Strike Back 2.6

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Strike Back 2.6

Welcome to the most satisfying first person shooter you’ll ever play on mobile or tablet! With weapons ranging from assault rifles, machine guns, and snipers – this game will give you everything you need to feel like a powerful warrior. More than 300 missions are waiting

– go ahead and see what you can do with these high-tech weapons of destruction in order to survive through the waves of monstrous enemies waiting for us beyond the horizon. There is no time to waste when there are so many monsters who want nothing more than your death; it’s up to us now to be strong enough not only for ourselves but also for those around us who depend upon us.

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Strike back or act as a stealthy assassin, use the landscape to your advantage and choose shooting targets wisely. There are many options when it comes to which type of soldier you want to play as: an assault specialist, commando, heavy weapons expert – the possibilities are endless! You may even want to fulfill your patriotic duty to the motherland and take up arms against foreign invaders making their way deep inside its borders. The only rule is that there are no rules- what matters most is whether you’re willing to give everything for victory

Assault: Basic enemy, use assault rifle. Machine: Armed Enemy – throws grenades and has a lot of HP. Sniper: Armed with sniper rifle – Attacks enemies from afar while they are out of range and can pick them off with the rocket launcher skill; this class is ideal for I want to be awesome style players who love variety in game play.

Strike Back uses an assault rifle as well as healing abilities and mates for themselves. Drone: flying robot with a machine gun for attacking enemies from above. Canon: Robots that use automatic machine guns . Creature carrying crab: dies when they explode; prone to destroying enemies and their own lives alike via deadly bombs. Numerous bosses participate in the War Zone . It is all going to be a big Crisis Invasion.

Your mission shall be to BUILD THE BRAVE ALLIANCE. An ELITE FORCE, after completing missions you can rescue, recruit and partner up with other members for future duties and battles against the current invasion of foreign forces.

Soldier Hank: a soldier who specializes in using an assault rifle and can throw grenades. Soldier Jimmy: another soldier who specializes in using a machine gun. They are both very skilled, but they have different types of guns; one is good at attacking ground or air targets while the other is only good at attacking ground-level enemies.

(Ability: Restore HP for all team member)As a Healing Expert- Soldier Lena commands you to use the RPG Sniper Rifle To shoot at enemy forces and provide cover fire during crucial moments of battle. You are required to create strategic alliances with other people so that we can destroy them during times of War Against each other while also doing competitions in order to either gain more strength or prove our skills as Soldiers.

Strike back! The latest development in modern warfare is to attack the enemy and destroy their firepower. This deadly arsenal includes a specific weapon battle zone, command center, sniper rifles for killing from afar, and assault rifles to storm the frontline with machine guns or concealed weapons for our most elite forces.

To help aid your fight in combat, a variety of weapons including grenades, RPGs, and even handheld telephones can be found throughout the battlefield. Your arsenal will be strong if you’re an assassin or soldier. You can find powerful firearms like the Handguns or Machine Guns – no matter what method of fighting suits your playstyle. Remember to always bring along at least one firearm just in case! This is especially important for those who venture out onto battlefronts alone. One of the most rewarding parts about playing this game is discovering new areas where many rewards await both PvE players and PvP players alike!

This is a really dangerous Crisis Invasion. Let’s work together with Jones and beat the enemies, do hard missions to stem their progress. They might be winning now but we can make it seem like they never even tried !!!!

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