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Mobile Royale MMORPG Build a Strategy for Battle

Join the never-ending medieval warfare and risk everything to become a true Warrior! Every lord wants power and control over every kingdom – will you be willing to fight for it? Conquer your opponents mercilessly in battle, strategize, and prove yourself worthy of being taken seriously.

If you want glory joins the ongoing Medieval Warfare now available for free download on Mobile Royale – a real-time global 3D game made just for those people who love Strategy Warfare Games. Battle alongside other Warriors from around the world or against them if that’s more up your alley; do whatever it takes to show everyone who is in charge!

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Mobile Royal: an MMORPG with countless possibilities. Build your city and trade with other clans, create an army of troops from various classes of fighters, join one of many guilds or even make alliances to participate in exhilarating battles. But don’t forget about building up your own personal village – just like a castle builder! Take a look at the world around you; it’s full of fantastic creatures for battle! You can engage in all sorts of RTS multiplayer online war games such as fighting dragons or wyverns to take down opponents wherever they hide.


Install the “APK” app on your device.
Copy the folder that starts with “com” in Data to “android/obb”.
Installation is complete. You can enter the game.

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