How to make Brown Dye in Minecraft – (All Unlocked)

Minecraft, the iconic sandbox game loved by millions, offers a world full of creativity and exploration. From building grand structures to cultivating lush gardens, players have a myriad of ways to express their imagination. One aspect of Minecraft’s vast possibilities is the ability to craft various dyes, which allows players to add a splash of color to their creations. In this guide, we will delve into the process of crafting brown dye, providing you with all the necessary information to acquire this earthy hue and unleash your artistic potential in the game.

Dyes play a significant role in Minecraft, offering a means to customize items, clothing, and blocks. By utilizing various ingredients and crafting recipes, players can obtain a spectrum of vibrant and nuanced colors to suit their aesthetic preferences. Among this colorful array lies brown dye, a versatile hue that evokes a sense of warmth and nature. To create this earth-toned pigment, adventurers will need to embark on a quest to acquire the essential ingredients and master the art of dye-making.

The road to brown dye mastery requires careful gathering and resource management. Unlike some other dyes in Minecraft, brown dye cannot be crafted directly from basic materials. Instead, players must search for cocoa beans, a tropical plant found primarily in jungle biomes. These unique beans serve as the foundation for the creation of brown dye.

To obtain cocoa beans, you’ll need to explore the depths of the jungle biome. Look for cocoa pods growing on the sides of jungle tree trunks. These pods contain three cocoa beans each, making them a valuable find for aspiring dye-makers. Collect as many cocoa beans as possible, as they will be used to create brown dye in larger quantities.

Once you have a sufficient supply of cocoa beans, it’s time to head back to your crafting table and transform them into brown dye. Combining cocoa beans with other common materials in the crafting grid will yield the rich, earthy brown hue you desire.

What Materials Are Needed To Make Brown Dye?

What Materials Are Needed To Make Brown Dye?

To make brown dye in Minecraft, you will need the following materials:

  1. Cocoa Beans: Cocoa beans are the primary ingredient required to create brown dye. They can be found growing on the sides of jungle tree trunks in the jungle biome. Each cocoa pod contains three cocoa beans.

That’s it! Unlike other dyes that may require additional ingredients or combinations, brown dye in Minecraft is crafted solely from cocoa beans. However, it’s worth noting that you may need to gather a substantial number of cocoa beans if you wish to create larger quantities of brown dye.

Once you have gathered the necessary cocoa beans, you can proceed to the crafting process and transform them into brown dye using the crafting table.

From Where Do You Get Brown Dye?

From Where Do You Get Brown Dye?

In Minecraft, brown dye can be obtained by crafting it from cocoa beans or by finding it as a natural item in certain structures. Here are two ways to acquire brown dye:

  1. Crafting Brown Dye:
    • Cocoa Beans: The primary source of brown dye is cocoa beans. These can be obtained by finding cocoa pods growing on the sides of jungle tree trunks in jungle biomes. Right-clicking on a cocoa pod will drop cocoa beans. Each cocoa pod contains three cocoa beans.
    • Crafting Process: Once you have obtained cocoa beans, you can craft them into brown dye by placing the cocoa beans in the crafting grid. One cocoa bean yields one brown dye. The resulting brown dye can then be collected from the output slot of the crafting table.
  2. Chests in Structures:
    • Brown dye can also be found as a natural item in certain structures, particularly in village chests and dungeon chests. Exploring these structures and looting the chests may occasionally reward you with brown dye.

These two methods provide different ways to obtain brown dye in Minecraft. Whether you choose to gather cocoa beans and craft them or search for brown dye in chests, you’ll have the means to add a touch of earthy color to your creations in the game.

Minecraft Versions That Support Brown Dye

Brown dye is a feature available in various versions of Minecraft. Here are some of the major Minecraft versions where you can find and use brown dye:

  1. Minecraft Java Edition: Brown dye has been available in Minecraft Java Edition since version 1.3.1, which was released on August 1, 2012. It has been a part of the game ever since and can be obtained and used in the same way as described earlier.
  2. Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Brown dye is also present in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, which includes versions like Minecraft Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Xbox One Edition, Nintendo Switch Edition, and PlayStation 4 Edition. Brown dye has been available in Bedrock Edition since its initial release and is obtained and used in the same way as in Java Edition.
  3. Minecraft Education Edition: Brown dye is also supported in Minecraft Education Edition, a version of Minecraft specifically designed for educational purposes. It allows players to learn and explore various subjects while enjoying the game, including the use of dyes like brown dye.

It’s important to note that brown dye is a standard feature in Minecraft and should be available in most, if not all, official versions of the game. However, it’s always a good idea to check for any version-specific updates or changes to the crafting recipes in case there are any differences.

Version That Doesn’t Support Brown Dye

There are no official versions of Minecraft that do not support brown dye. Brown dye has been a part of Minecraft for many years and is available in most, if not all, major versions of the game.

However, it’s worth noting that Minecraft is a dynamic game that receives regular updates and new versions. While brown dye is widely supported, it’s possible that future updates or custom modpacks could introduce variations that may not include brown dye. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to stay up-to-date with the latest version of Minecraft and any modifications you may be using to ensure that brown dye is available in your specific game environment.

If you are using a highly customized or modified version of Minecraft, such as user-created mods or plugins, it’s essential to check the specific features and compatibility of those modifications to determine if brown dye is supported.

What Are The Uses of Brown Dye In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, brown dye serves several purposes and has various uses within the game. Here are some of the primary uses of brown dye:

  1. Dyeing Blocks and Items: Brown dye can be used to change the color of different blocks and items, allowing you to add a brown hue to your creations. This includes dyeing wool, carpets, banners, shulker boxes, leather armor, and more. It provides a way to customize and personalize your builds and items to match your desired aesthetic.
  2. Crafting Paintings: Brown dye is an essential ingredient in crafting certain paintings in Minecraft. By combining brown dye with sticks and other dyes, you can create different artwork and hang them as decorative pieces on walls or display them in your builds.
  3. Trading with Villagers: Brown dye is often used as a trading item with specific villagers, such as leatherworker villagers. They may offer brown dye as part of their trade, allowing you to acquire it in exchange for other resources or emeralds.
  4. Brewing Potions: Brown dye can be used as an ingredient in brewing certain potions. When combined with other ingredients in a brewing stand, it can create unique effects for your character, such as weakness or decay potions.
  5. Decorative and Aesthetic Purposes: Brown dye can be used purely for decorative purposes, adding visual appeal to your builds and landscapes. It can be incorporated into designs, patterns, or natural elements to create a more immersive and visually pleasing environment.

These are just a few examples of the uses of brown dye in Minecraft. Its versatility makes it a valuable resource for customization, decoration, and enhancing your gameplay experience.

How to Obtain Cocoa Beans in Minecraft for Brown Dye

To obtain cocoa beans in Minecraft, which are used to craft brown dye, you’ll need to find and harvest cocoa pods. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to obtain cocoa beans:

  1. Locate a Jungle Biome: Cocoa beans can be found growing on the sides of jungle tree trunks in the jungle biome. Look for a biome with tall jungle trees, lush foliage, and vines.
  2. Search for Cocoa Pods: Explore the jungle biome and closely examine the sides of the jungle tree trunks. Cocoa pods will appear as small brown or greenish pods attached to the sides of the trees. They have a distinct appearance, resembling large cocoa beans.
  3. Harvest the Cocoa Pods: Right-click or break the cocoa pods to collect them. Each cocoa pod yields three cocoa beans. Make sure to gather as many cocoa pods as you can to obtain a sufficient supply of cocoa beans.
  4. Crafting Brown Dye: Once you have acquired the cocoa beans, head to a crafting table or the crafting grid in your inventory. Place a cocoa bean in any slot of the crafting grid, and it will yield one brown dye in the output slot. Repeat this process with additional cocoa beans to obtain more brown dye.

That’s it! You have successfully obtained cocoa beans, which can be used to craft brown dye in Minecraft. Use the brown dye to customize blocks, items, or create decorative elements in your Minecraft world.


In conclusion, obtaining brown dye in Minecraft involves finding and harvesting cocoa beans, which are used as the primary ingredient for crafting brown dye. Here’s a summary of the process:Explore the game world and find a jungle biome characterized by tall jungle trees, vines, and lush foliage.Look for cocoa pods growing on the sides of jungle tree trunks within the jungle biome. Cocoa pods resemble small brown or greenish pods. Right-click or break the cocoa pods to collect them. Each cocoa pod yields three cocoa beans, so gather as many cocoa pods as possible to obtain an ample supply of cocoa beans.

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