Fishing Mobile

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Jul 5, 2022
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Fishing Mobile ® is an unprecedented fishing simulation game where players can fish from the comfort of their own homes and make friends from around the world! You pick your lure, cast it into the water for up to 2 hours at a time, and then retrieve it when you decide it’s time. If successful, you will have caught your trophy fish just like in real life – without even having to leave your couch!

Fishing Mobile is FREE and all you need to do is click on the app! It offers amazing graphics, sound effects of waves crashing against a boat, physics that are similar to those of real-life fishing gear, and artificial intelligence (AI) which allows the fish to behave realistically. This means it feels like you’re actually fishing – not just playing a game with fake fish.

Fishing Mobile

Fishing Mobile

Unique graphics mixed with realistic sports physics and detailed AI create an immersive experience for those who love fishing.

Important options:

  • More than one hundred different species of fish, each with a unique personality and individualized artificial intelligence.
  • 17 pure streams with a variety of atmospheres, ranging from dry and hot to humid and wet.
  • Three kinds of fish – swimming, rotating, and even backwards.
  • There are hundreds of combinations of equipment with different physical and hydrodynamic properties.
  • Three distinct motorboats: steel boats, rubber boats, and bass boats. They are distinguished by their size, shape, weight, and speed- all of which make them uniquely different from each other.

Fishing Mobile

Fishing Mobile

  • My lovely water graphics are always changing due to the fact that they’re so dynamic. They change depending on whether or not it’s windy, or if there are waves crashing against them- they also change depending on how deep they go down or how high up they get pushed back out of the way.
  • Forecast: Day/evening forecast changes from time to time. Every week there is a new weather pattern for an entirely different climate situation (rain, fog, sunny day).
  • Multiplayer Capability – Play competitively with friends or others from all over the world. You can also create an online tournament among a small group of players or even compete against crews of other gamers.

What makes us completely different:

  • There are many variables that can change depending on the season, location, time of day, how fast the water is flowing, backside contour and type (shade or open), temperature of both air and water, and wind speed. But there is an intricate AI system for fish behavior related to all these things. The response you’ll see from each type of fish would be beautiful without exception while also being unique in regards to the properties of baits they attack with such characteristics accordingly.
  • Fishing Mobile Photorealistic graphics – using the latest high-end instruments for the final photorealism: photogrammetry, all waterways are mainly based on an actual location.
  • An authentic sports physics system combined with realistic fishing-tackle damage – different items are damaged uniquely depending on their individual characteristics. Precise lifelike aerodynamics and hydrodynamic settings for lure casting and retrieval make this game so special.
  • Dynamic Water Graphics – Splashes, ripples, and ripples in the water create an environment of true sensitivity for fishermen.
  • Climate changes – A shift in what is happening based on where you are, how it feels at certain times of the year, and when it’s occurring. Suddenly being showered with rainfall or experiencing light peeking through the clouds.


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