My Talking Angela

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My Talking Angela

Explore the world with Talking Angela and customize her version, hair, makeup, and house – all while playing this addictive cute mini-game. Already with over 165 million downloads… don’t miss out on the fun! Adopt Baby AngelaAdopt Angela as your very own virtual pet and give her a fabulous life! Help the stylish city grow into a kitten. Brushing your teeth for clothes shopping – it’s all yours! CareMake Angela your own superstar look differently! Feed him, feed him sing, delicious treats. Watch – you will be his current best friend!

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You can experience the beauty of Angela all over again by making sure she looks stylish in every way possible. Change her hairstyles, change up her makeup and clothes – it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing because with thousands of different combinations there are millions of options for anyone looking for a change. Choose from an incredible selection of new clothes or select from your favorite dress-up outfits from previous games such as ballerina, ninja, or even just cute everyday wear! No matter what version you choose to recreate, I’m sure you’ll love how fashionable it makes you feel.

PLAY MINI GAMESThe newest and greatest mini-games are out now. Shooter- Bubble Happy Connect… And More! With each update comes something new! Like exclusive outfits, levels, and of course stickers to collect. I want this app because it is PRIVO Approved and safe for kids ages 3+. It also features Outfit7s COPPA-compliant privacy practices which include protecting your child’s personal information so they can’t share it with anyone outside of the game.

– Promotion from Outfit7 Productions and Contextual Advertising – Other Apps from Outfit7 Web for Directly Connected Users – Ability to Replay the App for Persuaded Users for Personalization Content and Watch Social Networks Via Friends with Connect In-App Purchase for YouTube Integration Option Via Outfit7 Animated Characters.

-Different alternative options to gain access without paying for anything on my Android 1. How do I transfer game progress from one device to another?

Before uninstalling My Talking Angela on your old phone, log into your Google account to save progress. In the application settings, download and install it onto the new device. Once installed, sign back into your Google account and continue where you left off. It is also possible to transfer progress between phones by using the same Google account information!

How to prevent accidental purchases in My Talking Angela? Adding a password seems like the best option. Some devices require passwords when making a purchase. If your device doesn’t need one, set it by yourself. On Google Play – Menu – Settings – User Controls, enter the password. Other similar games include my Talking Tom nbsp; .My Talking Tom, Talking Tom Bubble Shooter and Talkng Tom Jetski. These are some exciting games while talking with Angela and her followers (fans).

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