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Auto Chess 1.4.0

Auto Chess is a new and highly challenging multiplayer strategy game built by Drodo and released by Dragonest. This innovative and original game puts you in an eight-player environment with one objective – survive until there’s only one person left standing. You’ll need to strategically manage your resources, which include building your economy system, developing unique units for combat, and adapting strategies quickly in order to emerge as the victor from this fierce battle of wits.

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Imbatv will host the worldwide contests for Auto Chess. No matter where you’re from, everyone can take a chance at challenging the finest competitors here. The best automated Chess tournament is still going – just start playing today! By using exciting game pieces and expert tactical skills, 8 players will battle it out for victory in 10 minutes flat. Millions of people are still playing this addictive game every day, but now they’ll have even more reasons to keep coming back for more!

Make Fair Play a true fair-play game! World e-Sports Games is made by Dragonest Co.Ltd.Şti. Drodo and lmbaTV. One million dollars awaits those who succeed! Strategy rules as players select from the shared Card pool of heroes then form strategic formations according to individual strategy; Jockeying for evolution, combination, position etc. You can implement strategies to large extents – Who will adapt to the changing tides and survive until the end?

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