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Dancing Road 1.6.1

Gameplay: Roll your ball across the screen to collect other balls of the same colour. Watch out for obstacles! Unlock coins and gift boxes by collecting them, then use them in the jukebox which you can access from the top-right corner.

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Train your eye coordination when the ball suddenly jumps from one color to another. The game features 1. Original background music that matches both Photolike & Galaxy themes 2. Increasing difficulty levels with their own story to make the Challenge even greater 3. An easy mode of play that uses Hold, Drag, and Swipes control.

Dancing Road, 4. A range of high quality and diverse music genres for both male and female audiences to suit everyone’s musical taste. In this colorful matching game, join us as we try the latest rhythm sensation; let’s roll the ball together and feel the beat! We love you! Check out our highly recommended new release: a free game where you can enjoy cool rhythms anytime – all available right now! Music lovers are eagerly awaiting your return.

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