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Aug 1, 2022
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Descenders Mobile is an over-the-top game of hills, with procedurally generated worlds and where mistakes have real consequences. Can you ascend to glory, leading your team to victory and becoming a legend?


  • Descenders- mobile procedurally generated worlds: Make completely different jumps, slopes, and hill bombs in every game
  • Freestyle bike control: Control your rider’s every smooth and calculated movement with a detailed physics system for beginners or advanced riders
  • Reward for Risk: Horsemen delivered at high score and combo thresholds – but they will be lost if you’re unlucky enough to fall from the bike too many times
  • Create your representative: A fully-featured online representation system means you can show off the prizes you’ve earned, and win new bikes and ropes
  • Abseiling down the side of a mountain is not for amateurs. You need to practice, endure pain and risk your life before you can earn the right to call yourself an abseiler – let alone one who could be considered elite.


In Descenders, your workforce is what shapes you. Alongside other gamers who choose the same character as you, you progress through the levels until you become an unstoppable force of nature tearing through all those foolish enough to stand in your way.

Get your bike, choose your workforce and work at being the legend of your descender. Are you going to be a part of the powerful, difficult, crazy ranks of Workforce Enemy, the competent off-road types of Workforce Arboreal, or if you prefer it rough then forget about the high-octane speed and go for Workforce Kinetic?

  • The Rewritten Passage must have the same meaning and length as the original Passage.
  • Your representative factors go to the full representation of your workforce and get them onto work, and then back off work again.

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