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HAWK 28.1.20704

A hawk screeched shrilly from atop its perch high in a tree. It’s eyes locked onto prey below, just waiting to swoop down and carry it off into the sky. Every wing beat would take it one inch closer to its catch until finally, after all those years of hunting, it found success! With every shot fired by his falcon brethren, he felt his freedom grow ever larger before him; free from everything that restricted him before. He’ll never turn back now – this is who he was born to be: Freedom Fighter.

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The Douchebag Autocrat invaders promised an Air Combat for flying heros who had the balls to fight against them – it was time to meet them in aerial combat and kick some butt! Dozens of airplanes are available for your Falcon Crew – fighter jets, dieselpunk contraptions, and much more!

Unique robots as companions, lots of weapons, and upgrade possibilities which are different depending on the plane you’re using; classic arcade spirit with flashy modern graphics: shoot ’em up the game at its best. Super cool heroes – manly pilots unite against their enemies as an unbeatable winning airstrike force! You can always challenge other players in this addictive offline/online game mode.

Gather with all your friends and destroy those who oppose you! This is a shoot ’em up style game where players work together to eliminate enemies. Encourage everyone to use their skills, find cover fire when needed, and do whatever it takes to stay alive. There are tough boss battles and never ending waves of bad guys trying to kill you – so watch out! One shot will take down your aircraft if you’re not careful so only rely on yourself but keep in mind that this isn’t an easy ride either way. With such an intense level difficulty, this game is sure to give anyone who plays it a thrill they’ll never forget… Follow us on Facebook: https://www.Facebook.Com/Hawk.Game

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