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Outline of Car SERIES Automobile Simulator 2 Play the most realistic car driving simulator of 2020! Car Simulator 2 1.42.4 A brand new open world, over 35 new cars and great graphics are waiting for you!

Play games with other people across the world, win currency that you can use to purchase more items such as cars, upgrades, garages and houses. You can travel anywhere in the city at your own pace with friends and family; improving your skills while participating in challenging racing events. Explore this vast city at your leisure while completing each achievement – becoming invincible!

Car Simulator 2 1.42.7

Car Simulator 2 1.42.7

CAR SERIES race according to your individual guidelines. Let’s go!

Car SERIES Option:

  • It can be challenging and sometimes frustrating, but it’s all worth it when you win.
  • Single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • A 3-dimensional open-world game
  • Daily rewards and bonuses.
  • Detailed Automobile Fashion.
  • Driving from a first person perspective, I soon found myself lost in my thoughts.



  • A 360-degree view of the vehicle’s interior.
  • Lots of interactive components can be found in automotive fashion.
  • Realistic physics and sound
  • A mechanic who has lots of improvements you can choose for your car.
  • Some gas stations are interactive now.
  • Exciting missions in different genres, including arcade challenges and races.
  • There are so many wonderful things about this game.

Ideas :
1. Buy new cars to win races.
2. Do not go too quickly in the metropolis – drive carefully.
3. Beware of the police; if they come up to you without warning, there’s a chance that they will give you a ticket for no reason at all.

4. Follow the instructions carefully and interact with what you are presented with.
5. Always remember to fill up your car when you arrive at the gas station.
6. It is cheaper to bribe people rather than buy an official ticket.
7. You could make more money by taking a taxi ride or working for the Mafia.
8. Follow the rules of traffic safety.

Play beta variations of this game at Beta.Follow us! Let us know your needs for brand new updates and feedback on the current game. Get and play Oppana games! And have fun!


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