Rumble Stars Football

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Rumble Stars Football

Seek mastery over all explosive multiplayer soccer games and strive for an easy but difficult gameplay experience with insane physics to learn. Try new team compositions in this action packed real time PvP football game! Masterful positioning of your slingshot rumblers, combine strategies using timing and build to make some serious goals while dodging the other teams’ attacks! Utilizing the power of upgrades, you’ll aim for a top spot on world rankings and destroy everything in sight.

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It was 3rd quarter when Evan intercepted the ball and threw it through some defensive players to score a touchdown. He held his head up high as he walked off the field with pride, knowing he made good plays for his team. Suddenly he heard someone calling his name from behind him so he turned around and it was Jake who was one of his teammates.

Jake shook Evan’s hand firmly then slapped him on the shoulder before giving Evan a high five with both hands. Well done! said Jake with a smile before walking back onto the field.

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