Motor Racer

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8 May 2022
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Motor Racer Cafe Racer Penguin Soft presents Café racer, an easy yet addictive game where you can enjoy endless bike racing, distinctively low poly graphics, and crazy customizations that make this game one of a kind. Different from many other games in the market, this game does not make use of timers or fuel rods which are usually restrictive for some players. With realistic rendering first-person perspective and a simplified world that focuses on what really matters – motorbike riding – this game will keep you occupied for hours without breaking out of the zone.

Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer

Ride your bike on one-way or two-ways roads, switching interval-to-interval filters that change realistically depending on where you are (rural roads to deserts). There are no perfect low poly elements, but you can choose from different bikes, ranging from small 125cc single-cylinder bikes to high-performance quad-, boxer-, and inline twin engines. Customize your bike however you want; swapping out anything from handles bars and mirrors to exhausts and tires. Then paint it any color combination you choose – even painting the body! If it doesn’t work out then keep trying until it does until something clicks. Share your creations when finished for a chance at fame within this community of creators.

 Cafe Racer – unlimited racing of a special kind

Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer


  • Engine Racer offers five control modes: Tilt, swipe, touch, and gamepad management.
  • Use the up arrow to accelerate and use the down arrow key to brake.
  • Pressing the middle edge of the screen allows you to search


  • The higher your speed, the higher your total score will be.
  • Passes for long-distance trips give other bonus factors
  • Three problem areas – the higher the risk, the greater the reward
  • Explore new routes to try something new and exciting! The information you need is right at your fingertips!
  • Try to maintain contact with those who heard your call for help. There are people coming towards you from behind and it looks like they could be

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