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Free Download Reaver APK File Latest Version v1.30 No Root for Android to find WPA key on WiFi Networks.
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“Reaver APK” is a third-party Android application that has gained attention for its functionality related to wireless networks and security. This app is designed to assist users in testing the security of their Wi-Fi networks by attempting to crack WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) pins and gain access to the network. However, it’s important to note that the use of “Reaver APK” for unauthorized or unethical purposes can raise serious legal and ethical concerns.

The app’s intended use is for educational purposes and for assessing the security of one’s own network to identify vulnerabilities. However, its capabilities could also be misused, potentially leading to unauthorized access to networks, data breaches, and privacy violations.

Reaver APK APP info:

Name Reaver APK
Version v1.30
Updated on 4 Hours Ago
Size 720 KB
Requirements Android 4.0 and up
Offered By Bcmon
Liscence FREE
Category Tools
MOD Info Pro Version & No Root
Rating (4.6/5) 4729 Votes

About Reaver APK :

Reaver, or RfA, is a tool used to audit WiFi networks. In simple words, we can say it can help you break into nearby WiFi networks by decrypting their passwords. This tool will help you use others’ WiFi when you don’t know the Passwords. However, you will require another App, Bcmon, for the same. Once you have both the App, you can access any WPA WiFi network.

Moreover, the App is easily accessible and safe to use. It automatically detects the access points and helps you access them easily. The App will figure out the password for all nearby WiFis. In addition, you can easily enable or disable its features to automatically detect access points. Getting WiFi passwords is easy with the App, but we will not recommend you the same as it is an unlawful activity.

Features of Reaver APK:

The application provides easy and robust features for customer satisfaction. You can also take advantage of the pro functions by obtaining this app. But first of all, get a glance at the Reaver app to better understand it.

Free of charge

Free of charge

The most interesting thing about the tool is that it is completely free of cost. So, guys, you don’t have to pay subscription charges to use and download the app and if you found any site with such requirements then leave that immediately and get it from our website absolutely free of cost. We also recommend you to download file Super Sus MOD APK.

Monitor mode Enable/ disable

Monitor mode Enable & disable

This application lets users quickly enable or disable the monitor mode anytime whenever they want. So, without facing any difficulty you can also enable/disable the detection of robust features and functions. Also, download whats tracker mod apk.

Development phase

Development phase

It offers you frequent updates and changes because still this is under the development process. So, you will experience several changes in the features and interface of the app. But that’s ok as it is going to give you a wonderful experience while auditing Wi-Fi networks.

Flawless and graphical design

Flawless and graphical design

Keep in mind, the application is simple and easy to use so people with no skills can handle it without any problem. Hence, with the friendly user interface of Reaver Apk, you might get an outstanding and amazing experience effortlessly. We also recommend you to download webnovel mod apk.

Identify Wi-Fi networks

Identify Wi-Fi networks

The application does not provide you with a tough time to break into other Wi-Fi networks and their passwords. Literally, it is an easily accessible application that is going to be your savior when you ran out of data. So, if you want to audit Wi-Fi networks then download Reaver Apk instead of others. In addition, now you can also download vidiq apk.

Automatic connection

Automatic connection

It does not ask you to manually connect to the internet because it will help you automatically connect to that.  This way, you can save a lot of time as it will not provide any tough and hard requirements.

Safe and trusted app

Safe and trusted app

Many scammed applications are found on the internet so, people often found it confusing which one is trusted and secure to use.  Therefore, we have brought you this application which assures to give you a safe and secure interface without any issues. Everyone can trust this tool without being scared about safety concerns and personal information. We also recommend you to download mega mod apk.

Automatic detection

Automatic detection

It has this feature that allows you to easily detect any WPS-compatible router, present around you. This way, things become more quick and easy so that you can benefit from the cool features without any complication.



Remember that, the application supports android devices only so you can’t experience this advanced tool on other low end devices. But it’s fine because it works amazingly on android phones so, get this app for you and use it with ease and comfort.

What is Reaver RFA?

Reaver APK is developed by a network and solutions group to get to know the loopholes in an internet connection or server.

You need to download it from the given download link, install it on your Android phone or tablet. Before this (RFA) was only used on the desktop to nearby internet connections.

Now Reaver has been developed and is happily available to use on Android phones. You should also download BcMon. This will help you in monitoring the traffic of that network.

The use of Reaver is simple, though the app takes time to accumulate the total figures or to give you a key to a network, but, this works for sure on any network.

Alternatives to Reaver APK:

If you’re looking for alternatives to “Reaver APK” that offer functionalities related to Wi-Fi security and network testing, here are some options:

  1. Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps: These apps, such as “WiFi Analyzer” and “NetSpot,” provide information about Wi-Fi networks, signal strength, and channel interference, without focusing on unauthorized access.
  2. Network Scanner Apps: Apps like “Fing” and “Network Scanner” help you discover devices connected to your network and identify potential security issues.
  3. Router Security Tools: Many router manufacturers provide their own security tools and apps to help users monitor and secure their networks.
  4. Network Penetration Testing Tools: Tools like “Kali Linux” or “Nmap” offer comprehensive network scanning and penetration testing capabilities for ethical hacking and security testing.
  5. Educational Resources: Online courses and tutorials on network security and ethical hacking, such as those on platforms like Udemy and Coursera, provide knowledge for responsible security testing.
  6. Professional Security Tools: Companies like Metasploit offer professional-grade security testing tools with comprehensive features, designed for ethical hacking and penetration testing.
  7. Consulting Services: Engaging with professional cybersecurity consulting firms can help identify network vulnerabilities and implement proper security measures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is Reaver APK?

A1: Reaver APK is a third-party Android application known for its functionality related to Wi-Fi network security testing and specifically attempting to crack WPS pins.

Q2: How does Reaver APK work?

A2: Reaver APK attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) by repeatedly guessing the PIN used for authentication, potentially granting unauthorized access to the network.

Q3: Is Reaver APK legal to use?

A3: The legality of using Reaver APK depends on the intended purpose. Using it to test the security of your own network with proper authorization may be legal, while using it without authorization can lead to legal consequences.

Q4: What is the intended purpose of Reaver APK?

A4: Reaver APK is designed for educational and security assessment purposes. It allows users to test the vulnerability of their own Wi-Fi networks to WPS attacks.

Q5: Can Reaver APK be used for unauthorized access?

A5: Yes, Reaver APK can potentially be misused for unauthorized access to Wi-Fi networks, which is unethical and often illegal.

Q6: What are the risks of using Reaver APK without authorization?

A6: Using Reaver APK without proper authorization can breach privacy, violate laws, and result in criminal charges and legal penalties.

Q7: Are there ethical alternatives to Reaver APK?

A7: Ethical alternatives include network security tools for testing and securing your own network, as well as professional services that offer ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Q8: Can Reaver APK cause harm to networks?

A8: Reaver APK can potentially disrupt networks, compromise security, and breach privacy if used without authorization.

Q9: How can I use Reaver APK ethically?

A9: To use Reaver APK ethically, ensure you have authorization to test your own network’s security, follow legal guidelines, and respect privacy.

Q10: What precautions should I take if I want to use Reaver APK responsibly?

A10: If using Reaver APK responsibly, ensure you have permission to test the security of your network, avoid unauthorized access, and prioritize ethical use within legal boundaries.


In conclusion, “Reaver APK” is a notable Android application that offers users the ability to test the security of Wi-Fi networks by attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) protocol. While the app has legitimate educational and assessment purposes for evaluating the security of one’s own network, it also poses ethical and legal concerns when used for unauthorized or malicious activities.


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