Drift Max Pro 2.4.25

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Drift Max Pro
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Drift Max Pro 2.4.25

Our favorite addicting game of more than fifty million people around the world. One of the best racing games available and its become an addiction! From the creators of drift max, one of our most beloved drift games ever – Drift Max Pro has arrived. Once again we’re taken back to some good old fashion drifting!

A game that I would recommend to all my friends was an app called An Awesome Drift Racing Game. It has stunning next-generation graphics and is available for both Android and iPhone. There are several different locations you can play, including in America, Russia, and Japan (though more come soon). This game has awesomely realistic drifting physics and allows you to see everything from the inside of every car.


Collect Gold and Cash, earn Upgrade Cards to build your Dream Garage. Collect Bundle Packs to unlock 100 Challenges for 10 Seasons in total. Race Online against Friends and Players from all over the World for Cash Prizes or go head-to-head in 1-on-1 (Double Mode). Speed ahead through Asphalt! Improve your skills by Drifting or Racing with 2 Different Modes which will either end up making you a True Legend or breaking Leaderboards.


A day full of unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences awaits me. With opportunities for incredible drifting races with legendary cars and large amounts of money at stake – it would be a shame to miss out on it all.


Daily objectives abound and you can claim bountiful rewards from them; Slalom Drifting for those looking for some quick action, Cone Tipping when you want a little variety in your life, or even Mastering the Game of Drift Racing to experience it all first-hand. With daily freebies thrown in for good measure – perfect for recording your best moments and sharing them with others!


Design your dream drift car Two-tone and matte paint colors, elegant and crazy graphic decals Door and hood decals Rim model and color Window tint Caliper color Wheel (Camber) angle Suspension height Racing spoiler models Cool neon underglow alternatives


Build your race car with extreme upgrades
Tire Type
Choose different tuning modes like “control, race or expert”

Note: Drift Max Pro is a free game and does not require an internet connection after installation! Long live offline games! CRATE DROP RATIOS:
Silver Chest: 98% Modification Card / 2% Car Card
Gold Chest: 78% Modification Card / 22% Car Card

Warning: Drift Max Pro does not currently feature a cloud save feature. All game progress and in-app purchases may have been lost during game deletion.

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