How to Get Mending in Minecraft – (Pro Version Unlocked)

Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game, offers a vast array of enchantments that can elevate your gameplay to new heights. Among these enchantments, one stands out as particularly valuable and sought after: Mending. Mending allows you to repair your weapons, armor, and tools using experience points, providing an indefinite lifespan for your gear.

Understanding the significance of Mending is crucial for any dedicated Minecraft player. This enchantment not only saves precious resources but also ensures that your favorite and most powerful items remain in pristine condition, avoiding the need for constant repairs or replacements. With Mending in your arsenal, you can focus on exploration, combat, and other exciting aspects of the game, without the constant worry of durability.

So, how can you obtain this elusive enchantment? While Mending is indeed a rare find, there are several proven methods to increase your chances of acquiring it. Each method requires a different approach, offering a diverse range of options for players to explore.

One method involves engaging with the diverse community of villagers in Minecraft. By trading with specific villagers, such as libarians, you can unlock the opportunity to purchase enchanted books containing Mending. This method requires patience and a bit of luck, but the reward is well worth the effort.

What is Mending?

Mending is a valuable enchantment in Minecraft that allows players to repair their weapons, armor, and tools using experience points (XP). Unlike traditional methods of repairing items with crafting materials, Mending utilizes the XP gained through various activities in the game to mend damaged or worn-out equipment.

When an item with the Mending enchantment is equipped or held by the player, a portion of the XP earned from mining, killing mobs, fishing, smelting, or other activities is redirected to repair the item’s durability instead of adding to the player’s XP level. This means that instead of having to constantly create new items or use crafting resources to repair them, Mending ensures the longevity and sustainability of the player’s gear.

Mending in Minecraft

Mending is particularly useful because it allows players to keep using their favorite or most powerful items without the fear of them breaking or losing their enchantments. It provides an indefinite lifespan for equipment as long as the player continues to earn XP. This enchantment significantly reduces the need for resource gathering and crafting, allowing players to focus more on exploring, combat, and other exciting aspects of the game.

To apply Mending to an item, players can acquire enchanted books containing the Mending enchantment through various methods, such as villager trading, fishing, or finding them in chests during exploration. These books can then be combined with the desired item on an anvil or through the enchanting table to add the Mending enchantment to it.

1. Exploring the Benefits of Mending

Mending is an enchantment in Minecraft that offers a range of benefits to players. Understanding and harnessing the power of Mending can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Let’s explore the advantages this enchantment brings:

Durability and Sustainability: One of the primary benefits of Mending is its ability to extend the durability and lifespan of your items. With Mending, you no longer need to worry about constantly repairing or replacing your weapons, armor, and tools. As long as you have XP, Mending will automatically repair your items, making them last indefinitely. This saves valuable resources and time that would otherwise be spent on repairs or crafting new items.

Preserving Enchantments: Enchanting items with valuable enchantments can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Mending ensures that you can keep your enchanted gear intact without losing enchantments. This is particularly useful for rare or powerful enchantments that enhance your combat abilities, improve mining efficiency, or provide other benefits. By using Mending, you can maintain your customized items and continue to enjoy their powerful effects.

Resource Efficiency: Minecraft is a world abundant with resources, but gathering them can be a time-consuming task. Mending reduces the need for constant resource gathering and crafting. By repairing items with XP instead of using crafting materials, you can allocate your resources to other important tasks, such as building, exploration, or expanding your base. This efficiency allows for a smoother gameplay experience, where you can focus on your goals without being burdened by the constant need for resource replenishment.

Cost-Effective Repairs: Repairing items using traditional methods, such as an anvil or crafting table, often requires specific materials or items. These materials can sometimes be scarce or valuable, making repairs costly. With Mending, repairs are performed using XP, a resource that is readily available through regular gameplay activities. This makes repairs cost-effective, as you only need to earn XP rather than spend valuable resources on repairs.

Versatility: Mending can be applied to a wide range of items, including weapons, armor, tools, and even elytra (wings). This versatility allows you to maintain and repair all essential equipment, ensuring that you are always well-equipped for various activities and challenges in the game. Whether you’re exploring treacherous caves, engaging in intense combat, or embarking on long-distance journeys, Mending keeps your gear in optimal condition.

2. Villager Trading

Villager trading is a reliable and rewarding method to obtain Mending enchantments in Minecraft. By engaging with the diverse community of villagers, specifically librarian villagers, players can unlock the opportunity to purchase enchanted books containing the coveted Mending enchantment. Let’s explore the step-by-step process of villager trading:

  • Locate a Village: Villages are populated with various types of villagers, including librarians who offer enchanted books. Locate a village by exploring the world or by using tools such as maps or the /locate command.
  • Construct a Trading Hall (Optional): To streamline the trading process and manage multiple villagers effectively, you may consider constructing a trading hall. This involves creating separate “rooms” for each villager, ensuring they have access to their respective workstation blocks.
  • Identify Librarian Villagers: Once you find a village, identify the librarian villagers. They can be recognized by their distinctive appearance, which includes a white apron. Librarian villagers are the ones most likely to offer enchanted books.
  • Unlock Librarian Trades: Librarian villagers initially offer a limited set of trades. To unlock Mending trades, you need to level up the librarian by trading with them. The more you trade, the more experience they gain, and their trade options will expand.
  • Acquire Emeralds: Emeralds are the currency used in villager trading. Obtain emeralds by various means, such as mining, trading with other villagers, or by completing tasks like raiding pillager outposts or defeating raid waves.
  • Trade with Librarians: Interact with librarian villagers and browse their trades. Look for enchanted book trades, as these are the ones that may contain the Mending enchantment. The availability of Mending trades is random and may require multiple attempts or refreshing the trades by breaking and replacing their workstation block.
  • Refreshing Trades: If a librarian doesn’t offer Mending initially, you can refresh their trades by breaking and replacing their lectern, which serves as their workstation block. This resets their trades, allowing for new opportunities to obtain the Mending enchantment.
  • Trade and Obtain Mending Books: Once you find a librarian offering Mending trades, acquire the emeralds required and make the trade to obtain the Mending enchanted books. You can then use an anvil to apply the Mending enchantment to your desired items.
  • Breeding and Curing Villagers (Optional): To expand the number of librarian villagers or to unlock new trades, you can breed villagers by providing them with sufficient food or cure zombie villagers using a splash potion of Weakness and a golden apple.

3. Chest Loot and Exploration

Exploration plays a vital role in Minecraft, offering players the opportunity to discover hidden treasures, including Mending enchantments. Chests found within various structures scattered throughout the game’s diverse landscape often contain valuable loot, and Mending books can be among the treasures awaiting discovery. Let’s delve into the world of chest loot and exploration to uncover Mending in Minecraft:

  • Locate Structures: Structures such as dungeons, mineshafts, strongholds, temples, woodland mansions, and abandoned villages are excellent sources of chests. Explore different biomes and use tools like maps or online resources to locate these structures.
  • Approach with Caution: Many structures are guarded by hostile mobs or traps, so it’s crucial to approach them with caution. Come prepared with suitable armor, weapons, and supplies to ensure your safety during exploration.
  • Examine Chest Contents: Once you locate a chest within a structure, open it and examine its contents. Chests can hold a variety of items, including enchanted books. However, finding Mending books can be rare, so be prepared for the possibility of multiple expeditions before discovering one.
  • Resetting Chest Contents: If you’ve explored a structure and didn’t find Mending, don’t lose hope. Some structures, like dungeons, can reset their contents when you leave the area and return later. This means that chests you’ve already looted may have new loot upon your return, increasing your chances of finding Mending books.
  • Enchantment Room in Strongholds: Strongholds often contain an enchantment room with bookshelves and an enchanting table. While Mending books may not be found directly in chests, you can use the enchanting table to enchant books or combine enchanted books to potentially obtain Mending.
  • Ocean Monument Exploration: Ocean monuments, also known as guardians’ temples, can house numerous chests. These chests can yield various treasures, including enchanted books. While the chances of finding Mending books may be slim, the potential rewards make exploring ocean monuments worthwhile.
  • End City Exploration: End cities, located within the End dimension, are rich in loot and offer a high chance of finding enchanted books. These cities often contain multiple chests, and with persistence, you may stumble upon the coveted Mending enchantment.
  • Bonus Tip: Optimize Looting Enchantment: Increasing your looting level through enchantments on your weapon, such as Looting III, can improve your chances of finding valuable enchanted books, including Mending.

4. Librarian Villager Transformation

In Minecraft, players have the opportunity to transform zombie villagers into useful and valuable librarian villagers, opening up the possibility of acquiring Mending enchantments through the process of curing and trading. This method allows players to rescue and repurpose zombie villagers while expanding their access to enchanted books. Let’s explore the steps involved in the Librarian Villager Transformation process:

  • Zombie Villager Encounter: While exploring the world, you may come across zombie villagers roaming at night or trapped in dark areas. These are former villagers infected by zombies, and they provide an opportunity for transformation.
  • Preparing the Cure: To cure a zombie villager, you’ll need a Splash Potion of Weakness and a Golden Apple. The Splash Potion of Weakness can be brewed using a Fermented Spider Eye, a Water Bottle, and Gunpowder, while a Golden Apple can be crafted using eight Gold Ingots and an Apple.
  • Subduing the Zombie Villager: Engage the zombie villager in combat while holding the Splash Potion of Weakness. Throw the potion at the zombie villager, which will weaken it and reduce its ability to harm you.
  • Administering the Cure: Once weakened, use the right-click action to give the zombie villager the Golden Apple. This will initiate the curing process and convert the zombie villager back into a regular villager.
  • Securing the Villager: After being cured, the former zombie villager will become a normal villager. It’s essential to protect the newly transformed villager from any potential harm, such as hostile mobs or sunlight, which can burn them. Ensure they have shelter or transport them to a safe location.
  • Workstation Placement: Place a lectern near the cured villager. The lectern will serve as their workstation, enabling them to offer trades and unlock various enchantments, including Mending.
  • Trading with the Librarian Villager: Engage in trading with the transformed librarian villager. Initially, their trade options may be limited, but as you continue to trade with them, their offerings will expand, potentially including enchanted books containing the Mending enchantment.
  • Refreshing Trades: If the librarian villager doesn’t offer Mending initially, you can refresh their trades by breaking and replacing their lectern. This resets their trades, providing new opportunities to acquire Mending books.
  • Establishing a Trading Hall (Optional): To manage multiple librarian villagers efficiently, consider constructing a trading hall. This centralized area allows you to access and trade with various villagers conveniently.


The Librarian Villager Transformation method provides players with a unique opportunity to acquire Mending enchantments in Minecraft. By rescuing and curing zombie villagers, players can unlock a new wave of librarian villagers who offer valuable trades, including enchanted books.

Through careful preparation and the use of a Splash Potion of Weakness and a Golden Apple, players can cure zombie villagers and transform them into normal villagers. Placing a lectern as their workstation allows these villagers to offer various trades, expanding their trade options as players engage in more transactions.

The acquisition of Mending enchantments through this process may require patience and persistence, as the availability of Mending books can be randomized. However, by refreshing the trades of librarian villagers or establishing a trading hall, players can increase their chances of obtaining this sought-after enchantment.

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