Biker Ring Shop Reviews – 4 Websites You Can Trust

If you are passionate about the bike riding lifestyle, you understand that it goes beyond being just a hobby – it becomes a way of life. Embracing this lifestyle means finding the perfect accessories that showcase your association with the biker community, and one such accessory is the iconic biker ring.

With your motorcycle ready to hit the open road, complementing your biker jackets, pants, helmet, toolkit, and boots with the right biker ring will truly make you feel like you belong to the vibrant biking world.

Biker rings are the most common and popular form of biker jewelry, and they come in a wide variety of styles and designs. One of the favorites among riders is the skull ring, known for its bold and edgy appeal. But with so many options available, it’s essential to purchase the right biker ring from a reputable seller who offers quality, style, and meaning.

Investing in a biker ring like the skull ring symbolizes your loyalty and equity within the biker community. However, it’s crucial to choose a ring that not only looks good but also stands the test of time, making it a worthy investment.

To ensure you find the best biker ring in terms of quality, design, and significance, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 websites and online stores where you can purchase your perfect biker ring. These websites offer an extensive selection of biker rings that cater to various tastes and preferences, allowing you to find the ideal ring that resonates with your unique style and personality.

By choosing from these reputable sources, you can be confident that you are getting a biker ring that meets your expectations and represents the true essence of the biker lifestyle. So, whether you prefer a classic design or a more intricate and daring one, these top-notch websites have got you covered with the finest collection of biker rings available in the market.

Biker Ring Shop Reviews

1.Biker Ring Shop

Founded in 2004 by a group of rock buffs and bikers, Biker Ring Shop has established itself as a market leader in providing top-quality biker jewelry. Specializing in solid 925 sterling silver accessories, this store offers a wide range of biker accessories at great prices.

Based in Thailand, Biker Ring Shop caters to customers worldwide, delivering the finest quality accessories for bikers and anyone seeking captivating jewelry. Their collection goes beyond just rings; it includes necklaces, pendants, bracelets, wallet chains, cuffs, money clips, belt buckles, and more.

Embracing the cool attitude behind true bikers, Biker Ring Shop’s designs exude dynamism, flamboyance, masculinity, and boldness. Their signature biker rings feature symbolic elements like skulls, skeletons, crosses, dragons, and unique Gothic patterns, making them perfect for passionate motorcycle enthusiasts seeking self-expression.

To ensure the best possible quality, Biker Ring Shop crafts their biker rings from high-quality 925 sterling silver. This raw and dazzling metal perfectly defines the essence of a biker’s spirit. The rings also feature a characteristic black finish from oxidation, enhancing their wild beauty.

Besides sterling silver, you can find some biker rings made of gold with gemstones like diamond eyes or amethyst. The rings may also include gold plating, ruthenium plating, rhodium plating, and enamel. Their design features commonly revolve around skulls, skeletons, the number 13, Jesus Crucifix, crosses, Octopus, dragons, werewolves, owls, and more.

Affordability is another highlight of Biker Ring Shop’s collection, with prices ranging from $30 to $300+ depending on the material and ring details. Whether you want to complete your biker look or add a touch of rebel flair to your style, Biker Ring Shop has the perfect accessories to match your passion for motorcycles and the biker community.


BigBoyJewellery, a renowned jewelry brand based in Scotland, UK, has been a leading name in the industry since its establishment in 2014. Specializing in creating top-notch biker rings and a wide array of other jewelry options and accessories, the brand takes immense pride in delivering the best quality products to its customers.

The core inspiration behind BigBoyJewellery is to infuse metal and a sense of boldness back into the streets and the biking world. This mission is achieved through the creation of a diverse collection of biker, steampunk, gothic, and alternative jewelry, ranging from simple designs to avant-garde pieces that exude creativity and uniqueness.

When it comes to biker rings, BigBoyJewellery offers an impressive selection that stands out in the market. Their formidable and menacing skull rings come in large, high-quality, and distinctive designs. These rings are primarily crafted from sterling silver and stainless steel, and some are even plated with gold for an added touch of luxury.

The variety of styles available at BigBoyJewellery is simply astonishing. From the intriguing sugar skull to the bold and fierce Vikings, pirates, grim reaper, eagle, and dragon ring styles, each design showcases intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail. Even within the same theme, the rings are styled differently, offering customers the opportunity to choose from over 5 skull biker ring styles, ensuring that everyone can find a piece that resonates with their taste and personality.

As for pricing, BigBoyJewellery offers a range of options to suit various budgets. The solid sterling silver rings, with their premium quality, may cost more than the stainless steel counterparts. Prices for these exceptional biker rings start from an affordable £9.00 GBP, going up to £130.00 GBP for the exquisite and opulent designs.

In addition to providing high-quality products, BigBoyJewellery ensures customer satisfaction with their 15-day refund policy in case of dissatisfaction with the purchase and a 30-day exchange policy for added peace of mind.

Customers can make secure payments for their desired biker rings using various methods, including PayPal, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Visa, and Visa Electron, making the purchasing process seamless and convenient.


JustMenRings, an established online store founded in California in 2006, has earned a solid reputation as a reliable destination for men’s jewelry, particularly offering an impressive selection of biker rings.

With over 15 years of experience in the market, JustMenRings prides itself on offering uniquely designed and durable biker rings, as well as a diverse range of other jewelry, including men’s wedding rings.

While renowned for its high-quality wedding rings for men, this brand boasts an extensive collection of biker rings, each featuring distinctive styles and designs to cater to every individual’s preferences.

The biker rings at JustMenRings come in three main colors – black, silver, and gold, offering a variety of aesthetics to complement any biker’s personal style. These rings are crafted from various metals, ensuring durability and premium quality. Customers can find options made from stainless steel, sterling silver, platinum, silicone, and even gold-plated with 10K, 14K, or 18K gold for those seeking a touch of luxury.

One of the key benefits of shopping from JustMenRings is their customer-centric approach. Customers can enjoy a 30-day guarantee on returns, providing them with peace of mind in case they need to make any changes to their purchase. Additionally, the non-designer rings come with a generous 2-year warranty, while the designer rings are backed by a limited warranty, ensuring satisfaction and confidence in the product’s quality.

As for pricing, JustMenRings offers a wide range of biker rings to fit different budgets. Customers will find some affordable options under $50, allowing them to indulge in stylish biker jewelry without breaking the bank. On the other end of the spectrum, there are exquisite biker rings priced above $300 for those looking to make a statement with a more luxurious piece.

Overall, JustMenRings caters to the preferences and needs of bikers and men seeking high-quality jewelry. With their diverse selection, generous warranties, and exceptional customer service, this brand continues to be a go-to destination for biker rings and other men’s jewelry pieces.


Silverzone77 is a prominent brand in the jewelry manufacturing industry, renowned for its diverse manufacturing processes across Europe. As the name suggests, this brand specializes in producing and selling high-quality jewelry, with a focus on biker rings crafted from sterling silver, gold, and adorned with natural gemstones for exquisite embellishments.

One of the standout features of SilverZone77 is its collection of one-of-a-kind biker rings and other unique jewelry options that cannot be found anywhere else. Alongside the exceptional biker rings, the brand also offers a wide range of classic jewelry choices, including earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and various other accessories to suit diverse tastes.

To ensure the authenticity of their pieces, the sterling silver rings bear the distinguished 925 Hallmark, while the 14k gold items carry the prestigious 585 hallmark stamp. With over two decades of experience in the jewelry industry, Silverzone77 takes immense pride in delivering the best, most distinctive, and high-quality jewelry options. The fact that their biker rings are handmade adds a special touch and uniqueness to each piece, making them truly exceptional.

Silverzone77’s biker rings come in various compositions of 925 sterling silver and gold, with prices ranging from approximately $50 to $1800. The majority of their biker rings made from 925 sterling silver fall within the $100-$200 price range, offering a great balance of quality and affordability.

The brand boasts an impressive variety of styles, with an array of choices such as skull biker rings, cross/crucifix, Blackjack Ace of Spades, Roman Spartan Warrior Rings, Indian Biker rings, and more.

Another notable store catering to biker rings and other motorcycle accessories and apparel is The Bearded Biker, operating under This brand was established by a Harley enthusiast, a dedicated father, and husband, who turned his passion into a business inspired by his experiences in the military, fast food, security, and other forms of manual labor.

The Bearded Biker offers reasonably priced biker rings, largely crafted from stainless steel, which contributes to their affordability. The rings are available in a wide range of styles and designs, each reflecting the spirit of hardworking and fearless bikers.

The collection includes various skull biker ring styles, such as the Terminator Skull Face options, Acid Head, Sugar Cane, Lion Mask, Handheld Skull, Crown Head, 3RD Eye, Brain Saw, among others, all exuding a vintage/classic feel.

What’s truly impressive about The Bearded Biker is that regardless of the style chosen, all their biker rings are priced at about or below $20, making them accessible to bikers from all walks of life. In fact, all the rings are sold at the affordable price of $19.99, allowing bikers to express their style without breaking the bank.


Biker Ring Shop has garnered positive reviews and trust from various websites due to its reputation for producing and selling high-quality biker jewelry. With a specialization in biker rings made from sterling silver and gold, embellished with natural gemstones, the brand offers unique and distinctive pieces that cater to various tastes and styles.

The brand’s commitment to quality is evident in the use of certified 925 sterling silver and 14k gold, with hallmarks ensuring authenticity. Their handmade biker rings add a special touch to each piece, making them even more desirable for motorcycle enthusiasts and jewelry lovers alike.

Silverzone77 stands out among the leading jewelry manufacturing brands, offering a wide selection of jewelry options, including classic designs, at competitive prices. Their dedication to delivering the best and most distinctive jewelry is reflected in their expanding collections and passion for creating exceptional products.

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