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Make your MLBB easier by unlocked all skins, cheats codes, and battle emotes, download the Box Skin Injector Apk and inject it into game.
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Android 4.0 and up
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Box Skin Injector is an app that customizes all the 106 characters in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang by changing their 400+ costumes. Besides it, All Effects, Skins, Drones, Maps, Analogs, Recalls, etc., are on sale at no cost. Indeed, it is the ultimate & unbeatable app for MLBB lovers to unlock all the premium stuff. Moreover, unlocked materials include both classic & latest items for all parts of the game. If you are one of the 80 million ML players, then try this app. Though other tools like AG Injector and Kaneki ML Injector are trying to meet your requirements yet, Box Skin is incomparable. So, click the free download link and grab its newest APK file to become a guru.

Mobile Legends is full of diverse & valuable gaming items. But the thing is, you can open them through the ML Diamonds, Gold, Tickets, Battle Points, and other currencies only. Hence, it becomes an unaffordable game at that point. A few hardcore gamers have created some of the finest tools to modify this game secretly. Consequently, newbies & incompetent gamers can play this action game differently. At the same time, it is a risky & illegal method too. You need to follow a few guidelines & precautions suggested by the developers. Use of a fake account, activation of a few cheats at one time, and less use of the mod tool are the most prominent instructions.

Box Skin Injector APK Info

Name Box Skin Injector APK
Version v13.9
Updated on 2 hours ago
Size 9.4 MB
Requirements Android 4.0 and up
Offered By RDM87
Liscence FREE
Category Tools
MOD Info MLBB Costumes
Rating (4.6/5) 168231 Votes

Features of New Box Skin Injector 2023:


This app comes with great features and cheats that you can use without paying a single penny. New BoxSkin v13.9 has a lot of features which are mentioned below and these may upgrade the other update (Box Skin v13.9).

All Effects

  • You can use Recall.
  • Respawn is also available.
  • Elimination options like R.I.P, Starlight, K.o, Celebrate and many other.
  • Battle Notifikasi for Crystal, lightbornt, shinto, starlight, and summer etc.

Unlock All Skin

  • It has all skin for fighter, tank, assasin, marksman, mage, support etc.
  • You can upgrade skins like Alucard, Chou, ‘Guison, Lancelot, Fanny, Selena, Ling, Paquito, Yu Zhong, Benedeta, Granger, Bruno, Wanwan, YSS, Aldous, Zilong, Hayabusa, Claude, Brody, Baxia and all other.
  • All painted skins are available
  • Anime or custom skins like Sun x Naruto (Hokage), Dyroth x Boruto, Chou x Rock Lee, Hayabusa x Kakashi and many more

More Menu

  • Battle emotes like emote Alucard, emote Chou KOF, RRQ emote etc.
  • Intro and Loading options like for ML Evos, ML RRQ, ML Onic, GEEK Fam and much more.
  • Custom maps like Jalan, kayu, Ultra HD, etc.
  • Analog customs like Alucard legends, Analog Argus, Chou Kof, Cyclops and Dyrroth KOF etc.

Drone View

  • Drone View from X2-X5.
  • Also has tablet view.

General Features

  • New Box Skin is bug-free and has an option to fix bugs.
  • It is lightweight and supports low-end devices as well.
  • This is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • Support Android 5 plus.
  • Does not support Android 11.
  • Easy UI and simple to use.
  • It has no Advertisements.

How to Download and install the Box Skin Injector APK?:

How to Download and install the Box Skin Injector APK

To download the APK file, follow these steps. Click on the download button and wait for the download to begin.

  • After downloading the APK Package, go to Phone’s Settings
  • Now, Go to phone settings, open the Security Option and enable Unknown Source.
  • Next, go to Download Folder and Locate the recently downloaded APK File
  • Tap on it and then Click onInstall.
  • Once the APK has been installed,
  • Finally, Open the game, inject free ML skins and Start Playing

Box Skin Injector APK Additional Features.Box Skin Injector APK Additional Features

  • It is compatible with the latest update of MLBB.
  • Contains no errors.
  • The app can also work on non-rooted Android phones.
  • The app is 100% free. You don’t have to pay for it.
  • Its services are free of charge.
  • It is easy to use.

How to use of New Box Skin Injector APK:

  • You can either click on the download button provided or find the download links at the end of this article to get the New Box Skin Injector 2022 APK file.
  • We have provided links at the end for downloading the New Box Skin Injector 2021 APK File.
  • Install it by tapping on it.
  • The file is now ready for opening.
  • The inject button allows you to apply a new and premium skin to your hero.
  • After injecting any skin or cheating, you should restart the application. You can inject the skin and cheat simultaneously.

Pros And Cons To Box Skin Injector:

Pros And Cons To Box Skin Injector


  1. Customization: Using a skin injector tool can allow players to customize their in-game characters and visuals, providing a unique gaming experience.
  2. Variety of Skins: These tools often offer a wide range of skins and modifications that may not be available through official channels.
  3. Enhanced Aesthetics: Players can enjoy improved graphics and aesthetics by applying high-quality skins and modifications to their characters and game elements.
  4. Personalization: Skin injectors offer players the opportunity to personalize their gaming experience, expressing their style and preferences.
  5. Quick Access: These tools can provide instant access to skins and modifications without the need to earn or purchase them through official means.


  1. Security Risks: Using third-party tools like skin injectors can expose players to security risks, including malware, data theft, and unauthorized access to their devices.
  2. Account Suspension: Modifying a game’s files using unauthorized tools violates the game’s terms of service, potentially leading to account suspension or banning.
  3. Legal Implications: Using unauthorized tools to modify a game’s content could have legal consequences, as it might infringe on copyright and intellectual property rights.
  4. Game Instability: Modifying game files could lead to glitches, crashes, or instability in the game’s performance.
  5. Loss of Support: If issues arise due to the use of third-party tools, players might not receive support from the official game developers.
  6. Unintended Effects: Using skin injectors might result in unintended effects on gameplay, aesthetics, or even the functionality of the game.
  7. Ethical Concerns: Using unauthorized tools to access content for free could raise ethical concerns, as it undermines the efforts of game developers and content creators.
  8. Negative Impact on Developers: Developers invest time and resources in creating skins and modifications, and the use of unauthorized tools can have a negative impact on their revenue and motivation.

1. What is a skin injector tool?

A skin injector tool is a third-party application that allows players to modify the appearance of in-game characters, objects, or elements by injecting custom skins or modifications.

2. How does a skin injector work?

A skin injector typically modifies the game’s files to replace the default skins with custom ones. Players use the tool to select and apply the desired skins to their characters or items.

3. Are skin injector tools safe to use?

Skin injector tools come with security risks, such as malware and data breaches. Using them could compromise the safety of your device and personal information.

4. Can I get banned for using a skin injector?

Yes, using unauthorized tools like skin injectors violates the terms of service of the game and can result in account suspension or banning.

5. Are there legal implications for using skin injectors?

Using skin injectors could potentially infringe on copyright and intellectual property rights, leading to legal consequences.

6. Can I customize my game experience without using skin injectors?

Yes, many games offer legitimate ways to customize your experience through official in-game stores, events, and customization options.

7. How can I ensure the safety of my account and device?

To ensure safety, avoid using third-party tools, keep your device’s security software up-to-date, and stick to official game channels.

8. Are there alternatives to skin injectors for obtaining custom skins?

Yes, you can obtain custom skins through official game stores, events, and platforms provided by game developers.

9. Do developers support the use of skin injector tools?

No, developers generally do not support the use of unauthorized tools as they can disrupt game integrity and revenue streams.

10. What are the long-term consequences of using skin injectors?

Using skin injectors can lead to compromised security, loss of support, legal actions, and a negative impact on the overall gaming experience.


As a result, it has such exceptional features and functions, everyone wants it for their Android device. It is the latest MLB application full of features for fans. Download the Box Skin Injector  now and get yourself ready for the battle with all the premium items unlocked. You can comment below without any hesitation if the following links do not work for you, and we will resolve the issue in a short time.



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