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Age of 2048 1.6.13

Building the most successful Civilization City Games! Merge the same block to build great Civilizations! With a simple slide you can go to history and experience great historical moments. Experience an up-to-date feeling while building a city in the 2048 puzzle game era of different eras.*Challenging levels provide fun puzzles for both young and old minds alike, merging blocks together as one entity until they are all connected for maximum points.

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By 2048 AD, swipe blocks to develop your civilization. You can create a curiosity, stone age or space age civilizations with each having its own unique power. Collect resources and items from them to upgrade buildings and recover from disasters. There are many ways to obtain gems used for upgrades.

  • You can also use the magic wand to upgrade buildings which will make it easier for you when facing tough times.
  • A powerful cleaner clears up more room so you don’t run out of space.
  • Add thousands of new quests like bring an epic and compete with players around the globe on many different boards made by professional artists who represent diverse civilizations

In the year of 2048, an age where technology thrives at every corner, people become addicted to social media such as Facebook. You are a city builder and you are trying to create the best civilization that could possibly exist within this era!

INSTAGRAMhttps://www.instagram.com/• Twitterhttps://twitter ageof2048world.ageof2048 com/Music Director: Sooyoung Kim (to the train station)Composer: Sooyoung Kim, Oh Kyung, Min-Jiyoung, Song Donggeun, Bok Dajin, Kim SojeongSound Design: Sooyoung Kim, Oh KyungInstrument Recording: DonghwiKim,Dongwook Kim

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