Tiles Hop – Beat Hopper 3.2.2

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Tiles Hop – Beat Hopper 3.2.2

Do you find yourself bored and lonely when you’re home full time?? There’s no need to stay in one spot any longer than necessary. Get hopping with Tiles Hop – Beat Hopper now! Spend some quality time challenging your friends to see who can beat the top score or jump-start your playlist with new music from different genres like Piano, Rock, or even EDM masterpieces.

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You’ll love this game – it’s Erosion Rush! The goal of the game is to keep your ball bouncing on these tiles while avoiding missing them. If you manage to successfully complete each level, then you get an even higher score. You can also create playlists with all of your favorite songs that match up so nicely to this type of fast-paced style too, which adds another layer of fun and challenge to gameplay.

Listen to the magical rhythm, follow it and use your musical reflexes to guide the ball towards the tiles. Don’t touch! This is not a game of Tap. Don’t forget to create insane combinations and beat your friends’ score! Take advantage of hit songs and heresies while they’re still relevant with this addicting new app- available now on all mobile devices!

-With one-touch controls, this game is an easy way to unwind from day-to-day life. But don’t let its simplicity fool you – it has an amazing soundtrack with over 30 tracks of wonderfully relaxing music for every mood or taste.

– 20 different backgrounds with new updates – Collect amazing dance skins – Compete against your friends and challenge them – Compare the ranking of players across the world.

Join up with Facebook and sync your progress across all of your devices. Bounce off the lively music tiles, vibe to the rhythm of the beats, and hop as many times as you can in this free addictive game now!

Tiles Hop – Beat Hopper In this game, you’ll never be bored again. Download Tiles Hop: EROSION Rush! for free now to make music-making an enjoyable experience again.

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