CyberSphere 2.0.6

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CyberSphere 2.0.6

Plot: Mankind is under attack from three fronts – Aliens, Robots and Cyborgs! Cyber-sphere are the only defense against these alien forces. You can use these missiles or some of other different weaponry at your disposal to fend off incoming enemies. However, don’t forget about camoflauge and explosives too when it comes time for battle.

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Fight alone or join forces with other pilots in the updated multiplayer version of coop! good luck! Civilization as we know it depends on you. Key Features Given that slick futuristic 3D graphics, that makes a game feel like reality. Two camera versions – third person perspective above, o Features from and rely only on theapocalypse o you to avoid it.

CyberSphere is a cross-platform multiplayer LAN Wi-Fi game where you can challenge up to 6 people on either an iOS or Android device. You don’t need an internet connection for the offline mode, so if you’re stuck somewhere, there are no limitations to what you can do! Join friends online at Friends SITE, where they’ll join forces and increase power in COOP VIRTUAL BRAWL. Discover who is the best pilot and come back victorious from PVP DEATHMATCH GAME VERSION. No matter which mode of gameplay suits your fancy – there’s something for everyone! (30+ MORE DEADLY WEAPONS LATER).

CyberSphere supports all types of drones, but there are a few different ways to play – use artificial intelligence (AI) for controlling these protectors. There are many different characters with unique abilities. You can also manage futuristic tanks, mechs, cyborgs and soldiers! It’s easy to control them too because it has an intuitive on-screen interface with buttons for all the commands necessary for this kind of army management game. This way you’ll be able to dominate in both single player modes or online battles which rank among one of the best players in the world from anywhere around the globe.

Robots, aliens and cyborgs. A small installation size of less than 50 megabytes. A variety of monsters – there are over 50! You can’t relax for a single second because this third person action shooting game is very different from Sci-Fi ones like Star Wars or Mass Effect. This time it’s set in a top down view so you’re never safe while fighting off hordes at once. Time to board the spaceship!


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