Head Basketball 2.2.0

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Head Basketball 2.2.0

From Korea’s fiery shooter to England’s majestic sea captain! Take part in this wild basketball game with characters who have unique talents such as shooting fire or throwing ghosts! Decorate your favorite players with wacky outfits and create them the way you want to make an unbeatable team.

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Don’t miss out on playing against other players or friends across the world! There are 37 different playable characters and each character has their own talent shot. There are 6 different game modes, with all kinds of varied experiences; including arcade mode, campaign mode, tournament mode, survival mode, League Mode, and Death Mode. Unique costumes will also be provided for every piece of clothing from head to toe if you are not happy with what you have currently been given.

You can play against other people from all over the world through this game! The game uses a realistic motion system due to its use of physics. You can also use Google Play services for ranking purposes and store data in your cloud if you want to. If you want to post it on Facebook for other platforms or competitions, there is also an option for that!

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