Counter Attack 1.2.39

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Counter Attack 1.2.39

10 players on an Offline Multiplayer Online Counter-Action version of popular games with bots. There are 3 different modes including Defusing Bombs, Death Match, and Gun Games where top-level users can win monthly or weekly prizes. Plus there is a player leveling system that unlocks perks such as improved damage and weapon skill levels when certain milestones are met. If you’re having trouble finding opponents online, then this game is perfect for you!

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The game had an extensive selection of guns for all occasions. You could even customize it to fit your needs! The controls are easy and simple, making you feel like a pro at first go. Not to mention the customizability and variety when it came to weapons. There were different kinds of knives too – some more standard than others. My favorite was the butterfly knife due to its swiftness in killing my targets – often multiple ones at once if I could manage it.

Counter-attack, AK47, M4A1 pistol: Glock, USP, Tec Magnum and Scout French Assault. AUG & SG556 Sniper rifles: Molotov Cocktails/ Frag Grenades/Smoke Grenades /Flash Grenades/Grenade Launchers. Kevlar, Disarm Kit and different gloves; all weapon attachable are supported. Silencers are allowed on every gun (each gun has its own silencer). There is also a kill track cloud server for each player as well as other languages such as English (default), Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Bulgarian, and German language support; if you’re feeling especially patriotic then there’s also French (default), Italian or Spanish languages too!

Counter Attack, if you find a bug please contact us via social networks or use our support email. our community:Public Discord Chat – – –


Install the “APK” app on your device.
Copy the folder starting with “com” into “android/obb” if it exists.
Installation is complete. You can enter the game

Google Play Link.

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