What Does Smite Do in minecraft

In the expansive world of Minecraft, where danger lurks around every corner, players often seek ways to gain the upper hand against formidable adversaries. One such method is through the enchantment known as Smite. Smite is a powerful enchantment that imbues melee weapons with divine retribution, allowing players to strike down undead mobs with unmatched force.

When applied to swords or axes, Smite enables players to deal devastating damage to undead creatures, making it a sought-after enchantment for those venturing into dark and treacherous realms. The enchantment’s primary targets include mobs such as skeletons, zombies, wither skeletons, zombie pigmen, and even the fearsome Wither boss. The higher the level of Smite, the greater the damage inflicted upon these unholy entities.

Obtaining Smite can be achieved through several means. Players can acquire enchanted weapons with Smite from loot chests or as rare drops from defeated mobs. Alternatively, enchanting tables and anvils offer opportunities to enchant items with Smite. Enchanting tables require experience levels and lapis lazuli, while anvils allow players to combine enchanted books with weapons, creating more potent Smite-infused weapons.

What is Smite?

In the vast and immersive world of Minecraft, players encounter a wide array of creatures, some friendly and others much less so. To aid players in their battles against the forces of evil, Minecraft offers a powerful enchantment known as Smite. Smite is a unique enchantment that bestows divine retribution upon melee weapons, allowing players to strike down undead mobs with extraordinary force.

When applied to swords or axes, Smite empowers players to deal devastating damage specifically targeted at undead creatures. It becomes a sought-after enchantment for those who dare to traverse haunted landscapes, face skeletal armies, or challenge the nefarious Wither boss. The enchantment’s potency increases with higher levels of Smite, allowing players to unleash even more destructive blows upon these unholy adversaries.

Acquiring Smite can be accomplished through various means. Players may come across weapons already enchanted with Smite in loot chests or as rare drops from defeated mobs. Alternatively, they can utilize enchanting tables or anvils to imbue their weapons with the divine power of Smite. Enchanting tables require experience levels and lapis lazuli, while anvils provide the option of combining enchanted books with weapons to create more formidable Smite-infused gear.

The Effects of Smite

Smite, a potent enchantment in Minecraft, possesses unique effects that empower players to wreak havoc upon undead creatures. When applied to melee weapons such as swords or axes, Smite bestows incredible power and grants adventurers the ability to vanquish the unholy with unparalleled force. Let’s explore the effects of Smite and understand its impact on gameplay.

Increased Damage Against Undead Mobs:
Smite’s primary effect is to significantly increase the damage dealt to undead mobs. This includes creatures such as zombies, skeletons, wither skeletons, zombie pigmen, and the mighty Wither boss. With each level of Smite, the damage multiplier amplifies, allowing players to dispatch these unholy creatures swiftly and decisively. The higher the level of Smite, the more devastating the blows against undead foes.

Exclusive Effectiveness Against Undead:
Smite is specifically tailored to combat undead mobs. While it inflicts remarkable damage on these creatures, its effect is negligible against other types of foes. It’s crucial for players to identify and prioritize encounters with undead adversaries to fully capitalize on the power of Smite.

Unique Damage Calculation:
Smite’s damage calculation differs from other enchantments. Instead of adding a flat bonus to each attack, Smite multiplies the base damage of the weapon against undead mobs. This makes it an invaluable asset when confronting hordes of zombies or facing off against formidable skeletal adversaries.

Synergy with Looting Enchantment:
Smite synergizes exceptionally well with the Looting enchantment. When a weapon with Smite and Looting is used to defeat an undead mob, players have an increased chance of obtaining rare drops, such as wither skeleton skulls or enchanted gear. This encourages players to combine Smite with Looting for optimal rewards from their hard-fought battles.

Reducing Damage from Channeling Lightning:
Additionally, Smite provides a secondary effect when it comes to channeling lightning. When a weapon with Smite is used to strike a mob during a thunderstorm while holding a Channeling-enchanted Trident, the damage from the lightning strike is reduced. This can be advantageous in situations where players want to capture mobs alive rather than slaying them outright.

Acquiring and Enchanting with Smite

In Minecraft, obtaining and enchanting weapons with Smite is essential for adventurers seeking to harness the divine power of this potent enchantment. Let’s explore the methods of acquiring Smite and the enchanting process to infuse your melee weapons with its formidable might.

Finding Smite-Enchanted Weapons:
One way to acquire a weapon already enchanted with Smite is by searching for loot chests or obtaining rare drops from defeated mobs. Exploring dungeons, strongholds, or bastions can often lead to the discovery of enchanted gear, including weapons with Smite. Additionally, trading with villagers, particularly clerics, may present an opportunity to obtain Smite-enchanted weapons in exchange for emeralds.

Enchanting Tables:
Enchanting tables are a fundamental tool for enchanting items in Minecraft. To enchant a weapon with Smite using an enchanting table, follow these steps:

  • Craft an enchanting table using obsidian, diamonds, and a book.
  • Set up the enchanting table in a suitable location.
  • Collect experience points by performing activities such as mining, defeating mobs, or smelting ores.
  • Place the weapon you wish to enchant in the enchanting table’s interface.
  • Spend levels of experience and lapis lazuli to enchant the weapon.
  • The resulting enchantment is random, but there is a chance of receiving Smite. If Smite is not obtained, you can try enchanting another weapon or use an anvil for further options.

Anvils and Enchanted Books:
Anvils offer an alternative method for acquiring Smite enchantments by combining enchanted books or repairing existing enchanted weapons. Here’s how to enchant weapons with Smite using an anvil:

  • Obtain enchanted books with Smite by trading with villagers, fishing, or exploring generated structures.
  • Collect the required materials for an anvil, including iron ingots.
  • Place the weapon you want to enchant in the anvil’s left slot.
  • Place an enchanted book with Smite in the anvil’s right slot.
  • The anvil will display the resulting weapon with the combined enchantments. Ensure you have the necessary levels of experience to complete the process.
  • Rename the weapon if desired.
  • Retrieve the newly enchanted weapon from the anvil and wield its divine power against the undead.

Strategies for Utilizing Smite

Identify Undead Mobs as Primary Targets:
Smite is specifically designed to deal increased damage against undead mobs such as zombies, skeletons, wither skeletons, zombie pigmen, and the Wither boss. To make the most of Smite, prioritize engagements with these unholy creatures. Focusing on undead adversaries ensures that you fully utilize the enchantment’s heightened damage output against the appropriate targets.

Combine Smite with Complementary Enchantments:
Enhance the power of Smite by combining it with other enchantments that synergize well. One effective combination is Smite with Sharpness, which increases overall damage output. The dual enchantment makes you a formidable force against undead foes, allowing you to dispatch them more efficiently. Experiment with different enchantment combinations to discover powerful synergies that suit your playstyle.

Use Smite for Farming Rare Drops:
Smite works harmoniously with the Looting enchantment. Looting increases the chances of obtaining rare drops from defeated mobs. When combined with Smite, Looting ensures that you have a higher chance of obtaining valuable items like wither skeleton skulls, enchanted gear, or other exclusive drops. Use Smite-enchanted weapons in conjunction with Looting to increase your chances of acquiring rare loot from undead mobs.

Utilize Smite against Bosses and Strongholds:
Smite can prove particularly valuable when facing formidable bosses and exploring strongholds. The Wither boss, for example, is highly vulnerable to Smite’s increased damage against undead mobs. Equipping a Smite-enchanted weapon significantly enhances your ability to defeat this powerful adversary. Additionally, strongholds often harbor undead mobs like skeletons and zombies, making Smite indispensable for clearing out these dangerous structures.

Acquire Higher Levels of Smite:
Smite is available in various levels, ranging from I to V, with each level inflicting greater damage against undead mobs. Consider combining enchanted books or repeatedly enchanting weapons to acquire higher levels of Smite. The higher the level, the more devastating your strikes will be against the undead. Invest time and resources into obtaining higher-level Smite enchantments for maximum impact.

The Limitations of Smite

While Smite is a formidable enchantment in Minecraft, it does have certain limitations that players should be aware of when utilizing it in their adventures. Understanding these limitations can help players make informed decisions and develop effective strategies for combat. Let’s explore the limitations of Smite:

Limited Effectiveness Against Non-Undead Mobs:
Smite is specifically designed to be effective against undead mobs, such as zombies, skeletons, wither skeletons, zombie pigmen, and the Wither boss. However, its power is significantly reduced when used against non-undead mobs. When facing off against creatures like spiders, creepers, or endermen, Smite will not provide any damage bonuses. It’s crucial to have alternative weapons or enchantments to deal with a variety of adversaries encountered in Minecraft.

Ineffectiveness Against Players:
Another important limitation of Smite is that it does not have any additional impact when used against other players. While Smite can be devastating against undead mobs, its power does not extend to player characters. Players should keep this in mind during PvP (player versus player) encounters and choose enchantments more suited for combat against other players.

Utilization of an Enchantment Slot:
Smite, like other enchantments, requires players to allocate an enchantment slot on their weapon. This means that players need to consider their overall enchantment strategy and make choices regarding which enchantments to prioritize. Depending on the specific playstyle and objectives, players may need to weigh the benefits of Smite against other enchantments that offer advantages in different combat scenarios.

Specialization in Undead-Focused Gameplay:
Due to its nature as an enchantment that primarily affects undead mobs, Smite tends to be most useful for players who frequently encounter and engage with such creatures. If a player’s gameplay primarily revolves around non-undead mobs or other activities like building or exploration, Smite may have limited usefulness. It’s important to assess whether investing in Smite aligns with the player’s gameplay preferences and objectives.

By understanding the limitations of Smite, players can make informed decisions about its usage and optimize their combat strategies accordingly. While Smite excels at dealing with undead mobs, it may not be the ideal choice in all situations. By considering alternative enchantments and adapting strategies, players can overcome these limitations and emerge victorious in their Minecraft adventures.


In the vast world of Minecraft, where danger lurks at every turn, the Smite enchantment emerges as a powerful tool for those seeking to unleash divine retribution upon the undead. With its ability to amplify damage against zombies, skeletons, wither skeletons, zombie pigmen, and the Wither boss, Smite empowers players to vanquish these unholy creatures with unmatched force.

However, it is important to recognize the limitations of Smite. While it excels against undead mobs, it falls short against non-undead creatures and has no additional effect on player characters. Players must carefully consider their enchantment choices and adapt their strategies accordingly.

To acquire Smite, adventurers can search for pre-enchanted weapons, trade with villagers, or employ enchanting tables and anvils to infuse their weapons with divine power. By combining Smite with complementary enchantments and employing effective combat strategies, players can maximize their advantage against the undead.

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