Magas Drive

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Magas Drive is a game where you work as an owner of a construction and transportation company. You’ll have to buy, build, transfer and grow your business in this detailed world. Currently it is available on the Google Play Store and App Store for mobile devices.

Magas Drive

Driving Simulator 2020 has it all! From construction to transportation and rescue- buy, drive, and work with cars of every size imaginable. Build small buildings or even huge ones- anything you want really! There are tons of fun challenges for you too: transport goods from one place to another using the most unconventional means possible; use heavy machinery such as cranes and other equipment without fail; and save people who need rescuing!

Select from five completely different modes to finish easy and complicated tasks, receive a reward, and grow your car fleet adequately. You are able to roam around freely and explore the vast, detailed metropolis in each of your cars. Follow the laws and traffic lights but make sure you top off when running low on fuel at one of the gas stations scattered about the city if necessary.

Magas Drive

Magas Drive


  • Treat Your Personal Company
  • 7 modes are to choose from
  • Enormous detail
  • Tagging System
  • Various shapes of vans, trailers, and construction vehicles
  • automatische Anpassung
  • Interior view of every automobile
  • Automotive Gasoline System
  • Kranz Kranich
  • Dynamically adjusting Artificial Intelligence (AI) Site Visitors’ and Site Visitors’ Lighting System
  • There are 4 very different ways of managing a company.

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