How to make a Jack-O-Lantern in Minecraft – (Premium Unlocked)

Welcome to the mysterious and blocky world of Minecraft, where players can unleash their imaginations and craft wonders beyond imagination. Among the many iconic creations that players can bring to life, the Jack-O-Lantern stands as a beacon of Halloween spirit and spooky festivities. With its ghoulish grin and mesmerizing glow, the Jack-O-Lantern adds an aura of enchantment to the dark corners of this virtual universe.

In Minecraft, creativity knows no bounds, and the ability to craft a Jack-O-Lantern is a testament to the game’s boundless potential. Not only does this carved pumpkin serve as a decorative piece, but it also serves a functional purpose by providing a warm and inviting light in the midst of the eerie shadows that blanket the landscape during the night.

The process of creating a Jack-O-Lantern in Minecraft is a delightfully straightforward endeavor that encourages players to explore their artistic talents while embracing the festive spirit of Halloween. By combining two simple materials, players can transform an ordinary pumpkin into a glowing work of art that both wards off the creatures of the night and sparks joy in the hearts of all who behold it.

As night falls and the moon rises over the pixelated horizon, the Jack-O-Lantern takes on a magical quality, illuminating the paths and landscapes of Minecraft’s vast and diverse world. Whether adorning the doorstep of a rustic cottage or lighting the way through a haunted forest, the Jack-O-Lantern adds a touch of charm and spookiness that is quintessential to the Halloween season.

The simplicity of crafting a Jack-O-Lantern in Minecraft is part of the game’s charm, as it empowers players of all ages and skill levels to partake in the seasonal festivities. With just a pumpkin and a torch, one can easily bring this classic symbol of Halloween to life and celebrate the spirit of the season in their virtual realms.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft player or a newcomer eager to dive into the world of building and exploration, creating a Jack-O-Lantern is a delightful and accessible way to infuse your virtual adventures with a dash of Halloween magic. Embrace the enchantment, light up the night, and embark on a thrilling journey of crafting your very own Jack-O-Lantern in Minecraft.

Required Items to Make a Jack o Lantern

Required Items to Make a Jack o Lantern

To make a Jack-O-Lantern in Minecraft, you will need the following items:

  1. Pumpkin: The main ingredient and centerpiece of the Jack-O-Lantern is a pumpkin. You can find pumpkins growing naturally in the Overworld, specifically in the plains, forest, or taiga biomes.
  2. Torch: The second essential item required for crafting a Jack-O-Lantern is a torch. You can easily craft a torch by combining a stick and a piece of coal or charcoal. Torches are essential for providing light in Minecraft and play a significant role in the functionality of the Jack-O-Lantern.

With these two items in your possession, you’ll be ready to embark on the delightful journey of creating your very own Jack-O-Lantern. Place the pumpkin and torch in the correct pattern on a crafting table or in your 2×2 crafting grid (if playing in an older version of the game), and watch as the sinister grin and glowing face of the Jack-O-Lantern emerge to add an air of mystery and spookiness to your Minecraft world. Happy crafting!

Where to find a Jack o Lantern in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can find Jack-O-Lanterns in two main ways:

  1. Crafting: The most common method of obtaining a Jack-O-Lantern is by crafting it. To craft a Jack-O-Lantern, you’ll need a pumpkin and a torch. Simply place these two items in the crafting table or your 2×2 crafting grid (if playing in an older version of the game) in the correct pattern. The crafting recipe involves placing the torch below the pumpkin, resulting in the creation of a Jack-O-Lantern.
  2. Natural Generation: In certain Minecraft structures and biomes, you may come across Jack-O-Lanterns that have spawned naturally. The most common place to find naturally generated Jack-O-Lanterns is in “abandoned mineshafts.” They can be attached to the wooden support beams and may be scattered throughout the mineshaft.

It’s worth noting that Jack-O-Lanterns are functionally identical to regular pumpkins when it comes to creating golems (iron golems and snow golems) or using them for decorative purposes. The key difference is that Jack-O-Lanterns emit a warm, orange glow, making them useful as a light source during the night or in dark areas.

Whether you choose to craft a Jack-O-Lantern yourself or stumble upon one while exploring the vast and blocky world of Minecraft, these spooky decorations will surely add a touch of Halloween charm to your virtual adventures.

What to do With Jack o Lantern in Minecraft?

What to do With Jack o Lantern in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Jack-O-Lanterns are versatile and have several uses. Here are some things you can do with Jack-O-Lanterns in the game:

  1. Light Source: Jack-O-Lanterns emit a warm, orange glow, making them a valuable light source in the dark. Placing them strategically around your base or pathways can help keep hostile mobs at bay during the night and illuminate your surroundings.
  2. Decoration: Jack-O-Lanterns serve as fantastic decorative pieces, especially during the Halloween season or when creating spooky-themed builds. You can use them to adorn your house, garden, or any other structure to add a festive touch to your Minecraft world.
  3. Create Golems: Jack-O-Lanterns, just like regular pumpkins, can be used to create golems in Minecraft. By placing a Jack-O-Lantern atop two blocks of iron or snow blocks (depending on the type of golem you want), you can spawn Iron Golems or Snow Golems, respectively. Iron Golems are powerful protectors that attack hostile mobs, while Snow Golems throw snowballs at enemies.
  4. Redstone Component: Jack-O-Lanterns can also be used as a redstone component in various contraptions. When powered with redstone, they emit the same light level as an ordinary torch, making them useful for creating hidden lighting systems or decorative lighting arrangements in redstone builds.
  5. Marker Blocks: Due to their glow, Jack-O-Lanterns can serve as marker blocks or indicators for specific locations or paths, especially in dark and intricate mazes or cave systems.
  6. Pumpkin Farming: If you have an ample supply of pumpkins, you can convert some of them into Jack-O-Lanterns to use as decorations or light sources while still having regular pumpkins for other purposes like pumpkin pie or trading with villagers.

With their warm and inviting glow, Jack-O-Lanterns bring both practical utility and aesthetic appeal to your Minecraft world. Whether you use them to ward off the darkness, add seasonal flair, or create powerful defenders, these delightful pumpkins are a valuable addition to any player’s toolkit.

Do Jack O Lantern scare away Enderman?   

No, Jack-O-Lanterns do not scare away Enderman in Minecraft. Endermen are neutral mobs that usually do not attack players unless provoked or looked at directly in the eyes. However, if you stare at an Enderman’s eyes, it becomes hostile and attacks you.

Placing Jack-O-Lanterns or any other light sources around your base can help prevent hostile mobs from spawning in the area, including Enderman. The bright light emitted by the Jack-O-Lantern can deter other hostile mobs from spawning nearby, but it won’t specifically scare away Enderman.

To avoid unwanted encounters with Enderman, it’s best not to make direct eye contact with them and avoid provoking them by attacking or looking at them intentionally. Additionally, building a well-lit and secure base can help keep hostile mobs, including Enderman, at bay during the night.

Are Jack o Lantern better than torches?

Jack-O-Lanterns and torches have different properties and uses in Minecraft, making them better suited for different situations:

  1. Light Level: Both Jack-O-Lanterns and torches emit light, but Jack-O-Lanterns have a higher light level. Jack-O-Lanterns emit a light level of 15, which is the maximum light level in the game, while torches emit a light level of 14. This means that Jack-O-Lanterns provide slightly more illumination in their immediate vicinity compared to torches.
  2. Placement: Torches can be placed on walls, floors, and ceilings, making them highly versatile and easy to use for illuminating various areas. On the other hand, Jack-O-Lanterns can only be placed on the top or bottom of a block, which can limit their placement options in certain builds.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Jack-O-Lanterns have a unique aesthetic charm, especially during the Halloween season or when creating spooky-themed builds. They add character to your constructions with their carved pumpkin faces and glowing light.
  4. Source of Fuel: One advantage of torches is that they can be used as a source of fuel for smelting items in a furnace. Placing a torch in the fuel slot of a furnace will smelt up to 8 items. Jack-O-Lanterns, being a combination of a pumpkin and a torch, do not have this fuel functionality.
  5. Material Requirements: Jack-O-Lanterns require both a pumpkin and a torch to craft, while torches can be easily crafted using just a stick and a piece of coal or charcoal. Pumpkins can sometimes be less readily available than coal or charcoal, depending on your Minecraft world’s resources and biome.

In summary, Jack-O-Lanterns are generally better than torches in terms of their light level and unique aesthetics. They are ideal for creating decorative elements and adding a festive touch to your builds, especially during Halloween. However, torches remain a more practical and readily available light source for general illumination, and they have the added benefit of being usable as fuel in furnaces. Ultimately, the choice between Jack-O-Lanterns and torches depends on your specific needs and the style of your Minecraft creations.


In conclusion, crafting a Jack-O-Lantern in Minecraft is a straightforward yet delightful process that allows players to embrace the Halloween spirit and add a touch of spookiness to their virtual adventures. By combining a pumpkin and a torch, players can create a Jack-O-Lantern with a glowing, carved face that emits a warm and inviting light. The Jack-O-Lantern serves multiple purposes in the game, making it a valuable addition to any player’s toolkit. As a light source, it illuminates dark areas, providing a cozy and safe environment during the night. Its high light level ensures that hostile mobs stay at bay, safeguarding your base and pathways.

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