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Slap Kings Description

There are two ways to play Slap – this game has no name: one way is where you just lightly tap each other’s hands, while another way is when you hit hard enough that they fly out of the playing arena. The harder and faster you swipe your hand at them, the more likely it will be for them to go flying into outer space. But which one do you choose? In order for someone else to take home first place- watch for their face and never miss a chance!

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Would you like to see what it feels like to have the power of fire at your fingertips? Simple yet deep gameplay provides hours of fun. Playful characters are waiting for a good ol’ royal slap in the face! This time around, it’s time to beat out those other players and become the true king of slaps!

Game Features:

  1. Simple and addicting mechanics The meters will go back and forth for maximum power at the perfect moment!
  2. TFarklie3 had so many fun characters that challenged me to find out which one was the most skilled slapper. With every hit of their weapon they would gain power, even when they were attacking other players. I was stuck on a level for awhile but then made it through because my boss’s character helped me through it!
  3. Power up with limited-time boosts! The defensive helmet will guard you against any attack, and allow you to use your sword for longer periods of time.
  4. I am going to relax, have a little bit of fun and show people what it means to be the king.

Whether you want to tap, tap away, tap like there’s no tomorrow- Slap Kings is the slap game made just for you. Want something new? Visit our website at Lion Studios Contact Us page and let us know what we can do better! Feel free to send Mr. Bullet or Happy Glass from your studio over here too – don’t forget about Ink Inc.!

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