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21 Tem 2022
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CarX Drift Racing 2 has been released by Russian developers to mixed reviews. It seems to be a great racing game for those looking for an open-world mobile race experience as it is currently one of the top-rated games in its genre. There are currently three languages available on the app store, but many gamers are anticipating that other consoles will soon join the fray. If you are among those waiting eagerly for this announcement then go ahead and download CarX Drift Racing 2 now!

where one can feel like a true driver. Players will be able to practice various professions, partake in drifting competitions and participate in other game-related events such as golfing or refining monsters. Strangely enough, this game actually incorporated certain elements of realism which are worth mentioning – players need to stop by the gas station at least once before racing their car for example.

CarX Drift Racing

Regarding the design on Android, developers of CarX Avenue found out that optimizing this platform and fixing bugs is rather tedious. Once they were done with all those tasks, they were able to figure out what other features they could work on next including adding multiplayer capabilities and optimizations. Their release in Russia was because it was easier for builders to communicate with Russians speaking viewers. In time we hope they will include even more features such as added levels, mountain spaces and customization options.

Can you immerse yourself in the world of nighttime street racing?

Get behind the wheel, there is a huge open world in front of you.

CarX Avenue is an open world where you don’t need to worry about anything but becoming the best racer on the block. With its vast array of cars and racetracks, players can customize everything to their liking for a unique experience each time. From drifting around corners with precision timing at top speeds or going head first into crashing ramps in order to flip over your opponent- CarX offers something for everyone!

Assemble the very best vehicle of your dreams by honing in on every detail that helps you reach the full capacity of its capabilities. From steering to weaving through traffic, there are endless adventures waiting for you at CarX Street Sports – a big world waiting to be explored. As soon as you get comfortable with controlling the motorized beast, it’s time to start racing other vehicles! Be careful though – this sport can last for days or even months before it tires you out completely. Just remember to take breaks every now and then so as not lose all your stamina.



  • Drive at top speeds or drift through curves, it’s up to you!
  • Be a part of the golfing experience, defeating bosses and showing everyone that you are the perfect racer in this metropolis!
  • When choosing a vehicle, it is important to consider what type of environment you’ll be driving in; because this will determine what kind of performance the car can handle.
  • Buy homes for your cars and collect sets of them based on their respective racing modes.
  • At the gas station, you are able to refill your vehicle with gasoline at designated times.
  • Dynamic changes of the day. You can drive anytime you want to during the day or night.


  • Detailed Car Construction System
  • Customizing cars to meet the needs of specific races can be difficult, but is rewarding
  • An upgrade for the engine, transmission, body build, suspension and wheels
  • Paint an imaginative and detailed picture of your car


  • At AutoZone, we offer a wide range of car parts such as change mirrors and lamps, headlights, bumpers and much more.
  • Create a novel image of your vehicle


  • Knowledge and experience from working with mechanics have made me an expert at driving automobiles.
  • Enjoy high-quality, state-of-the-art graphics, and a huge scope of professional sports.

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If you encounter a problem in the app, please contact us for assistance.

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