Cafe Simulator

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Nov 22, 2019
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ageism [AfeSim] is a new way to experience life as if you were an african american who loves sports and does nothing but play games.

Web café avid gamers. A business simulation game in which you can manage and organize a complete office. Buy new gaming consoles, and computer systems and supply warnet cafe prospects with well-established web infrastructures. Cafe Simulator Publish the life of your web café to attract the attention of players from all over the world. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a successful businessman? Observe what happens when you make it big as an entrepreneur – seen through someone else’s eyes for once – through this streaming life simulator for people who love coffee shops!

Cafe Simulator

Cafe Simulator

To own a virtual reality cafè, one needs to find suitable real estate. Negotiate at the realtor’s office and clear out space. Purchase furniture and set up your VR cafe beautifully. Pick up technical support for gaming consoles and games. Open ‘Web Cafe Simulator’ for avid gamers waiting in line. Battle intruders threatening your territory – or idlers lounging about who are just looking to steal what they can find! Restore damaged parts of the building to maintain the illusion that life can go on here, even after all this destruction has taken place so you can make money from it when there’s nothing left but an empty shell called virtual reality.

If you’re looking for a simulation experience, then this game is for you. You’ll find yourself immersed in the life of a wealthy digital businessman who thrives off of virtual reality games. Build your own internet café and make it successful! Play through different stages in different cars or just explore the city sidewalks on foot all while advertising your new business venture!

Cafe Simulator

Cafe Simulator

After setting up your knowledge zone, please stay to promote your gaming options and internet office. Web Streamers Life Sports Simulation Web Streamers Life will supply leisure packages. Play games and explore the life of a rich businessman in modern city while you take advantage of all services we offer. Keep us informed about what you think!

Cafe Simulator Opciones del Simulador de Café Web Avid gamers Life:

  • Making business deals over cups of coffee in your War née t café
  • Installation of new computer systems and gaming consoles
  • Promote your brand within the metropolitan
  • Hire an armed, suited-for-the-task security guard to protect your belongings and beautify your online gaming area.
  • Ghana has always been known for its rich history and culture; now, it can also be famous for how large its internet cafés are.

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