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Jan 17, 2022
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Shift Car Shifted – an upcoming cellular unit racing game. Development was temporarily stopped due to lack of funds. More than fifty different cars ranging from classic to modern with Japanese tuning history. Luxury sedans and sports cars let players finally become true drifters without even stepping outside the comfort of their homes.

Shifted: No Sleep Go Drift

Shifted: No Sleep Go Drift

Unusually amazing stories are often told about the world around me. With so many different races and racetracks, it’s easy for someone like me to come up with unique strategies in order to achieve victory. There is also a mode where players can roam freely without any worry about other opponents or obstructions; allowing them to explore at their own pace. Not only does this type of racing give people new experiences but it also enables them to unlock new cars and tuning options which all cost valuable cash earned from successfully completing objectives- one way or another.

DRIFT EVENT: In order to progress through the game faster and unlock new cars earlier, try aiming your skills at all available race opportunities. There are five different tracks with diverse landscapes and many routes waiting for you if you are skilled enough to conquer them all. If you are quick-witted and have an incredible degree of sight, then earning large rewards will come easily to you.

Shifted: No Sleep Go Drift

Shifted: No Sleep Go Drift

CARS: Our goal is to provide you with the thrill and excitement of driving on the streets at night. We offer classic sedans, sleek coupes, and street racing legends from all over the world – even luxury limousines! Every car has its own unique setting so you can find one that suits your style best. In addition, expect us to soon release a full list of features for each car as well as more information about it – like what type of engine it has or what color it comes in – because when it comes down to safety and security we always want you to know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase one.

AUTOTUNING: Modify your car’s speed and performance by changing various aspects such as its weight, mass, engine size, and drift angle while providing an improved handling capability. Suspension Upgrade will allow you to go below stock size without sacrificing any speed or control. With over 60 customization options for rims alone – plenty of colors, livery options and spoilers – it’ll be hard to find another game that lets players customize their cars as much!

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