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The Island APK stands as a remarkable application crafted to address the evolving needs of Android users seeking enhanced privacy and app management. In a digital landscape where personal data and security are paramount, the Island APK offers an ingenious solution.

This innovative application operates as a virtual sandbox, creating a secure and isolated environment within your device. This virtual space, often referred to as a “work profile,” enables users to run selected apps independently from their primary user profile.

In this introductory exploration, we will delve into the fundamental concepts, functionalities, and advantages that the Island APK brings to the forefront of privacy-conscious users’ considerations. By establishing a clear understanding of this application’s capabilities, users can make informed decisions about integrating the Island APK into their digital experience.

Island APK APP Info:

Name Island MOD APK
Version v6.0.5
Updated on 5 Hours Ago
Size 3 MB
Requirements Android 7.0 and up
Offered By Oasis Feng
Liscence FREE
Category Tools
MOD Info Premium Unlocked & Unlimited Money
Rating (4.7/5) 8920 Votes

Features of Island APK for Android

Isolate Apps

With the Island app, it becomes easier than ever to isolate any app from the active environment. Just like the Virtual space, this app creates an Island, which you can activate and deactivate manually. You can install certain apps in the Islands and then start using them as an Isolated app. This means the apps cannot have access to any of the data, and you can enjoy unmatched privacy even while using those apps.

Parallel Apps

Android allows users to run only one instance of any app at a time. That means you can use only one app at a time. The best thing about the Island app is that it allows you to run the same app multiple times in Parallel Space. With Parallel Space, you can run two instances of the same app and manage multiple accounts with ease. As both instances of the same app are isolated, you will get ultimate privacy and security.

Block Background Activity

Majority of the Android apps run in the background to collect various data about your activities. With the background processes, the apps drain a lot of battery resources even when you are not using the phone. With the Island app, you can block the background activity of the selected apps and easily prevent battery drain and ensure high levels of privacy. This is pretty helpful if you are more enthusiastic about keeping your data secure than ever.

No Root Needed

Unlike other Workspace apps, this app does not need any kind of root access. This app only needs administrative access to your phone and creates a Work account to use all the services and provide the best experience. As there is no rooting involved, you can maintain the warranty of your device. You can easily uninstall this app and remove the work profile to destroy everything and maintain high levels of privacy without any issues.

How to Download and Install Island APK 2023:

Power users must download the Island app to gain more control over the apps on their devices. With unique features like cloning, isolating and freezing apps, Island provides users with ways to improve privacy, optimize performance and manage apps.

The app is perfect for getting the most out of your device and apps. It doesn’t matter if you are searching Island APK for Android 6 or Island APK for Android 5; the APK file shared on this page works with all. Right now, this app works only on Android devices, so if you are searching Island APK iOS version, then this is not for you.


  • Save the downloaded APK file anywhere on your device.
  • Now open the Android Settings app and then go to Security Settings.
  • Find the option named “Unknown Sources” and enable it.
  • Use the downloaded APK file to install the app.
  • It will take just a couple of seconds, and you’ll be done.
  • Open the app using the shortcut created on the home screen to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Island APK?

Island APK is an application that creates an isolated and secure environment, often referred to as a “work profile,” within your Android device. It allows you to run selected apps independently from your main user profile.

2. Why would I need to use Island APK?

Island APK is particularly useful for maintaining privacy and security. You can use it to keep work-related apps and data separate from your personal apps, reducing the risk of data leakage and unauthorized access.

3. How does Island APK work?

Island APK creates a sandboxed environment where selected apps are installed and run independently. This separation prevents these apps from accessing your personal data and other apps, enhancing privacy.

4. Can I use Island APK for personal apps too?

Yes, Island APK can be used for both work and personal apps. It’s a versatile tool for segregating different aspects of your digital life and maintaining a clear boundary between them.

5. Is rooting my device necessary to use Island APK?

No, Island APK does not require rooting your device. It operates on non-rooted devices as well, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

6. Can I share data between the main profile and the Island profile?

While Island APK aims to keep profiles isolated, there are ways to share certain data between them if needed. However, these methods might compromise the isolation to some extent.

7. Will using Island APK impact my device’s performance?

Using Island APK generally has a minimal impact on device performance. However, since it creates a separate environment, there might be a slight increase in resource usage.

8. Can I uninstall apps within the Island profile?

Yes, you can uninstall apps within the Island profile just like you would in the main profile. The changes made in the Island profile do not affect the main profile and vice versa.

9. Is Island APK compatible with all Android devices?

Island APK is compatible with many Android devices. However, compatibility may vary based on the Android version and device specifications. It’s recommended to check the app’s requirements before installing.

10. Are there alternatives to Island APK?

Yes, there are alternatives like “Shelter” and “Parallel Space” that offer similar functionality. Each has its own features and benefits, so it’s a good idea to explore multiple options to find the best fit for your needs.


In conclusion, the Island APK emerges as a valuable tool that addresses the modern challenges of maintaining privacy, security, and organizational efficiency within the digital realm. By creating an isolated environment, or “work profile,” within your Android device, the Island APK empowers users to wield greater control over their app usage, data integrity, and personal boundaries.


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