How to Make Paper in Minecraft – [God Mode]

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to make paper in Minecraft! Paper is a valuable resource in the game that has multiple uses, including crafting books, maps, and fireworks. Whether you’re a novice player or a seasoned expert, understanding the process of paper-making is essential for your Minecraft adventures.

In this comprehensive tutorial, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to craft paper from scratch. We’ll cover everything from gathering the necessary materials to advanced techniques that can maximize your paper production. By the end, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to create an endless supply of paper in your Minecraft world.

Paper production starts with sugar cane, a plant that grows naturally near water sources in the game. You’ll learn how to find and harvest sugar cane efficiently, as well as transform it into sugar, a crucial ingredient for paper-making. We’ll guide you through the entire crafting process, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of each step.

1. What is Paper in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, paper is a versatile item that plays a significant role in various crafting recipes and game mechanics. It is primarily crafted from sugar cane, a plant that grows near water sources in the game world. Paper has several important applications and uses, making it an essential resource for players.

One of the main uses of paper is in crafting books, which are used to create bookshelves and enchanting tables. Bookshelves enhance the power of enchantments, while enchanting tables allow players to enchant their tools, weapons, and armor for improved performance. Books themselves can also be used for creating written books or maps.

What is Paper in Minecraft

Paper is also a crucial ingredient in the creation of maps. By combining paper with a compass, players can craft a map that allows them to explore and navigate the Minecraft world. Maps can be expanded and marked, making them invaluable tools for exploration and orientation.

Furthermore, paper is used in the crafting of fireworks. Fireworks add a touch of spectacle and celebration to the game, and they can be launched into the sky for visual enjoyment.

With its various applications, paper is a valuable resource that enables players to enhance their gameplay, create valuable items, and explore the Minecraft world more effectively.

2. The Importance of Paper

Paper holds great importance in Minecraft due to its versatile nature and the numerous applications it offers to players. Here are some key reasons why paper is significant in the game:

Crafting Books:

Paper is a vital component in crafting books. Books are essential for creating bookshelves and enchanting tables. Bookshelves increase the enchanting power of enchantment tables, allowing players to obtain more potent enchantments for their tools, weapons, and armor.

Enchantments can greatly enhance the effectiveness and durability of items, providing players with a competitive advantage.

Creating Maps:

Paper plays a crucial role in the creation of maps. By combining paper with a compass, players can craft maps that allow them to navigate and explore the Minecraft world more effectively.

Maps provide a visual representation of the surrounding terrain and help players locate specific points of interest. They can be expanded and marked, making them valuable tools for adventurers and explorers.


Paper is a fundamental ingredient in crafting fireworks. Fireworks add a touch of excitement and celebration to the game. They can be launched into the sky, creating colorful displays and patterns.

Fireworks are not only visually appealing but can also be used for signaling or as a form of expression in multiplayer servers.


Paper can be used as a currency for trading with villagers. Certain villager professions, such as librarians, offer valuable items and enchanted books in exchange for paper.

This provides players with an additional incentive to produce paper and engage in trading activities, expanding their inventory and resources.

3. Gathering the Required Materials

To make paper in Minecraft, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials. The primary material you need is sugar cane. Here’s how you can obtain it:

Find Sugar Cane:

Sugar cane can be found growing naturally near bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, or oceans. Look for tall, bamboo-like plants with green stalks. Sugar cane usually grows in groups, so you may find multiple stalks together.

Harvest Sugar Cane:

Use your hand or any tool (eg, ax or sword) to break the sugar cane blocks. Breaking the lowest block of a sugar cane stalk will cause the entire plant to break and drop as an item. Collect as much sugar cane as you can.

Optional: Farm Sugar Cane:

To ensure a steady supply of sugar cane, consider setting up a sugar cane farm. Plant the sugar cane stalks on dirt, sand, or grass blocks adjacent to a water source. Ensure that each sugar cane block has a water block adjacent to it. Over time, the sugar cane will grow taller, allowing you to harvest more.

4. Crafting Paper in Minecraft

Crafting Paper in Minecraft is a straightforward process that involves converting sugar cane into paper using a crafting table. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to craft paper:

Collect Sugar Cane:

Locate sugar cane near bodies of water and break the stalks to obtain the sugar cane items. Gather as many sugar cane items as you need for crafting paper.

Open the Crafting Table:

Right-click on a crafting table to open the 3×3 crafting grid. If you don’t have a crafting table, you can craft one using four wooden planks arranged in a square.

Place Sugar Cane in the Crafting Grid:

In the crafting grid, place three sugar cane items vertically in a single column. This arrangement will yield three pieces of paper.

Collect the Paper:

Once you’ve placed the sugar cane in the correct pattern, the resulting paper will appear in the result box of the crafting table. Drag the paper into your inventory to collect it.

Repeat as Needed:

If you require more paper, repeat the process by gathering additional sugar cane and crafting it into paper using the same pattern. Each three sugar cane items will yield three pieces of paper.

5. Advanced Paper Making Techniques

Advanced Paper Making Techniques in Minecraft can help you optimize your paper production and explore additional uses for this valuable resource. Here are some advanced techniques and tips to enhance your paper-making skills:

Efficient Sugar Cane Farming:

Instead of relying solely on naturally spawned sugar cane, consider setting up an efficient sugar cane farm. Create a large plot of dirt or sand adjacent to a water source and plant your sugar cane stalks in rows. Leave one block of space between each stalk for optimal growth.

As the sugar cane grows, harvest the top block to maximize yield. This method ensures a steady supply of sugar cane for continuous paper production.

Automating Paper Production:

Take your paper-making process to the next level by automating it. Utilize redstone contraptions, such as water streams and hoppers, to create a fully automated sugar cane farm and paper crafting system.

This allows you to save time and effort by automatically harvesting and processing sugar cane into paper without manual intervention.

Silk Touch Enchantment:

Obtain a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment, such as a pickaxe or shears. By using a tool with Silk Touch, you can directly collect full-grown sugar cane blocks instead of breaking them, preserving their growth stage.

This method prevents the need for replanting and accelerates the sugar cane harvesting process.

Using Paper in Map Creation:

Besides crafting regular maps, you can utilize paper to create specialized maps. Combine paper with a compass in the crafting table to craft an empty locator map.

Use this map while exploring to mark specific locations, highlight points of interest, and create a personalized map of your Minecraft world.

Enchantments and Paper:

Enchanting books is a powerful way to enhance your gear. Use paper alongside other materials, such as leather and bookshelves, to craft book and quill items.

These items can be enchanted on an enchanting table, creating enchanted books that provide unique and powerful enchantments for your armor, weapons, and tools.

In Conclusion

mastering the art of paper-making in Minecraft opens up a world of possibilities and enhances your gameplay experience. Paper is a versatile resource with various applications, from crafting books and maps to enchanting items and creating fireworks.

By following the step-by-step tutorial and utilizing advanced techniques, you can efficiently gather the required materials and produce an abundance of paper.

The importance of paper cannot be understated. It serves as a foundation for bookshelves, enabling powerful enchantments that boost the effectiveness of your gear.

Maps crafted with paper become invaluable tools for navigation and exploration, allowing you to chart uncharted territories and mark points of interest. Fireworks crafted with paper bring joy and celebration to your Minecraft world, illuminating the skies with dazzling displays.

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