerous encounter with the Ender Dragon.

  6. Defeat the Ender Dragon: The primary objective in the End dimension is to defeat the Ender Dragon. Destroy the Ender Crystals on top of obsidian pillars to remove the Ender Dragon’s healing ability. Use ranged attacks with a bow or melee attacks with a sword to damage the dragon when it swoops down.

  7. Retrieve the Dragon Egg: After defeating the Ender Dragon, it will drop a Dragon Egg. Collect the egg by breaking the block beneath it with a pickaxe. Place a torch underneath it to prevent it from falling into the void.

  8. Explore the End Cities: In the outer End islands, you’ll find End Cities, which contain valuable loot and unique blocks like Purpur. Use Ender Pearls or Elytra (obtained from the End Cities) to navigate between islands and explore these cities for rare treasures.

  9. Return to the Overworld: When you’re ready to leave the End, enter the End Portal once again. It will transport you back to the Overworld near your original stronghold.

Exploring the End dimension is a thrilling experience, but be cautious as the Ender Dragon and End mobs pose significant challenges. Prepare yourself with the right gear, strategy, and determination to emerge victorious and claim the rewards that await you. Good luck, brave adventurer!

Tips and Tricks for Portal Building

Building portals in Minecraft can be an exciting and creative endeavor. To enhance your portal-building skills and streamline the process, here are some valuable tips and tricks to consider:

  1. Efficiency in Gathering Obsidian: Mining obsidian can be time-consuming, but there are ways to make it more efficient. Look for lava lakes at lower levels in caves, as they often have exposed obsidian. Bring a bucket of water to create obsidian instantly by pouring water over a lava source block.

  2. Utilize Enchantments: Enchanting your diamond pickaxe with Efficiency and Unbreaking enchantments can significantly speed up the mining process and extend the tool’s durability. This will make gathering obsidian more efficient and save resources in the long run.

  3. Plan Portal Placement: Choose a location for your portal wisely. Consider accessibility, proximity to your base, and the surrounding environment. Building it near your home or a landmark can help you find your way back easily.

  4. Creative Portal Designs: Don’t limit yourself to a basic rectangular portal frame. Experiment with different shapes and designs using various block combinations. You can create circular, spiral, or even themed portals to add aesthetic appeal to your Minecraft world.

  5. Nether Portal Linking: If you have multiple portals in the Overworld, it’s essential to link them correctly to their corresponding Nether portals. Divide the coordinates of the Overworld portal by eight to get the approximate coordinates of the corresponding Nether portal. This ensures you end up in the desired location.

  6. Secure Nether Portal Exits: In the Nether, it’s common to encounter dangerous environments near portal exits, such as lava lakes or cliffs. Build a secure structure around your Nether portal exit in the Overworld to prevent accidents when returning.

  7. Coordinate System: Consider using a coordinate system to mark the locations of your portals and important landmarks. This will make navigation and finding specific portals much easier, especially when you have multiple portals or a vast Minecraft world.

  8. Keep Extra Flint and Steel: Flint and steel can break, especially if you accidentally set fire to flammable blocks. Always keep an extra flint and steel in your inventory or storage to avoid being stranded without a way to activate or reactivate your portal.

By applying these tips and tricks, you can enhance your portal building skills, streamline your Minecraft experience, and create visually stunning portals. Enjoy the process of constructing portals and the adventures that await you in different dimensions.


Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of our comprehensive guide on how to make a portal in Minecraft. By following the step-by-step instructions, gathering the necessary resources, and activating the portals, you now have the power to explore exciting dimensions and embark on thrilling adventures.

Whether you’re delving into the treacherous Nether or facing off against the mighty Ender Dragon in the End, portals serve as gateways to new challenges, valuable resources, and unique experiences. They add depth and excitement to your Minecraft gameplay, allowing you to push the boundaries of your creativity and imagination.

Remember, portal building is not just a practical skill; it’s also an opportunity for artistic expression. Feel free to experiment with different portal designs, materials, and shapes to create visually stunning structures that enhance the beauty of your Minecraft world.

As you continue your Minecraft journey, keep in mind the tips and tricks we shared to improve your portal-building efficiency and navigation. From gathering obsidian effectively to marking coordinates and securing portal exits, these insights will make your adventures smoother and more enjoyable.

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