VW Passat Mobile

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Nov 7, 2021
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VW Passat Mobile

Begin your journey with Volkswagen’s Passat mobile speedometer and get ready for the best-driving experience there is in car racing games. You can enjoy many different types of games – from easy ones to difficult ones; complete different missions; unlock new tracks; customize your cars; create custom racetracks, modify weather conditions, or even choose a police chase scene (on top of all these other things).

Speed VW Passat Traffic Racer

The free roam mode offers you to explore the vast space of this wide open world and take a closer look at what it has to offer during nighttime when things are lit up. After your vehicle is either repaired or outfitted with new parts, you can use automatic driving modes in order to bypass any difficulties while progressing through the game. When taking part in a race event, follow-mode will give you all of the necessary information on how to go about racing until such time that they graduate from racing school and acquire your driver’s license without hassle.

Challenges will put your driving, racing, and drifting skills to the ultimate test! Earn rewards for unlocking new vehicles and tracks; researching top speeds; drifting around curves; or spin donuts in parking lots.


  • Immersive 3D graphics
  • Simple and practical handlings of automobiles
  • When you pass me, you’re going too fast.
  • Street racing at night while driving through the city
  • All sorts of people and vehicles can be seen near my home.
  • Primary customisation is done through liveries and wheels
  • Leaderboards and achievements have been a part of gaming for many years now.
  • There are many different automotive tuning options

Speed VW Passat Traffic Racer

Drift Passat provides you to experience the true physics of driving various automobiles during recreational hours. Participate in a multiplayer game with friends by racing the tracks or touring together on a free journey. This excessive automobile driving simulator is free to play! Simply sit down at the wheel of your VW Passat and revel in Drift race recreation. This automotive simulation is specially designed for quick traveling at maximum pace. Daha az goster

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