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26 May 2022
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Life Trade Build your personal grocery store, customize your retailer, buy new instruments and equipment, take care of the financial system, buy and promote more than 100 different goods. Develop and create your own success story; start at the bottom with just an empty business or even one you’ve inherited! Open up a shop for yourself – work hard enough to see it thrive beyond anything imaginable. You are free to make it as big or small as you want.

Life Trade

Life Trade

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  • More than a hundred completely different gadgets can be found at the participant’s store
  • Furnishings, appliances, and other items such as… can be customized to suit your individual needs when you purchase them.
  • TV or going to other places
  • Billing System
  • Dynamic Price System: Prices change daily
  • The financial systems, debit cards, credit scores, ATMs (Automatic Teller Machine) and bank cards were all mentioned.
  • The participant should buy and use a mobile phone or laptop
  • The store shelves will be restocked.
  • Hunger, exhaustion, and air pollution; are just some of the obstacles that we must survive.
  • Negative reinforcement system: If the participant does not eat, does not bathe – they will get sick.

Life Trade

Life Trade

  • There are many retail stores in this metropolitan city and one can work together to shop from them.
  • There are many different options and features available for you to customize your store.
  • Your employees in your store.
  • Cars are useful for transporting items or large loads of weight from one place to another.
  • Cars need gas, oil and repairs, so a car dealership may exist somewhere in the metropolis.
  • You should purchase items from stores: stringed instruments, food and beverages, oils, and more than fifty other items.
  • More corporate and attention-grabbing places where you can work alongside others in order to increase the amount of money coming into your business instead of having to manage it all on your own.
  • Electronic devices that the customer can buy and then sell back at the store.
  • A farm where the participant can buy an animal and feed them all day long.
  • TV can be used to watch video content over the internet for sports

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