How to Tame an Ocelot in Minecraft – (Pro Unlocked)

In the vast and blocky world of Minecraft, players are presented with an array of creatures, both friend and foe, that populate its diverse landscapes. Among these mysterious creatures is the elusive ocelot, a beautiful and agile feline known for its striking appearance and elusive nature. Taming an ocelot can prove to be a thrilling and rewarding endeavor, allowing players to gain a loyal feline companion and unlock unique abilities that can aid them in their adventures.

The ocelot, with its golden-yellow fur adorned with black spots and almond-shaped eyes, exudes an air of untamed elegance. Found in jungle biomes, these solitary creatures are known for their stealth and reclusive behavior, often darting away at the slightest sign of human presence. Taming an ocelot requires patience, understanding, and a keen eye for their elusive movements.

Unlike other animals in Minecraft, ocelots cannot be tamed through conventional means such as holding out food. Instead, players must learn to interact with them on their terms. The key to taming an ocelot lies in gaining their trust and gradually establishing a bond. This entails approaching the ocelot with slow movements, ensuring not to make any sudden or aggressive gestures that might startle them away.

One effective method to gain an ocelot’s trust is to hold raw fish in hand and, from a distance, toss it gently towards the creature. The ocelot may cautiously approach to investigate the offering. Repeating this gesture over time allows the ocelot to associate the player’s presence with the prospect of food, slowly eroding their skittishness.

As the bond between player and ocelot strengthens, the once-wary creature may begin to display affectionate behaviors, such as rubbing against the player’s legs or purring contentedly. This signifies that the ocelot is nearing the point of taming, though players must remain patient and refrain from making any sudden movements that might undo their progress.

Successfully taming an ocelot grants players a loyal and steadfast companion, which can accompany them on their adventures and defend against hostile mobs. Moreover, ocelots can transform into fearsome cats, boasting heightened abilities that prove invaluable in the player’s journey.

The art of taming an ocelot in Minecraft transcends the mere offering of food, requiring players to embrace patience, empathy, and an understanding of the creature’s natural instincts. By fostering a bond of trust and respect, players can unveil the hidden beauty of these elusive felines, transforming them from wary jungle dwellers into steadfast allies in the ever-expanding universe of Minecraft.

Where to Find Ocelots?

Where to Find Ocelots?

In Minecraft, ocelots can be found exclusively in jungle biomes. Jungle biomes are lush and densely vegetated areas with towering trees, dense foliage, and patches of tall grass. Ocelots thrive in these environments, using their agility to move swiftly through the undergrowth.

To locate ocelots, players will need to explore jungle biomes, which can be identified by their distinctive appearance. Jungle biomes are characterized by the presence of large jungle trees, vines, melons, cocoa pods, and unique jungle-specific terrain features.

Keep in mind that ocelots are naturally shy and elusive creatures, making them difficult to spot at first glance. They are most active during the day, so exploring the jungle biome during daylight hours increases the likelihood of encountering them.

Players should move carefully and quietly through the jungle, as loud or sudden movements can scare off ocelots. It’s essential to remain patient and observant while searching for these feline creatures. Ocelots often blend into the environment due to their spotted fur, so keeping an eye out for slight movements or their distinctive appearance is crucial.

Once an ocelot is spotted, players can begin the process of taming them by using raw fish as bait. As mentioned earlier, players should hold the raw fish and carefully approach the ocelot, offering the food from a distance. Tossing the fish gently towards the ocelot will encourage it to come closer and investigate.

It’s important to note that ocelots are skittish and may run away if they feel threatened. Therefore, players should avoid making any sudden or aggressive movements during the taming process.

By exploring jungle biomes with patience and understanding, players can successfully locate and tame these elusive felines, gaining a loyal and useful companion to accompany them on their adventures in the world of Minecraft.

What You Need to Tame Ocelots?

What You Need to Tame Ocelots?

To tame ocelots in Minecraft, you will need the following:

  1. Raw Fish: Ocelots are attracted to raw fish, specifically raw cod or raw salmon. You’ll need to have these in your inventory to tame them successfully. It’s recommended to have several raw fish, as taming an ocelot may require multiple attempts.
  2. Patience: Taming ocelots can be a time-consuming process, as they are naturally skittish and will run away if you approach them too quickly or make sudden movements. You’ll need to be patient and approach them slowly to gain their trust.
  3. Jungle Biome: Ocelots can only be found in jungle biomes in Minecraft. Ensure that you are exploring or located in a jungle biome to have a chance of encountering ocelots.
  4. Empty Hand: When attempting to tame an ocelot, make sure you have an empty hand. Holding any item will not work, as they will only respond to the offering of raw fish.
  5. Approach Carefully: Move towards the ocelot slowly and avoid sudden movements. Crouching (pressing the shift key) can help you move quietly, reducing the chance of scaring them away.
  6. Persistence: Taming ocelots is not guaranteed on the first try. You may need to offer raw fish multiple times before the ocelot becomes friendly and trusts you enough to be tamed.
  7. No Other Tamed Animals: Before trying to tame an ocelot, ensure that you don’t have other tamed animals following you. Having other pets can interfere with the taming process, as ocelots are naturally wary of players with tamed companions.

Taming an ocelot can be a rewarding experience, as they will transform into loyal cats that can follow you and ward off certain hostile mobs. Remember to respect their natural instincts and be patient throughout the taming process to successfully befriend these beautiful and elusive creatures in the world of Minecraft.

What You Can Do With Ocelots

Once you successfully tame an ocelot in Minecraft and it transforms into a cat, you can do several things with your newfound feline companion:

  1. Follow and Defend: Tamed ocelots, now cats, will follow you around the world of Minecraft. They can act as loyal companions, staying close by and mimicking your movements. Cats are also adept at warding off certain hostile mobs, such as creepers. When a cat is nearby, creepers will avoid getting too close, which can save you from unexpected explosions.
  2. Sitting: You can make your tamed cat sit or stand by right-clicking on them (or pressing the interact button on your gaming platform). This can be useful when you want them to stay put at a particular location or prevent them from following you temporarily.
  3. Mob Farming: Cats have a unique ability to scare away and eliminate various pests, such as phantoms, silverfish, baby zombies, and even endermen. If you have a mob farm or encounter these mobs during your adventures, your cat can be an excellent ally in dealing with them.
  4. Catching Drops: When fishing, cats have a chance to catch fish that land near them, providing an amusing animation and collecting the fish for you.
  5. Teleportation Prevention: While you’re sleeping in a bed, cats can sleep on the same block as you, preventing other hostile mobs from spawning near your sleeping location.
  6. Breed: If you have multiple tamed cats, you can breed them by giving each of them a raw fish. This will cause them to enter “love mode,” and after a short time, a new kitten will be born.
  7. Decoration: Cats can be a delightful addition to your base or home in Minecraft, adding a touch of companionship and warmth to your living space.

It’s important to note that cats have a mind of their own, and their actions are sometimes unpredictable. While they can be helpful and entertaining, they are not as controllable as some other pets in the game. Nevertheless, the joy of having a faithful feline companion by your side makes the effort to tame ocelots and transform them into cats a worthwhile endeavor in the world of Minecraft.

Things to Do with Ocelots

In Minecraft, ocelots are fascinating creatures with unique behaviors and abilities. While you can’t directly control ocelots like tamed cats, there are several fun and interesting things you can do with them:

  1. Observe Their Behavior: Ocelots have their own AI and will exhibit natural behaviors. Watch them roam, leap between trees, and interact with the environment. Their graceful movements and distinctive appearance make them captivating to observe.
  2. Build a Jungle Sanctuary: If you find ocelots in a jungle biome, consider creating a jungle sanctuary or enclosure for them. This can be a dedicated area within your base or a separate structure where they can live safely.
  3. Jungle Exploration: Venture deep into the jungle with your ocelot friends. They can follow you, and while they won’t help in combat, they add a unique atmosphere to your exploration.
  4. Decorate Your World: Utilize ocelot-themed decorations and designs to celebrate their presence. You can incorporate spotted patterns, cat statues, or jungle-themed structures into your builds.
  5. Wildlife Park: Create a wildlife park in your Minecraft world, where you house not only tamed animals but also ocelots living freely in a jungle-themed enclosure.
  6. Cat Farm: If you’re in creative mode or have access to a large number of spawn eggs, you can spawn multiple ocelots and enjoy the ambiance of a thriving cat farm.
  7. Jungle Ambush: Set up a fun scenario where you encounter ocelots unexpectedly, such as a jungle-themed adventure map or obstacle course.
  8. Photography and Art: Take screenshots or create art featuring ocelots in picturesque jungle settings. Share your creations with the Minecraft community or use them as wallpapers.
  9. Educational Builds: Construct informational displays or exhibits about ocelots, educating other players about these unique creatures and their real-life counterparts.
  10. Redstone Contraptions: Get creative with redstone and incorporate ocelots into your contraptions, using their presence as a part of Minecraft mechanisms.

While ocelots are not directly controllable like tamed cats, their presence adds depth and immersion to the Minecraft world. Whether you choose to observe their natural behaviors, build structures around them, or incorporate them into your creative endeavors, ocelots offer a unique and enjoyable aspect to your Minecraft experience.


In conclusion, ocelots in Minecraft are captivating creatures that add a touch of wilderness and charm to the game’s world. Taming them requires patience and understanding, as these elusive felines cannot be tamed through conventional means. However, the effort to gain their trust is well worth it, as they transform into loyal and useful cats that can accompany players on their adventures.

Once tamed, these cats become more than just companions; they offer unique advantages, such as scaring away certain hostile mobs like creepers and aiding in defending against other pests. Additionally, their natural behaviors, graceful movements, and distinctive appearance make them delightful to observe in their jungle habitats.

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