Armed Heist 1.1.45

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Armed Heist 1.1.45

It’s time to get down to business with Armed Heist; an action-packed first person shooter that will make your heart beat wildly! Test your skills of avoidance as you participate in robbing banks and armored trucks. Avoid being riddled with bullets while carrying out your favorite activity of robbing banks – it has never been so exciting before.

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Are you looking for an exciting third-person shooter bank robbery game? Come to the right place because we offer a variety of challenging missions with the cops in over seventy different shooting situations that will test your skills. In this thrilling and challenging game, you must become ruthless and clever if you want to survive this gripping life-or-death adventure without losing too many lives! You also have access to a wide range of customizable weapons including pistols, shotguns, snipers, and assault rifles which will ensure every player has what they need when it comes time to take out the enemy or escape from danger!

Armed Heist lets you arm yourself with an arsenal fit for a king. Choose from a wide range of guns and modify them to suit your needs! Use scopes, silencers, grips, barrels, stocks and other items to modify your gun in order to give yourself the upper hand before robbing banks or armored cars. Crime Maps provide up-to-date data about locations of vulnerable targets so that you can decide which mission you want to do today!

Dynamic scenarios- prepare for an exciting adventure! In this online FPS shooting game, no bank shooting challenge is ever the same twice. Each scenario changes based on how you play and how skilled you are with your weapon. * Personalize your character – customize them to make them uniquely yours!

From what kind of character would you like to play? A ruthless clown, one who fights for justice, or someone who runs with a group of friends in order to provide them protection from those who would take their freedom away from them? Whether it’s the army or just a bunch of people looking out for each other, there are many ways to win skins, masks, and many outfits. So choose wisely and go forth into this vast world we call Armed Heist!

Third-person shooters are very suspenseful, dynamic games. You can’t see what you’re shooting at or who is shooting back at you when playing first person shooters but in a third-player shooter your character moves and interacts with the environment and instead of seeing things from just behind him or her, it feels like you’re there beside them; robbing banks and taking shots from those trying to stop you along the way!

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