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& Mining Simulator apk

A simulation game simulates mining equipment and farming equipment for you. This game offers excavation missions, street construction missions, tunnel building missions, house constructing tasks and bridges creating missions.

Growing up to be the King of my own destiny- An enjoyable journey

& Mining Simulator

& Mining Simulator

Accessible Cars:
Loader simulator, excavator simulator, dump truck simulator, truck simulator, Lowbed simulator, Bagger simulator, Curler simulator, Grader simulator, Dozer simulator; all are games which allow you to experience what it feels like to do various tasks using the machines.

Heavy Machines & Mining Simulator

Fashion in the form of real cars

Strikingly real-looking map designs

The physics of a truly real-looking car
Realistic-sounding sounds
What Makes a Smart Visitor
Challenging roads, some of which were dirt and others were paved highways
Completely different climate conditions
Map and job ranges
The game offers stunning visuals and excellent performance

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