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Dear wanderer, welcome to Dear Wanderer. We are the Cyber ​​Hunter development team. First of all, we would like to introduce our new project, Cyber Hunter which is an upcoming successor in competition arena games for mobile devices. In this game you will be competing against other players around the world and testing your battle skills against others online through strategic combat strategy.

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Survival, including parkour, is full of many different aspects to consider. Shooting skills, exploration and skill are all necessary for survival. The game tells the story of our future if brain-computer interface technology becomes superior and humans experience a new evolutionary jump that results in major events unfolding throughout society.

Justice opposes evil. The old faces off against the new, while conservatism meets the forces of radicalism head on. Here, in this virtual world all of our heroes and heroines are granted superpowers with the help of quantum droids who convert quantum cube energy into any tactical support device they need- giving them powers like Optical Camouflage or Quantum Barriers that warn you about approaching enemies- or even an all-purpose healing device for teammates!

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