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GTA 5 Mobile: Call of Duty Mobile Game is currently in closed Alpha testing and only a limited amount of people are able to test this game. There are many screenshots showing what players will see when they play the game, but it seems like there isn’t much known about the contents of this game yet.

The game is a direct port of its source material with no changes made to the original aspects such as the Field Upgrades, Cash System, Loot System, Health System and Death Series. It also includes Kill Cameras which are activated when you die or after completing an objective – providing you with perspective from both from being alive and dead perspectives.

The loading system is not finished at the moment, and intercepting air cargo provides nothing more than a basic weapon. Most likely, it will be updated as you go through the testing stages. The charts are currently expected to be weak and cannot be adjusted. This is expected at the early stages of development of any mobile game alpha. The graphics will improve significantly at launch when we add additional features such as 3D character models for all bosses!

GTA 5 Mobile Extreme: The map is the original Verdansk but with 150 players instead of 100. There is no change of scenery among the weapons detected so far which includes X16, AX50, M4A1, MP5, AUG, Dec 860 shotgun and RAALMG (although some have different names). In addition to these there’s a new sniper rifle that has not been seen in the original GTA 5 Mod game which probably means it will only be exclusive content for mobile devices.

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